WSJ reports on rare back-to-back undersea quakes

The Wall Street Journal reports that back-to-back quakes are rare and gives many details on today's sad events issuing from the underwater quakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans Tuesday (their time, Wednesday ours.)

And here is The Guardian's update on rescue efforts as the death toll rises.

Astrologically, we might reasonably blame the ongoing Saturn (in Virgo - an earth sign, Saturn = planet of tectonic plates, and of loss) opposition to Uranus (Pisces, sign of the seas, Uranus = planet of sudden calamities.)

Also Mars continues his trek through Cancer, sign of crabs and oceans; Mars likes to trigger and instigate, and represents the action principle in a horoscope. The Moon rules the ocean's tides, as we know.

Sadly, Sumatra is on the same fault line as the upheaval that resulted in the nightmarish 2004 tsunami yet I hope and pray that current aftershocks end as soon as possible for the good people of Samoa, American Samoa, and Sumatra.


Dreamyfish Art now Zazzle Shop wall art posters!


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Announcing my new Zazzle Shop of Dreamyfish Art images now available as Art Wall Posters and more! The Zazzle Panel you see here shows the images in the shop so far, and you're most welcome to click and investigate, if you wish.

Ever mindful of your design and lifestyle needs, dear reader, Zazzle's helpful Customize It! button is there, too, so you may order Breaksea cod, Yellow eye surgeonfish, or other marine denizens' images on any product you think the little fellows might look good on: mugs, SIGG Bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, mousepads, other poster sizes, and much more.

That's Zazzle for you.

So in effect, you become my design partner which makes this artist very happy to be working with your excellent self (you have a good eye, it is well known) so do check out my new Zazzle Shop when you get a free Art browsing moment.

Quite naturally, there will be more Dreamyfish Art and other-themed images added as time permits. Perhaps soon a Fairy, Cosmic, or Moon Art image or two may appear.

Well, now here's a shy little Clown surgeonfish who joins me in cordially inviting you to drop by my new Zazzle Shop of Wall Art Posters and such!

To tell him Hi!, click image to enlarge.

Artist Jonathan Harris on the soul of the Web - video link

My question is: does the internet, the web, the 'interweb' as my favorite comedian Craig Fersuson has called it, have a soul? Hmmm...?

Follow the link to a 2007 video of artist Johnathan Harris speaking on the very subject!

Plus, a link is provided therein to his text and you may wish to note his mentions of Greek myths and archetypes such as Orion, Chronos, Pegasus, etc, which he sees as turning up as archetypal events (weddings and such) in the computer programs he has written and implemented on the web...with Feelings, Nothing More Than...Feelings.


White House/Arts 'scandal' revealed by FoxNews

Since the actual report in question is publicly available there's not much of a lid to blow off, but Media Matters does it anyway on the current story behind Fox News' pot-stirring of a possible White House/artists/NEA scandal concerning the May 12 meeting with 60 artists and Obama administration officials next door to the White House, and a controversial conference call on August 11 which seems to have led to the subsequent resignation of NEA communications director Yosi Sargant.

Fox News rather scantily charges that the White House is 'politicizing the NEA' and wanting to use artists - rappers, writers, and others, which I assume include visual artists as well - to "push the president's domestic agenda." Later in its online expose, Fox relates info that counters its own claims.

Apparently a US president "pushing his domestic agenda" is unheard of over at the Fox News website! How ironic since with Bush-Cheney they never complained, they promoted. But according to Fox News, artists are not allowed to participate even when they agree with the president - the Fox News Rules of Artistic Decorum.

But for US artists, shouldn't it depend in large part on what the president's domestic agenda is?

Well, as a bit of an artist myself, I can say that if this agenda includes promoting life over violence and death, and decent principles of living over debased lifestyles, I'm all for it...push away, for the creative atmosphere in this country has been a world leader in lowering moral fiber and discourse for too long.

The destruction of society itself, I've read, has been an Illuminati goal for a couple of centuries now, and quotes to that effect are to be found online with little searching effort, if you wish. This goes back to its Bavarian founder, Adam Weishaupt, and his stated goals to undermine every level of civilization - and even earlier to Satan himself, if one prefers to look and consider what lies underneath the modern brou-ha-ha.

Actually, this Fox News kerfluffle attempts to 'politicize' the entire Arts issue especially since it was the artists themselves who asked for the W-H meeting! Guess they already agreed with the president's domestic agenda (to the extent that they know it in full under the maskings of the NWO - or perhaps the particular artists who attended the May meeting and participated in the August conference call agree with a NWO agenda. Shall we 'all join hands' and merge for global totalitarianism??)

Art in Modern Society

It took an artist friend of mine two years+ to convince me to set up Cosmic Persona Designs as an online gallery of Chiffonery Art and Boudoir Blossoms drawings and portraits that may be considered by a few people to be a little on the saucy side. The images are meant for a 17+ age group, so an Adult Content warning must be clicked through to reach the gallery, yet I still have qualms about its availability to a younger crowd...and it's only mild, though somewhat erotic, Art images!

