A blip in false reality? Philip K. Dick on the Real "Matrix" (video)

Don't know if both readers of this blog have any interest in the narrative of a false reality such as author Philip K. Dick writes of in Blade Runner (my personal favorite) and The Matrix, but here he is speaking at a convention in 1977 (the year of Chiron's discovery!)

Perhaps I can snoop out the exact date he spoke and possibly outed the true "Matrix" because I'd like to compare the planets on that day with Mr. Dick's natal planets, you know? See what influences were prevailing for him then...

And yes, I do think that *Chiron, discovered at 3Tau08--'4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold" is significant to the topic of false reality. The Sabian Symbol for '4Tau' is about blending the celestial with the earthly and the lasting benefits that derive therefrom. Taurus is an Earth sign (practical; materialism) and is nicknamed The Builder, The Architect, and The Gardener.

The Taurean motto is I Grow and architects of our false reality know just what I'm talkin' 'bout! Then we have politicians and in particular Washington DC politicians who are the political arm of the Great Enterprise.

All in all, we could go on about these things but to sum up I'd have to say, It's our separation from God that is at the root of all our problems, depressions, and delusions.

Until a person becomes aware of that basic Truth and how distant they have become from The Source of All Life, then every human construct is false and unstable.

Now here's a theatrical trailer for Blade Runner, a moody-rainy film with a tale set in Los Angeles 2019--just 7 brief years from now...as 'Science Fiction' morphs into something substantial--something predicted in science fiction writers' novels...

If you're curious, view an astrodatabank image of P.K. Dick's natal horoscope here.

Born December 16, 1928 @ 12:15 pm in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Dick's natal horoscope shows Uranus rising (ability to cope w anything--FDR was born w Uranus rising as well), Mars Rx at IC (Endings), and a close conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, and Mercury/Saturn contacts are the 'signature of the professional writer," as Noel Tyl once said.

Plus, it feels synchronistic to me that as of recently, a transiting midpoint picture is once again formed between Jupiter (growth!), Neptune (fantasy!), and Uranus, planet of Futurism and Genius...

Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: the contrast of imagination v reality!

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*Chiron returns to 3Tau08 in the years 2027 and 2028.


An Artist's Portrait of Gene Tierney

Is it overly brazen of me to publish my pencil portrait of actress Gene Tierney drawn in 1982? That's thirty years ago! Oh, well. Here I go celebrating the beginning of 2012 with an antique image from 1982...because I always thought Ms. Tierney was one of the prettiest actresses around!

Gene Tierney's Wiki page states that she was "acclaimed as one of the great beauties of her day" or some such flattery. Check out the scoop on the star of the film Laura which still makes it into the Top Ten of many a movie buff's list!

Well, this may be my first post of 2012 on Two Hours, but with all that's going on in Politics, you know I'm often to be found at my primary Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington, or alternately at Jude's Threshold, right? ;p