Rhyme: The Saturn Return of Mr. Trump

September 8, 2018: Today was spent composing, typing, and posting The Saturn Return of Mr. Trump: Authority Challenged for Stars Over Washington which is why I shouldn't have been surprised immediately afterward when a brief, Saturn-infused political verse suddenly formed within my brain and I will consider it quite a nuisance until the rhyme is typed out loud and posted somewhere.

And of course, astrological Saturn is, among other things, form, as in, the creation of something that did not exist before. This can't excuse the following whimsy, merely describes or defines it.

Now usually I type and publish the political limericks of former secret agent Mr. A. Cat, plus, various political poems over at Lim's Limericks so the following effort published here instead counts as a variance upon that particular habit! Now don't you fret, dear reader, for the verse is so brief it will be over before it barely begins!

The Saturn Return of Mr. Trump

awaits him while he's on the stump

old Saturn just might kick his rump

the irresponsible Mr. Trump.

jc Sept 8, 2018; all rights reserved