Pink Blossoms in Winter!

This is such a lovely snapshot of pink blossoms in winter that I had to snag it for Two Hours!

View the full photo presentation by my daughter Maya at her SpringTreeRoad blog and let her tell you all about it!


Capricorn One Vintage and the bower bird nest

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has given me a heads-up on a wonderful artist who blogs at Capricorn One Vintage if you want to check out her beautiful creations.

How I love vintage jewelry!

And for 6 years in the 1990s I created and sold a line of what I called 'Candle Bowers' made with wire, beads, stones, mirrors, and vintage jewelry all of which ensnared a candle in glass holder with its flame mirrored for special effect.

The idea came to me from bower birds and the way they build their nests, some of them into egg-shaped creations, and so I did the same with wire. Silver wire made the best leaf shapes though sadly I had to stop working with wire altogether when a dermatologist explained to dumblehead me that I was taking metals into my system whenever moisture was present. And in Georgia in summer, it always was. Crum.

Yes, I still miss creating wire sculptures so I thought you might wish to view one of them here for 'old time's sake' which is quite appropriate for vintage jewelry lovers, yes? You can see a mirror reflecting the candle snugged inside the top of the piece:

And here's one of my inspirations which I watched on PBS back in the day - a BBC video of David Attenborough spying on a romantically minded Australian bower bird as he prepares a nest for his lady love to be! The bird prepared, not Mr. Attenborough.

Hubba hubba! That nest looks pretty appealing!



Jupiter enters Pisces Jan 17, 2010 @ 8:17 pm est

This evening, Jan 17, 2010, as Jupiter enters Pisces (8:17 pm est) my Pisces Moon has inspired a post with a few details of this compassionate transit of Hierophant Jupiter, along with a Fish (Pisces) Art (Jupiter) portrait for you to view!



Can environment cause poetry to bloom?


This evening my environment was host to news of a scientific breakthrough as I watched CBS' 60 Minutes' feature about the possibility of resurrecting extinct species and bringing them back to life.

What they'd eat and how much was not revealed, but a brief poem was inspired by hearing this Frankenstein-esque news. Astrologically, 'scientific breakthroughs' relate to Jupiter/Uranus and the two 'light bulb' planets will meet in Great Conjunction three times in 2010 into 2011:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18 (Aries Point, a degree in the zodiac of world event manifestation);

2. Sept 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43;

3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02

Hopefully, the knowledge-expanding hook-up of Jupiter and Uranus will bring the world something beneficial from the scientific community, for mankind could use a fortunate turn about now, right? And none of that 'space wars' crap either.

Click the link to read, if you wish, for it won't take you but a moment in Time which is something that will be totally skewed if Science succeeds in their cloning quest!

Q: if you could live next door to a real live Dinosaur Zoo, would you?


Astrology of Ozzie & Sharon Osbourne's partnership


If you're interested, a report on the Wedding Day Astrology of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne is now published on my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold.

Plus, if you or someone you know were born with Sun in Cancer/Moon in Sagittarius, the personality details will apply to you as well, so check out this passionate couple whose next wedding anniversary in July 2010 will mark 28 years of intimate nesting happiness!



Return of the 'Revolving Art Cube' by Jude Cowell!

This 'Revolving Art Cube' as I named it was put together some time ago from a few of my Cosmic Persona Designs images but I just wanted to make it handy again for my own re-viewing!

The Cosmic Persona Designs collection is for age 17+ only please~~an Adult Content Warning must be clicked through to reach the gallery of drawings (no photos, only artwork; no digital, only pencil drawings), so ask yourself if you're feeling all that lucky...

If the Art Cube looks topsy turvy use your browser to coax it about, speed it up, or slow it down.


Jude Cowell Art @ Zazzle
Cafe Press Art Gallery

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Art On,




A Guide to Goddess Archetypes


Having just discovered a cool website I want to pass its link along to you in an archetypal sort of way. It's called Goddess Guide and has all flavors of goddess cultures and origins for your perusal.

Image shown: a drawing I rendered in 2004, Ceres and Pallas, using my accustomed oil and watercolour pencils (Prismacolor and Rexel Derwent) on paper. Ceres is, as you know, The Mother archetype, and Pallas is The Daughter.

In ancient Egypt (or in modern Egypt fo all I know) the great Temple of Ceres on Aventine Hill was the location for the celebration each Feb 11 for the culmination of SIRIUS, the Dog Star, at the stroke of midnight.

In ancient Arabia, SIRIUS was the wife and sister of Canopus, an intriguing star in the constellation Argo, so right away we know it relates to Jason and the Argonauts' Quest for the Golden Fleece.

(These days, gold is involved in another kind of fleecing - the rich fleecing and scamming the poor.)

Canopus, the Star of Egypt, is in Alpha Carina, and is the second brightest star in the sky. Its keywords are: the navigator; pathfinder (as given in Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.) Canopus is the brightest star in Argo and was known to the Egyptians long before the Greeks created the Argo myth.

Canopus is linked to wisdom, conservatism, and possibly to domestic problems; NASA uses it to navigate spacecraft. It was considered the South Pole star by many cultures and is implicated in end of the world themes because of its designation as 'the weight at the end of the world's plum line' which is used to define the poles. It is the Point of Stillness in the south.

And yet...perhaps you're finding more and more writings these days concerning the shifting of Earth's magnetic poles, a phenomenon said to have begun. If you aren't, what are you doing instead? Never mind, none of my business. Besides, if pole shifting is truly ongoing Now, there's nothing we can do about it, is there? (Except prayer, imho.)

Native American tribes also knew of Canopus and noticed that the star was moving toward the North Pole star (now Polaris), a time when they taught that the world will end when the South Pole star (the 'Death Star") catches up with Polaris and captures it.

(The parallel myth here is the story of Apollo and Phaethon. Canopus is where Cronos - Saturn - landed when he was cast from his chariot into the River Eridanus during the battle between the Olympians and the Titans.)

Thus Heavy-Weighing Canopus is considered the Lord of the Underworld, the great receiver of all souls, so naturally we associate this with Pluto/Hades, the Ferryman of Souls across the River Styx.

In its navigator role, Canopus represents an insatiable need to explore while we may for the time draweth nigh when all opportunity for such expansion expires for the human race and we may Cross the Great Water and All will be ultimately revealed to be At One with the Universal Mind.