Susan Boyle didn't win and '2 Hours' relaxes

Update Monday June 8: over the weekend I heard some news that American Idol voting had some squirelliness attached for viewers who intended to vote for Susan Boyle - which means she probably should have won - my intuition exactly!

Original post starts here:

Spending some time updating blogs including this one...added Google's Search This Blog feature at top of the sidebar column but it slows down loading so the search box will be moved lower in column to see if it speeds things up.

Hopefully, both readers of this blog will alert me if they have problems with its loading or with other tech things around here!

And Susan Boyle didn't come in first in the Britain's Got Talent competition. Was she robbed as was Adam Lambert on American Idol? Both have the stronger, more enticing voices in their respective contests, but sometimes there are other mysterious considerations...just like in Washington DC where things often work out in weird and unexpected ways in spite of all common sense.

After the search box is relocated, it will be break time since it's the weekend and a lovely one for weather in Georgia, it must be said. Today was as perfect as it could be and it's very very green here from recent rains!

Perhaps I'll take a nap like Grace you see in the photo - catchin' some zzz-z-z...


Sunday's Quick Astrology Update: see sidebar column under image: 'A Large Disappt'd Audience' for 2Hrs' new feature: 'Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies' in time for Pres. Obama's historic journey to Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009, and you may want to check today's post on his trip at Jude's Threshold where I sassily bring up the topic of shamanism or priesthood in relation to the president's trip to mysterious ancient lands.


Innovating email: the Google Wave

An innovation is to be unveiled later this year: the Google Wave for emailing, instant messaging, and more.

Considering the email problems I'm having lately, can I stand to wait? Probably. Because it's usually a touted 'upgrade' that plops my pc into a mess like it's in now!


Heads-up if you like the Art Form they call paper collage...you may wish to view Secret Moon Art's latest post, Cat Archaeologist and do click to enlarge for more detail!

Fed should agree to curb overdraft fees

~:~ ~:~ ~:~

Yeah, well you know the time has come when the over-strapped US consumers' turnip blood is in short supply, so the Fed and their vampirish banking/credit buds should agree to curb overdraft fees on credit card accounts.

And though they'll never see the inside of a prison cell, credit lenders and other loan sharks have garnered years of ill-gotten, sneaky profits and now it's time to give up the profitable scam of padding balances with arbitrary fees that snowball out of all proportion to one's projected lifetime income. As the French say: impossible!

Is a massive grassroots movement needed to prod the cattle on Capitol Hill into mooing legislation that sets up fairer bargains for the long-unprotected (by them) American consumer?

The National Bossy is dry, Shylocks everywhere.

Where is an online petition to sign and send to Congress when you need one?

Bet if I toss my browser right or left I'll kick into a wave around here somewhere...

Now here I am in my varmint days pulling a heist on a shifty-looking if unsuspecting spaniel...but as you see, I was a child. These financial and political brigands are adults who presumably knew better, didn't care, and heisted as long as they could get away with it...and with nary a paw print or speck of evidence to mar the stories they're stickin' to.

In fact, given the world's 24/7 opportunities, some of them are heisting as I type!


Young TARP how you've grown

Information Clearing House has alerted me to an article by Andy Kroll which appeared May 26 in Mother Jones, The Greatest Swindle Ever Sold about the ongoing raid of the US Treasury.

Any resemblance to Hitler's coup of the German banking system in the build-up to the Third Reich is not accidental. For more on these issues check out The August Review for excellent articles.

And I know I keep repeating it (especially on Stars Over Washington and elsewhere): this heist is being perpetrated on purpose, you know, to collapse the financial system and 'build' it back as the global totalitarians who engineered it direct.

Synchronistically, the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 will aid them: 'systems fail, new methods and ideas are needed in order to deal with events brought by the Eclipse; need for sudden reforms.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

This Eclipse from the 11 South Series manifests at a crisis-laden 29th degree of Cancer (29:26), sign of America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. And transiting Pluto, the secret hand, has been opposing the US Cancerian planets and will continue to do so for a while...not good for our standing in the world, or for finances.

'29Cap' also puts the Eclipse opposite US progressed Pluto, and near natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. And the '15Cap' Lunar Eclipse of July 7, 2009 will affect America's Sun (the leader) through our president and thus the country in Cappy matters like government, politics, business, and law.

Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo, sign of Work, isn't helping either unless facing cold reality is considered a plus (actually, it is.) But it is also the 'dreams (Nep) into form (Sat)' transit so the question is: exactly whose dreams are coming into reality now and do we want them to? The next conj of Saturn to n Neptune is in August, 2009 - during the shank of the July Eclipse season.

