Horoscopes: Georgia Guide Stones 1980 w its Mars Return of July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021: Earlier today as I shared content concerning the Georgia Guide Stones on FaceBook along with some fussy remarks, I ran across a cosmic factoid: that early this very morning, the March 22, 1980 Horoscope of the unveiling ceremony for the completed 'Guide' Stones has today experienced yet another Mars Return (@27Leo14 Rx in 1980 conjunct the North Node of destiny @28:48). Readers familiar with the natal planetary positions of Donald Tr*mp will recognized how close these positions are to Herr Spanky's natal Mars rising with royal Regulus (if 10:54 am edt is his actual birth time on June 14, 1946). So naturally, the former guy's Mars Return, (approximately a two-year cycle) occurred yesterday, July 24, 2021 at 1:03:12 pm edt (26Leo46). Therefore, a new cycle of activity has now begun for the 'Big Liar'.

Oddly enough, Tr*mp's new cycle of activity timed by his Mars Return 2021 tallies with the same for the draconian 'principles' inscribed on the Stones! Example: depopulate the Earth. Drastically. Well, perhaps you agree that the Covid-19 pandemic is doing just that in a big genocidal way.

Full Public Awareness: March 22, 1980 "in the morning" (for timing the unveiling I use Mercury, planet of sight and our other senses, conjunct MC, the most visible point)

So yes, there are several planetary contacts between the Guide Stones' 1980 planets and Tr*mp natals of 1946 (he who ushered in corona virus/Covid-19 and made certain it ran wild among the population - was Mr. Conspiracy Theory allowed to play the role of POTUS for just such an anti-societal task as this? His total lack of humanity doesn't mind if he do!). Note that only a few such contacts are penned upon the charts; one of which is his "Prez Bid New Moon" of June 16, 2015 rising in the 1980 chart! Then at bottom highighted in pink is a mention that the unveiling's 11:00 am Moon-Neptune opposition ('a deceptive social environment') conjuncts Tr*mp's natal Sun-NN oppo Moon-SN placements; at the time of the unveiling he would soon turn 34 years old). And no, I'm not wishing to "pin it" on agent orange (it takes a massive global cabal to perpetrate this kind of evil) but there are other disturbing links shown by Astrology. For instance:

Tr*mp's natal Midheaven - the Goal Point - lifts high nasty Algol of 'piled up corpses' fame, and so I thought perhaps a reader or two might wish to view a bi-wheel of the 1980 'unveiling' Horoscope surrounded by the Mars Return 2021 Horoscope of the Georgia Guide Stones which are located near Elberton, Ga and not far from my hometown of Athens, Ga. Yes, I remember publicity of the event back in the day but have never visited the Stones.

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