Visionary Art: Dinner at Delphine's!

For you here's one of what I call my fanciful figure studies: Dinner at Delphine's:

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A Light Sprinkling of Artwork: Circe!

For a Monday, here's a light sprinkling of artwork via Prismacolor Oil Pencils and my fanciful figure studies series of drawings: Say Hello to Circe and Her Sisters:

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Stars Over Washington: January 3, 2025: 119th Congress opens

Stars Over Washington: January 3, 2025: 119th Congress opens: If All Goes Well on Capitol Hill by Jude Cowell Will the clownish, do-nothing , stunt-prone atmosphere of the current 118th Congress --

Here's the unmarked Horoscope of the 119th Congress for 'noon' on January 3, 2025. Follow the above link for details:


Ian Rafalko, son of Keto Guru Dr. Eric Berg, recently left Scientology This Is His Story - clip

This is news to me having watched Eric Berg videos for a while now. But similar the son of Herschel Walker, Eric Berg's son Ian has a story to tell about a deceptive father who is not religious, Ian says, nor an expert at all:


Stars Over Washington: America's Perpetual Union Horoscope

Stars Over Washington: America's Perpetual Union Horoscope: by Jude Cowell Update November 17, 2021 : It has come to my attention while on FB that astrologer and historian Gary Lorentzen uses a Perp...