So with the Eclipse degree, if we round up for the Sabian Symbol to '30Can' we get: "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...INHERITANCE - pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit; neg/unconscious/shadow side: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

The people seem to have the 'false assumption' and the ruling elite the 'infectious pride' with which they act as a unit, and I surmise that Timothy Geithner's insistence on lack of transparency in the distribution of TARP funds is no accident either and is quite necessary because when you're up to no good, you prefer darkened conditions. We had a lot of wealth to transfer into powerful hands.

Yet power-wielding Pluto's opposition to US planets suggests that the current attack on the US financial system may have come from abroad, a concept which casts my mind back to Pres. Andrew Jackson's argument in the 1820s/30s that our banks should be kept under American control and not be gifted into foreign hands bwo central (world) banking.

Now that was a president with great understanding! Yet some folk say it was Jackson's presidency that marks the overtaking of the US helm by big banking interests (the reason he was sensitive to its dangers - see above-linked article.)

That US financial 'wizards' are in league with Pluto is a distinct possibility, of course, for the illusion of American 'independence' has long been a favorite myth of ours, hasn't it? Monarchist Alexander Hamilton's English banking system won the day in America, after all.

And while Pres. Jackson put up some roadblocks to the bankers' plans way back when, we see now the fruits of the power elite's labors and control agenda paying off big-time with the Big Heist and perpetual war begun under the auspices of Bush and Cheney - and continued apace under the patronage of Pres. Barack Obama.

All of which makes the American saga's footnote...


A Cat Oh So Cynical and an Abandoned Garden

It's quite an event when the spycat known as *Mr.A.Cat sends along a new political limerick to my roommate Lim, so today's brief verse A Cat Oh So Cynical is now published as per Mr. A.'s instructions...forthwith and unadulterated.

Now here's a Spring-inspired drawing for you: Abandoned Garden with Peonies imported from Secret Moon Art...

*a pseudonym to disguise his whereabouts and cloud his true identity which he's probably forgotten by now...but pesky foreign agents would love to know!


Astrology of Sotomayor and her SCOTUS nom 5.26.09

Today at 10:15 am edt, Pres. Obama announced his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court bench. Click link for a few of her natal Astrology details as well as details of today's nomination announcement during a Mercury Rx period, uh oh!

Remember that in Jan 20, 2009's Inauguration chart set for Noon, Mercury (oaths, announcements, nominations) was Rx, and because of Justice Robert's glitch, Barack Obama took a second oath, just in case. Will he have to make a alternate nomination for David Souter's vacated seat?

GOP opposition is pre-heated since her name had been mentioned often in recent weeks or months, and with transiting Pluto 2Cap40 Rx opposing Sotomayor's natal Sun in Cancer, her confirmation is in doubt by this particular, if reluctant, astrologer.

That said, any contact of natal Sun with powerful Pluto may indicate her connection being completed with the power elite, yet an opposition with the manipulating ('dwarf') planet will be fraught with conflict even if Sotomayor manages to be confirmed...unless she's willing to play the game their way.


Lemonade Awards: Top Ten Astrology Blogs!

Now published is my Lemonade Awards List of Top Ten Astrology Blogs and I am grateful that Julie Demboski named both my blogs for her List of noms for this attitude-or-gratitude honor...the Lemonade Awards!

Yes, Jude's Threshold and Stars Over Washington received nods from the gracious Julie, and she's an excellent astrologer, too. Check out her May 25th - 31st article for this week's Astrology if you haven't yet by clicking her name just above.

Image: 'Flowers of India' by jude cowell 2009+

And the Top 5 Movies at the Box Office are...


As a gadget experiment on this blog, a Top 5 Movies at the Box Office feature has been added for your curiosity's sake and to see how it performs.

Scroll to the end of this page to find out who's raking in the dough!


Zodiac signs tell your Twitter 'tweet style'!

Hey, Tweety Birds, light here for a minute!

Check out Joyce Mason's brief yet telling interpretations of how the various zodiac signs tweet on Twitter...find out your own tweeting style and let me know if you agree.

I'd say my 'judecowell' tweets tend to fall under the Pisces model! How about yours?

Memorial Day 2009: restore May 30 as its observance date?

On Stars Over Washington I've now published a post concerning Memorial Day 2009, its changing forms of observance through the years, the drive to restore solemn observance to its original May 30 date, plus, a few personal notes on my family links to the Civil War, an oxymoronic phrase if there ever was one.

If you're civil, why war?


Astrology of a Political Assassination 1967

During student demonstrations against the shah of Iran in Berlin on the evening of June 2, 1967, student Benno Ohnesorg was murdered by a shot to the back of his head - witnesses say while the West Berlin police were beating him.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, shah of Iran, was in attendance that violent evening at the West Berlin opera house, and had had pro-shah demonstrators flown in from Iran to battle with the student protesters.