Of course, this is where parents must monitor their kids online, for I certainly can't do it for every net surfer, and adults need content, too.

And when it comes to Hollywood's and other films and TV shows, I've always felt that it isn't so much their degraded content - violence, horror, sex, whatever - that presents problems in society, for you and I might choose to watch such things and never suffer an afterthought, much less an obsession issue with the dark side.

It's our impressionable youth, plus, the mentally challenged or emotionally stunted individuals - such as those who are thinking of committing psychopathic acts already - who in watching such content over and over and over again - are inspired by creative demon-drenched ideas (and possibly feeling themselves to be 'programmed') to commit what might have remained mere fantasies had not Hollywood given its hand or claw of inspiration.

And thus, society and its innocents pay the violent price while filmmakers, actors, and other industry workers and CEOs profit from the degradation of society. Yet if every audience member were healthy, watching such things wouldn't be nearly such a dicey proposition for the common good.

Hmm. Maybe I should apply to participate in a more uplifting presidential initiative on and yes, through, the Arts.

After all, don't we want better options for our children through their 'entertainment' choices rather than the sort of Arts that continue to only bring them 'down'?


Here's a mild example of a CPD image, a brand new drawing-in-progress of Philyra whose character portrait shan't end up too scanty for your tender eyes, promise!

Update Oct 8, 2009: you may wish to see a full frame of Philyra Farnsworthy on display at my Zazzle Art Store, but Philyra hasn't arrived there yet...she's running late.

Do meet her on Friday evening, for then you won't miss Philyra Farnsworthy's entrance into Zazzle and her portraiture debut there! Or, perhaps she'll pop over to Jude Cowell Art Shop at Cafe Press.

Well, I guess I'm not sure where precisely Philyra will turn up first. I do know that she'll turn up as an Art Poster, Greeting Card, or perhaps a Mousepad for your desk if you use one. A desk. Or a mousepad.

But maybe you two have met before...danced together on the terrace under the dappled moonlight while an orchestra played, Stardust...


Mercury out of the Shadow~Cafe Press Shop in the wings

As you may know, Mercury is still retrograde and possibly interfering with such things as plans, new ideas, travel, commerce, contracts, and agendas.

The planet of thinking, communication, and trade, Trickster and Messenger Mercury will turn Direct on Sept 29, 2009, yet here are some good reasons to wait for implementation of new plans and ideas until Mercury leaves the Shadow degree range of its current retrogradation phase and enters new zodiacal territory, thus leaving behind its retrograde degrees.

When Mercury is Rx, it's a good time to reassess and work on plans and projects, so during Mercury's current Rx period, I have been attempting to set up a Jude Cowell Art shop at Cafe Press, but with disappointing results as far as transforming some of my Dreamyfish Art images of botanical fish drawings into 16" x 20" wall posters for your consideration.

Stewing in my non-techiness, I am finding the Cafe Press interface difficult to work with, and the site's instructions to be missing key points. So if you, dear and lone reader, have any tips on Cafe Press issues, please leave a comment here, or contact me at judecowell at gmail dot com - I'd muchly appreciate it since their forums have not helped me so far - but there's alway hope for a Eureka Moment, one of Mercury's favorite gifts to us which occurs when left and right brain creativity coincide integratively.

So I shall persevere with this art project when my schedule (also a province of Mercury) allows, and will mercurially announce the shop's official opening asap - probably, if my natal chart-ruler Mercury has a say in the matter, and it will - at or just after Mercury's leaving of the Shadow area of the zodiac @ 6Lib13...on or after Oct 14.

My reason for waiting to implement my botanical fish portraits/Cafe Press plans are noted in boldface in the above-linked article, if you are so inclined to check it out, and the chart image for October 14, 2009 @ 2:39 am edt in Washington DC (the first minute Mercury reaches Shadow degree and thus is 'free' to move forward) is included in the post in case you wish to use one of your mercurial senses, sight, to view it!



Does McChrystal leak put Obama in a box?

Well, I'm certain you've heard of what a bad and freakish Monday this has been for the White House after President Obama's remarks about sending more US troops to Afghanistan on Meet the Press yesterday have been characterized as 'wobbling' and undersecretary of defense Michelle Flournoy has had to defend the president's idea to put "strategy over resources."

This has the mainstream media and the blogosphere all afluffle with journalistic giddiness, while the GOP smells political blood in the White House. They can't smell the thousands of gallons of blood they've callously spilled in the Middle East, but they can smell Dem blood over the swampy stench of Washington.

So with what may be a method of applying pressure to the president, Stanley McChrystal - or his staff, as this report by Josh Rogin points out - 'leaked' a memo of McChrystal's assessment predicting failure of the whole Afghan venture if more troops were not forthcoming.

