Inauguration 1993 Horoscope and Vince Foster Death 1993

February 21, 2022

Vince Foster: Gun in Right Hand Mysteriously Appears

Perhaps at this late date I shouldn't reveal this, but following are a few notes I typed and saved unpublished from way back in 2016, so I'm not certain what book they're from but I share them today in case an astrologer or two might want to set up some astrology horoscopes concerning the still-mysterious death of White House Counsel and Clinton friend, Vince Foster, who apparently was about to resign on that fateful day - from both positions - and spill inconvenient beans concerning the Clintons' rise to power out of Arkansas:

The reason Linda Tripp was willing to tell so many lies for the Clintons was she was worried about “her job, her pension, her kids” - 3 things she repeated over and over again in talks with Peschmann.

Craig Livingstone most likely was the one who moved Foster’s body to Fort Marcy Park. Bill Clinton, Webb Hubbell, Bill Kennedy, Maggie Williams, Patsy Thomasson, Bernie Nussbaum, Craig Livingstone likely all involved in the cover up of Foster’s death and removal of body to Fort Marcy Park.

Helen Dickey, who was Chelsea’s nanny in 1993, called the Arkansas Governor’s mansion at about 6:15 PM Eastern or 5:15 PM Central (Arkansas time) and told them Vince Foster had been found dead IN THE WHITE HOUSE. State trooper Roger Perry received a phone call at 5:15PM Central (6:15PM Eastern) saying Foster was dead. Vince Foster was not “officially” found (and not identified) until 6:30 PM Eastern in Fort Marcy Park.

The Confidential Witness who found Foster’s body was absolutely certain that Foster had no gun in his hand. The Confidential Witness left to call the Park Police, at that time the gun was place in Foster’s right hand.

Foster’s car was driven to Fort Marcy Park. And it was Craig Livingstone and Bill Kennedy who put the car keys of Vince Foster into his pockets at the morgue.

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia page about this sad topic continues to list Mr. Foster's death as a suicide even as conspiracy theories keep swirling round the 'official' explanation. (Note that Vincent Foster was born January 15, 1945 Hope, Arkansas, hour unknown, last I heard.)

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Pickling, Salts & Minerals - Pharmacist Ben Fuchs

February 21, 2022

Whoa There - Pickled Asparagus??

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