But it took a Stasi secret agent, one Karl-Heinz Kurras, to deal the fatal shot to Ohnesorg whose death became a rallying cry for left wing radicals who called themselves the 'June 2 Movement' - they terrorized Germany for decades afterward and over 30 people were killed in the wake of Kurras' assassination of student Ohnesorg who was protesting the brutal regime of Pahlavi.

Astoundingly, Kurras' defense at trial was a 'self-defense' plea (acquitted twice in 1967 and 1970 but newly found Stasi documents indicate that a re-trial may be in the offing for the 81-year-old Kurras. They'd better hurry.)

An Astrological Thumbnail Sketch of the Assassination:

Kurras allegedly fired the shot at 8:30 pm CET, Berlin, Germany, June 2, 1967, 14Sag54 rising and with the violent, radical Uranus/Pluto Conjunction still within orb in Virgo: Ura 20Vir17; Plu 17Vir59, in 9th house of Foreign Enemies.

Pluto links to Arachne 17Pis44 by opposition; Arachne is an asteroid whose archetypes are connected with entanglements, networks, and webs (including the spy ring and secret agent kind.)

Powerful Pluto wears, of course, his helmet of invisibility on most occasions so going to the opera would be no exception. And deceptive, sabotaging, undermining Neptune (also planet of the masses) is in spying Scorpio.

Asteroid Hopi (prejudice; ambush) is in 9th house as well at a critical or crisis degree - 29Vir46 opposing wounded Chiron 29Pis26 in 3rd house.

3rd house also contains Saturn (authority; control; form) and the Moon (physical body; the people; publicity) so the Moon/Saturn conj is opposed by the actor - in this case, the shootist - Mars 15Lib20 conj Midheaven (MC = the goal); the Part of Fatality is conjunct Mars, and vengeful Venus conjuncts 8th cusp 24Can13, degree of US natal Mercury '25Can': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." I don't know if the US link is applicable to the assassination, I'm just noting it here.)

Moon/Saturn = Mars: inhibitions; feelings of inferiority; separation; the sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by very careful, strategically planned exertion of energy.(Tyl; Ebertin.)

(Student demonstrator Ohnesorg wasn't given a chance to get off the ground, and was, in fact, put under it.)

Saturn '11Aries' was at the "The President of the Country" degree with Moon 11Ari31 in 4th house; Sun 11Gem34 sextile Moon (0A03); chart-ruler Jupiter 1Leo40 in 8th house of Death and Money along with sometimes-vengeful Venus 25Can55.

Jupiter as chart-ruler applies to a semi-square with Pluto (45 degr: semi-squares can have health connotations), and applies to conj with Venus (5A50) - Kurras walked free, requesting money for a lawyer - from the Stasi, as documents now show.

Two planets we tend to associate with sabotage, Neptune 22Sco28 Rx, is in 11th house of Groups and Associations, in secretive Scorpio; Pluto as noted is in Virgo, 9th house. Pluto is focal planet in a T-Square pattern...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: the power play through personal persuasion; fated events; a turn of destiny; the desire for influence.

Yes, coping string-puller Pluto always has a desire for influence, and assassination is no obstacle in 'his' path. But you may wish to read the above-linked article for more on Kurras' communiques with the now-defunct Stasi secret police...or are they only morphed afresh and hiding under an assumed name?



America's Scorpio Rising Natal Chart

There are many possible natal (birth) charts for the United States of America which are in use today and I admit to using the '12Sag' Rising chart most often (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA - aka the 'Sibly' chart.)

And Sagittarius Rising does describe our national selves quite well with expansive Jupiter as chart-ruler at '6Cancer'..."Game Birds Feathering Their Nests." Weight gain aside, it does sound accurate for all of us money-makers but especially for the denizens and hoodlums on Capitol Hill whose 'work' is so often overpaid and grossly perked.

Yet for a chart to 'work' (be correct) transits and progressions must time out with events. Seldom have I had a chance to do this sort of rectification delving along with the historical research it would necessitate.

So when ace political astrologer Michael O'Reilly says that he has done the work and prefers the Scorpio Rising chart, I have to check it out...especially since astrologer, meta-physician, and almanac publisher, Benjamin Franklin, appears on the $20 dollar bill with Philadelphia's Independence Hall clock pointing to 2:21 - I take Ben's clue very seriously.

At 2:21 pm LMT, 8Sco27 arose in Philadelphia - and now we see that President Obama's natal Neptune conjuncts this Ascendant - not a very stable influence, sad to say, and possibly indicating deceptions and/or illusions (including his 'rock star' image. Of course, another Neptunian word is: inspiration.) Or it may indicate that he has spiritual links with America and our nation's founding.

