Ornate butterfish and the Return from Topsail Island

detail from drawing Giant Red Kelp; 2009+ jude cowell

Just a quick Hello! to all five of my readers along with a link to a portrait of a fairly perky Ornate butterfish which I Did Not See swimming round Topsail Island, the most southerly of the North Carolina islands.

While there, I wish we'd known about the nearby Mystic Mermaid Cafe, a short drive from where we sojourned on the sound because the Cafe's name is quite intriguing to a mermaid-drawer such as myself (you may wish to check sidebar images for Maya as Mermaid.)

Actually, Ornate butterfish are of the Western Australian persuasion, but on Topsail Island there were other delicious freshly caught fish on the menu.

And I did see a few things on Topsail beach That Shall Be Posted soon so keep your spyglass trained upon the horizon, mates.

And no, there was no 'Blackbeard's gold' lurking about the place for his dubloons were probably spent many moons ago by the pirate himself! (He didn't like to share.)


Here's a quick link to the 1st photo published from the past weekend of a Topsail Island sunset on the sound - taken during Saturn's Direct Station 14Vir55 with Moon 23AQ51 near her own North Node and reflecting transiting Pandora 23AQ39.

For us, of course, my family (Moon) met (NN) for a lovely break at the beach, with tides being ruled compliments of the Moon.

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