An Artist's Portrait of Gene Tierney

Is it overly brazen of me to publish my pencil portrait of actress Gene Tierney drawn in 1982? That's thirty years ago! Oh, well. Here I go celebrating the beginning of 2012 with an antique image from 1982...because I always thought Ms. Tierney was one of the prettiest actresses around!

Gene Tierney's Wiki page states that she was "acclaimed as one of the great beauties of her day" or some such flattery. Check out the scoop on the star of the film Laura which still makes it into the Top Ten of many a movie buff's list!

Well, this may be my first post of 2012 on Two Hours, but with all that's going on in Politics, you know I'm often to be found at my primary Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington, or alternately at Jude's Threshold, right? ;p

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