For years I have used the Scorpio Rising chart for surveillance/secret agencies issues (CIA, FBI, etc), but now I'm trying it out more often particularly because of the president's Neptune there, and the fact that the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint has been conjoining it off and on for months.

Back to Old Ben:

As the story goes, Franklin had wanted the TURKEY to be America's totem animal rather than Scorpio's eagle which we ended up adopting. But knowing that Mr. Franklin was something of a prankster, I wonder if his suggestion of the gobbly bird was more of a joke brought on by a sense of humor and the menu at the first Thanksgiving meal at Plymouth.

(Pass the cornbread dressing, we don't care much for stuffin' round here!)

Anyway, I've posted a link in the sidebar just after Thomas Jefferson's remarks (at top) to a chart-image-with-text concerning the US Scorpio Rising chart. Hopefully WordPress and your browser settings will allow you to enlarge the chart - otherwise you'll need your best googly eagle eyes to read the chart details scribbled upon it!


image: Imperfect Mandala, a drawing by yours truly; 2009+


May 24's Gemini New Moon is Obama's Moon Return

Since returning from vacation my blogging time has been too brief to suit but Bev at Lavender Moon is already on the case of May 24's Gemini New Moon so please check it out!

Of interest to my Astro-Political noggin is that this New Moon is actually a Moon Return for President Obama whose natal Moon 3Gem21 is posited in his 4th house of Home, Domestic Scene, and Family.

Being raised in part by his grandmother reflects the duality of a Gemini Moon in 4th house.

Here are a few details for May 24, 2009's New Moon, chart set for Washington, DC:

8:10:55 am edt, New Moon in 12th house, Hour of Venus 18Ari15 in 10th house semi-square New Moon; Saturn 14Vir58 in conjunct IC 16Vir52; Moon is chart-ruler with 7Can30 rising.

Pres. Obama's natal Sun/Moon midpoint 7Can57 is rising in the New Moon chart so we see that:

Sun/Moon = ASC: frank and open behavior; meetings; contacts; sociability.

The New Moon is being quincunxed (inconjunct = 150 degr) by controlling Pluto 2Cap43 Rx just having dropped into 6th house of Health, Work, and Service (including military and police services.) The quincunx is, however, separating (0S45) which indicates a past event or condition, but can also indicate unconsciousness of the aspect's energy. Adjustments have been forcibly made!

In general, Moon inconjunct Pluto = feelings (Moon) out of sync with the inner self (Pluto.) There is a sense of emotional strain with this aspect and when afflicting a lighthearted Gemini Moon this is heavy pressure coming from Pluto (which I often refer to in national charts as 'the secret hand' or the 'power elite.')

In 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Long-Distance Travel, In-laws, Foreigners is the expansive Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune-Pandora team, all at 26AQ13/28 which conjuncts US natal Moon ('the people' in the US 5:10 pm lmt chart, aka the 'Sibly' chart.)

So if you're an American you may feel a sense of 'going with the wind' and participating in high-flying speculations all through 2009 and into 2010. For as you know, the May 27 Great Conjunction of inflationary Jupiter and Neptune is coming soon to a bank near you.

The president's Lunar Return occurs just before the New Moon at 8:00:57 am edt with only Saturn in a different house from the New Moon chart - Saturn hasn't 'jumped' the IC yet in BHO's Return chart and is conj IC 14Vir10. So all in all, Housing, Health, and Service issues are very much on the president's lunar menu now, and as you know, a Lunar Return describes changes of circumstances and fluctuations in one's daily routine.

A New Moon in a Moon Return chart shows the birth of something new and a congealing of energies that stimulates enthusiasm in that area (the house in which it falls.) (Celeste Teal, Identifying Planetary Triggers.)

Yet when you're US president, your Moon Return relates to The People you represent (or purport to represent) so that a New Moon upon your natal Moon indicates a new phase of conditions beginning! In both charts, the action is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house; Saturn conj IC in BHO's Lunar Return chart indicates loss or restriction (Saturn) relating to housing and the domestic scene (and may also relate to mining disasters but hopefully not.)

It may also indicate a crystallization or a bringing into form something that is related to 4th house matters...particularly important here because we're talking about the Moon's natural house (Tropical; Western), the 4th.

Obviously the transiting midpoints of powerful Jupiter/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto, and Pluto/Chiron - all at 29Cap+, a critical degree - are nearing transiting North Node (NN 1AQ50 in 8th house of both charts) with Inauguration 2009's Sun ('the leader') and Mercury Rx in their critical line of sight very soon - within orb now actually.

Now perhaps this pile-up on a critical degree of three indicators of plutocratic manipulations is not as sinister as I tend to think it, but at the least, it indicates meetings (NN) with powerful banking interests (Jup/Plu), energy titans (Nep/Plu), and those who pull the strings from behind the scenes (Plu/Chir.)

The president's natal Saturn Rx and Jupiter Rx are in the 28 Cap - 1 AQ mix as well and are conjunct 8th cusp in the New Moon chart, so it's more expansion (Jup) vs restriction (Sat) issues concerning financial matters (8th house); and how Pres. Obama is handling these concerns is (predictably) under constant scrutiny (as it should be)- but to the point of getting in the way of aiding the populace they revile by taking all advantages to themselves, cheating their way into more fortune than deserved, and prevaricating about their roles in the dramas they so willingly act out on TV (soon to go digital June 12 - the better to subliminalize and propagandize you), and at the Capitol Hill Theater, Dahlink, that Masonic Temple on a Shining Hill.

Now these big-honcho meetings began from the start of Obama's presidency, of course (actually before!), but the New Moon/Moon Return charts for May 24, 2009 indicate that we'll be hearing more of the theme 'meetings with senior advisers' (and with world leaders) as the weeks go by.

Ah, America the Beautiful - my only nag in the race!


Adam Lambert sings with KISS 'American Idol' video 5.20.09

Quelle surprise! Couldn't resist posting this YouTube vid of Adam Lambert's exhilarating performance tonight with KISS in the 'American Idol' finale. You know...the collaboration that was the peak highlight of the evening?

Yet Congratulations go to Kris Allen for winning the 2009 'American Idol' crown - he's very good and sweetly handsome for an 'idol' of any kind - but really now!

Methinks some strategy for major moola-making is going on! And that's the part of the evening that is no surprise at all.

~:~ Update: here's a brief post concerning Adam Lambert's natal chart if you'd like to check out his Sun AQ-Moon Pisces blend (or possibly Moon in Aries since Luna changed signs on Jan 29, 1982.)

Photos of Topsail Island NC: dancing on the pier

Posted are a few photos of our recent family vacation on Topsail Island, NC and you may wish to see how to do the kicky dance on the pier in case you should feel so inclined to show your joy at being by the ocean, that is!


President Obama's 'Facebook feed'

If you're in the mood for a goof then Barack Obama's Facebook feed is hilarious. Yet you can learn things, too.


Studying States of Mysticism

Is peyote mysticism truly a spiritual experience? Studies of peyote usage and its effects on the human brain as well as data on other consciousness expanding chemicals are underway and spilling a few psychedelic beans.

Perhaps the current spotlight on chemically-induced spiritual (Neptune) or religious (Jupiter) experiences (*Chiron) is a newsy shout-out from our Collective Unconscious now being triggered by that travelin' mystical trio, Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in collective-loving Aquarius. What do you think?

As you know, the astrological *Chiron is 'experiential' and advises us to be here now...good advice for anyone and everyone everywhere.

Chiron returns to its Nov 1977 Discovery Degree '4 Taurus' three times in the years 2027/28, so click this link if you wish, for an art representation of a Chiron-blessed evening under the stars, and for Sabian Symbol details for Chiron's Discovery Degree of '4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

Ornate butterfish and the Return from Topsail Island

detail from drawing Giant Red Kelp; 2009+ jude cowell

Just a quick Hello! to all five of my readers along with a link to a portrait of a fairly perky Ornate butterfish which I Did Not See swimming round Topsail Island, the most southerly of the North Carolina islands.

While there, I wish we'd known about the nearby Mystic Mermaid Cafe, a short drive from where we sojourned on the sound because the Cafe's name is quite intriguing to a mermaid-drawer such as myself (you may wish to check sidebar images for Maya as Mermaid.)

Actually, Ornate butterfish are of the Western Australian persuasion, but on Topsail Island there were other delicious freshly caught fish on the menu.

And I did see a few things on Topsail beach That Shall Be Posted soon so keep your spyglass trained upon the horizon, mates.

And no, there was no 'Blackbeard's gold' lurking about the place for his dubloons were probably spent many moons ago by the pirate himself! (He didn't like to share.)


Here's a quick link to the 1st photo published from the past weekend of a Topsail Island sunset on the sound - taken during Saturn's Direct Station 14Vir55 with Moon 23AQ51 near her own North Node and reflecting transiting Pandora 23AQ39.

For us, of course, my family (Moon) met (NN) for a lovely break at the beach, with tides being ruled compliments of the Moon.


Tarot Card 12: The Hanged Man - new perspectives

Hey! the Tarot Card of the Day for May 13, 2009 at Stargates54 is The Hanged Man with a very interesting evaluation of the meaning of this enigmatic card!

The Hanged Man archetype indicates that new perspectives are required as we become more introspective and thus able to listen to our higher promptings...don't struggle or chafe, relax and see another's p.o.v.

Adapting to changing circumstances is called for now and peak moments may occur as our everyday patterns are disrupted either positively or negatively.

Are you stuck in a negative pattern at the moment? Break free by stepping off the merry-go-round even if only for a hour's meditation or prayer...repeat until refreshed.

If you practice yoga, The Bow would be a perfect posture for circulating the energy flow into your mind to go along with emotional and intuitional realizations and inspirations you receive/d from being 'suspended' a while.

Butterflies: icons of innocence or intrigue?

This article shout-out is a couple of days late but it concerns a subject that cries out for revelatory outage before another day passes:

Author Laufer On The Dark Side Of 'Butterflies'

May 11, 2009

Journalist and author Peter Laufer uncovered 'The Dangerous World of Butterflies' for his new book. He discusses the history of criminality and intrigue that surrounds conservationists and collectors of an icon of innocence.


The projections of Neptune/Chiron

Woo! The trap of projecting all sorts of our own baggage onto others is very strong right now with the transiting on-again-off-again conjunction of Neptune and Chiron, says Julie Demboski who has clearly done much worthwhile pondering upon the issues.

And wouldn't we come out better if everyone freely admitted that as long as we can 'download' our own weaknesses and flaws onto another's to-do list, we for a time imagine we escape the responsibility for our misdirected actions and for the procrastinating lack of any action or effort toward change at all!


5 for Fashion: feathered icon 5/11/09

This detail from 5 for Fashion is ID'd as 'feather icon' and you might see why.

Check the sidebar for a larger detail which, if you dare to click, you'll be led to the full image of this recently completed drawing during a small thunderstorm that whisked through early this morning...pre-dawn.

At Stars Over Washington I'm posting the horoscope chartery for this afternoon's planned space shuttle Atlantis launch, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

And you'll wish to nab the launch's Sun-Moon blend details if you're curious.

Chart-and-launch-ruler, and planet associated with air travel, Mercury is Rx at Midheaven with Saturn 14Vir56 Rx in 1st house and thus rising soon after 2:01 pm edt.

This is not a chart I can like as far as leaving the surly bonds of earth so I'm only posting the chart image with a few very brief observations. Must ready myself for a family out-of-towner jaunt coming up this week so blogging time may lack and I want to post something about the May 14 'secret enclave' in Greece. I've been hearing cackles - I think they're about to egg us again.


view Star Trek film trailer

Oh all right, I'll succumb to posting the trailer for Star Trek as everyone else is doing.

After all, I did watch every episode of the original TV show with as much gusto as a kid could muster back in the 60s - and that's saying quite a lot. I was young enough to pine for a tribble yet old enough to prefer Spock to Kirk.

As for the new film's younger Kirk and Spock and the gang, the casting seems totally inspired to me!

Mia Farrow and Richard Branson under the astrologer's lens

What a post from astrologer Julie Demboski on the baton of hunger strikes now being passed from Mia Farrow to Richard Branson with images of their natal horoscopes included.

Julie notes that both celebrities' natal charts contain signatures of warrior energy through various chart factors, and the current transits of idealistic Neptune and experiential Chiron in tandem are part of the picture as well.

Fascinating stuff from one of our most astute astrologers so check it out!

Cat from the jungle

My kitty cat Libby is spying at you from the jungle! We've had so much precipitation in recent weeks that it's very green here at the moment, as you see.

Slinky kitty!

Photo by Maya.


Children's Art: the Hero's Journey of Pattillo Armadillo

Here you see my first-ever drawing from 1995 of what turned out to be a children's book character, Pattillo Armadillo.

The image shows up a bit yellow-tinged because it's 3rd generation - a photo scanned from a drawing - and is one of my many 1995 to 2000 illustrations embossed with silver pencil.

Actually, the Spectracolor pencil used was non-tarnishing aluminum which keeps its silvery look longer. And the camera's flash gave the photos of these particular drawings a certain quality that my current simple scanned-direct-from-drawings do not possess...but smaller images fit the scanner bed, no camera required.

And it is more direct from drafting table to you, Dear Reader. Ex: so far all drawings in left sidebar except 'Purple Pansies' are direct from scanner. See the diff?

Be that as it may or may not be, Pattillo is from my children's book Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green (2004/05) and if you'd like to take a stroll with me down mystical forest paths, you've moseyed to the right place today because I'm in the mood for such a bold sashay myself.

Now this could potentially and temporarily turn you into Dear Viewer, y'know, but not to fuss.

So where shall we venture first?

Let's check out a scene from somewhere inside The Great Lichen Forest with Fairy in attendance.

And if you can be very quiet, you may spy little Pattillo snoozing underneath a 'Shroom Home, for heroes need their shut-eye in case they must perform valiantly at the drop of a leaf - and mushrooms make nifty living and sleeping quarters for the wee ones amongst us.

In another part of the forest lies a glen where Minerva's Owl alights upon an old-growth tree. In his story, Pattillo was fortuitously watched over by just such an owl as this!

Now Pattillo has never visited this area of the forest but you are cordially invited to stop by Fairy Glen on your way home to dinner (and I would recommend you take the Path Home in Blue, if you don't mind a smally detour.)

Yes, Pattillo's belly is always very concerned over the where-abouts of his next grubby meal, as all armadillos tend to be. DNA takes the day!

Well, I hope your stroll has somewhat refreshed you from your labours and cares, Dear Viewer, but don't hesitate to nab other mystical views with a few Pattillo image links included at Secret Moon Art, your Art Blog for Botanical, Cosmic, Moon, and Children's Illustrations of Nature's Kind Abundance!


Of Russian Blues, Drawing, Daughters, and Thomas Merton

Oh look! It's my daughter's new kitty cat, Zasha, a gorgeous Russian Blue which is one of the best feline breeds around, I'm told.

Sociable, affectionate Russian Blues are especially good for families with children...children like Violet in black and white! Joyfully, Zasha the rescue cat has a new home and Violet a new love.

Zasha's photo taken by Maya, author of Spring Tree Road where she posts her creative efforts which include photography of family, cats, old houses, architecture, found objects, and the yarns she's in process of learning to spin.

Spinning wheel got to go round!

Maya has become an avid knitter as have many people these days and I for one am happy to see this soothing and useful past time regaining its former glory.

In my teens my Mom's sister, my Aunt Cornelia (I know!) taught me to knit and crochet and I admit to preferring the latter over the former. Probably had to do with the laciness of it, but Maya knitted the hat in the above-linked photo and though you can't tell much about it in black and white, it's got a lovely lacy border.

When she gets her etsy shop up and running, her link will be added here in case you, Dear Reader, want to check out the knitting patterns she's invented, along with yarns, knitted wearables, photographs, and such.

Can you tell I'm proud of my inventive offspring (Pallas, the daughter) who has happily found her creative niche?

You know, it stems quite a lot from my being able to draw a little, because when you do, your children tend to give up on drawing too readily and insist that they'll never top you at it - as if drawing 'belongs' only to you. Puh! Everyone can draw but not everyone puts in the hours of practice to develop the ability.

And silly Mom, I thought it was about how drawing is good for you as this May 5 NPR feature attests (text or audio w/ photos of Michelle Norris' 'curious' drawing efforts - a must-see!)

Getting adults or kids to draw?

Well with drawing, like practicing piano in childhood, no one ever had to fuss, plead, or threaten to get me to do either one. Guess I'm fortunate in that way. Or just plain bull-headed about doing what I want how and when I want to do it! An abundance of Capricorn planets, I suppose (Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter - gracious plenty as we're fond of saying in the South. We Caps are self-molding, thanks.)

Now here's my favorite quote from Thomas Merton because it makes perfect sense to the artist lurking inside:

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

Hear that whisper? It could be the still-blank sketch pad you bought a few years ago begging for your attention...it may just be calling your name!


A Scorpio Full Moon at Midnight May 9, 2009

Well, May 9's Full Moon 18Sco41 perfects not quite at midnight but close enough for a blog post's title. At the White House it will be exact at 12:01:22 am edt, so put on your spectacles if you wish to read my fairly extensive notes on this 'Midnight Full Moon' and view its chart with a critical YOD pattern ('Finger of God') pointing at Mercury Rx in Gemini, a T-square with Jupiter at focal point, and other factors of interest.

The Earth-Water Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by Pres. Harry Truman, whose most famous pronouncement may be, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Less famously he remarked that, "It will be just as easy for nations to get along in a republic of the world as it is for us to get along in a republic of the United States."

He was speaking of the League of Nations which morphed into the United Nations and yes, Harry was a one-world-government man, too. Read on and keep Mr. Truman in mind, if you like...

This is a stubborn, confident, and protective combo of energies with strong appetites and a willful, shrewd mind. Strategy, independence, and deep perception are evident so look out for varmints in your environment - or in the news - who exhibit these qualities. He or she will be full of obsessive convictions about what they're doing. Personal magnetism and self-confidence abound with this blend.

This is an "I know best" combo that can't understand when people use the word, bossy, to describe its personality; it can denote a bon viveur and a talented artist...is this you, Dear Reader?

The paradox is that material security and a loathing of change are indicated, yet risk-taking and challenge are musts as well. Immense amounts of work are easy for Sun Tau-Moon Sco as adrenalin courses through the veins.

Strengths are confidence, persistence, administrative power and organizational abilities with a charismatic and dramatic presence felt by all.

Weaknesses include terrific stubbornness, strong subjectivity and fixed prejudices, a ruthless desire for power, and an explosive temper.

The 'Images for Integration' are: The mating season...Persephone and Pluto...The Phantom of the Opera...Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective. ('Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Well, Truman certainly played Pluto's role in dropping atom bombs on Japan, didn't he? And humankind suffers permanent damage from his emotionally rationalized actions as the Atom Split rent a veil of natural law which can never be mended in this Earth's lifetime.

But leaving Politics out of it, this should be a beautiful Full Moon so I'm wishing everyone clear enough skies in which to appreciate its gorgeousness!

Update 7:45 pm edt: the Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon (Sun and Moon) are now posted at jude's threshold just for you!


5.6.09: A White House full of presidents - NN to Inaugural Jupiter

First off, here's a view from abroad on the global measures being taken against 'swine flu', a view which characterizes the efforts as 'absurd' and 'ludicrous'.

While I can't speak to measures taken abroad and their effects on society, here at home I'm tempted to think that there have been too many school closings and other cancellations...until I remind myself that many students have relatives at home with impaired immune systems.

And if you have any experience with school age children and offspring you know that school settings are typically quite a breeding ground for viruses even on a good day!

Ill people should stay home, whatever their age. Simple, no? You'd think so.

Yes, 'over-reactive' measures are easily characterized as such but only if you or a loved one are not one of the fallen - one's views and perspectives change very quickly then.


Astrologically today, as Pres. Obama meets at the White House with the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, I see that the transiting North Node (NN - the 'head of the dragon') is pointing to Inaugural 2009's Jupiter 3AQ32 in Inaugural 10th house (wider world.)

I had wondered what big encounter or meeting would occur for the president when NN aligned with Inaugural Jupiter so now I know...three presidents in the White House discussing people who are (among other things) fighting against the one-world-government now squalling in its birth pangs. Our government is rife with Trilateralists and others who are 'marching' us toward a world government, as David Rockefeller described it in his 1991 speech to the Trilateral Commission.

Today orator Mercury, trining Inaugural 2009 Mercury, is on degree for a turn-around, but first must seemingly stand still a day or two at '2Gemini'...Sabian Symbol: 'Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively' which sounds as if moneybags Jupiter may be purchasing we-know-not-what from visiting foreign leaders - cooperation? Silence?

Sun in mid-Taurus today inconjunct Moon in mid-Libra indicates a compulsion to make enormous concessions to others out of a desire to hold on to past ties and old associations.

This could be a very expensive meeting for the USA as today's inconjunct between the lights will reward tales of woe with tea and sympathy - on White House china, no less.

For more on Sabian Symbols, you may wish to visit the excellent Australian astrologer Lynda Hill and perhaps use her one-click Oracle feature to ask a question of the Symbols!

More storms are imminently on the way, so now I'm whisking off to Stars Over Washington to post a few details on the Sun-Moon blend for today.

NOON UPDATE: NPR just reported on today's meeting which of course involves Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and called the meeting 'trilateral'! In more ways than one, I assert.


Two Hours You'll Never Get Back's first post

Spend two hours reading and viewing here if you wish, but you do know they're totally non-refundable, right?

Yes, it would be impossible to spend a full two hours on one inconsequential blog such as this, but when was the last time you heard, 'one minute you'll never get back'?

So you see my dilemma: my choices were quite limited. And when you have only one choice, you have no choice at all.

Just so you know: this blog will be a tapestry of whatever for any reason. Don't expect anything but the best of what one lone blogger can manage, Dear Reader, typos and all. You shall occasionally be addressed as Dear Reader whether such a term of affection applies to you or not.

Comments and queries are welcome if you'll stay on topic for the post you're complai...I mean, commenting on. Comment moderation shall occur; link trades are most welcome so don't stint yourself on that score.

Art, Astrology, Politics, Cultural and Social Issues, Poetry, Ecological concerns, Spiritual and Futuristic subjects including Space, Cosmic, and Astronomy topics will be presented when inspiration lights on my shoulder and doesn't get brushed off by mistake.

Out of the corner of your eye you may notice that Fairy Art appears from time to time but please don't be alarmed: they won't harm you. It's the politicians you should be worried about.

jc 5.5.09 1:11 am edt

New Blog idea occurred: 5.5.09 at 12:03 am edt, Pluto 3Cap24 Rx and rising (uh oh) with Mercury 1Gem34 about to station retrograde (1Gem44)...oh dear. At least Fixed Star Arcturus ('a different approach') was shining at Midheaven.

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