Or did McChrystal mean the whole venture of controlling oil and expansion of American imperialism in the entire Middle East including Iraq? Well, I didn't read the memo although you'll find it linked in Mr. Rogin's article. (I'm blogging in a rush against possible power failure here due to lightening and storm - Atlanta is pretty much flooded out - don't go there.)

Yet perhaps one of the more troubling things around here to come from McChrystal's 'leak' (if indeed such it was), is that a wayward rhyming muse alighted heavily upon my shoulder a while ago, and since current storms have neutralized my TV satellite (Tom Delay 'dancing' while seeing stars or not), I'm just bored enough to type it for you here.

So please pardon me in advance, if you can, and set your Groan Meter as low as it goes for...'Afghanistan':

Barack Obama in a box
Afghanistan is like a pox
upon his presidency new
he'd escalate but how and who?

McChrystal memo quite a dud
to land with such a dullish thud
on White House roof and in the hall
Obamaites are right to squall

Since change and hope he touted wide
we'd choose to have the peaceful side
but will the US ever see
an end to war economy?

Though pressure's on to send more troops
our US system has the droops
there are no jobs for every man
returning from Afghanistan.

Jude Cowell 9.21.09 8:49 pm edt


Here's a Jude Cowell Art Slideshow just for you!

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow

Here's an Art Slideshow created at Image Loop with a variety of my drawing themes and styles, some from Cosmic Persona Designs, a smidge from Dreamyfish Art, plus a few Secret Moon Art images tossed in complimentary-like.

And if you haven't as yet, perhaps it's time you moseyed over to Image Loop and set up your own display for your Art or Photography. Just let me know when and where you embed it, okay? Because I lo-o-ove to view Art Slideshows!

Plus, as you probably know by now, I maintain a small Lulu Art Storefront for your downloading and self-printing needs with all images at very modest prices.

Support the Arts!


Shuttle Discovery exits California on a jet plane's back 9.20.09


Today there are major storm systems and heavy clouds bedeviling the state of Georgia, but that's okay because my home state isn't on NASA's Look Up list anyway. I now turn you over to...

Space Weather News for Sept 20, 2009

BE ALERT FOR THE SPACE SHUTTLE: Space shuttle Discovery is flying across the United States today atop a specially modified NASA 747 airliner. The trip is necessary because at the end of its last mission Discovery landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California and must now be returned to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Sky watchers along the flight path (particularly in Texas, Louisiana and Florida) should be alert for the extraordinary sight of a spaceship flying through blue sky on top of an airplane.

Check SpaceWeather for details.

FARSIDE SUNSPOT: NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft is tracking an active region over the sun's eastern horizon that could be a large, new-cycle sunspot. We can't yet see it from Earth, but the sun's rotation is turning the region toward us, and it could pop into view as early as Sept 21. Readers with solar telescopes should monitor the sun's eastern limb for developments.

Images and updates may be found at SpaceWeather.com.



Athens-Cine Theater and the 2009 Autumn Equinox celebration!

Athens-Cine is a movie theater in downtown Athens, Georgia which has the most unusual and diverse film showings such as you might find in a much larger market. Athens is a university town so the theater is a popular entertainment hotspot.

And believe me, this doc and film hub fills a woefully empty place in the cinema schedules of Athens!

Current Athens-Cine features include:

Food, Inc., an expose of the seamy underbelly and profit motives of America's fast-food hamburgers, fries, shakes, and their purveyors;

Soul Power, a verite doc about the legendary 'Zaire 74' music festival;

In The Loop, a hilariously comedic look at the US-UK relationship as skewed through a political lens; (politics manages to skew everything it touches, doesn't it?);

and...Sept 22's theatrical readings by Athens writers from the days of last century's Cafe Apollinaire of Paris, when avant-garde leader Guillaume Apollinaire coined the term 'surrealism'. Athens-Cine will also present the world premiere of a documentary about Atlanta rock band, the El Caminos, and more.

So if you happen to be in Athens during the September 22 Autumn Equinox, you're cordially invited to partake in the evening's celebrations with Athens-Cine's full bar of liquid refreshments at your beck and call!

Thea IDs Her Mask; drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+...for All the World's a Stage!


Jay Leno April 28, 1950: debuts at 10 pm Tonight!

Okay, I got curious and had a sneak peek at Jay Leno's natal chart to see what's going on in the heavens with his debut tonight at 10 pm - quite the historical, if money-saving, TV event for NBC.

Born in New Rochelle, New York, on *April 28, 1950, Mr. Leno is an Earthy Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo fellow who has recently had a Saturn Return @ 12Vir50 on Sept 11, 2008. Natal Saturn is in 7th house of Partnerships with Moon 13Vir01 and Mars 22Vir11, and perhaps contract negotiations were on the menu then (n Sun in 2nd house of Money and Earning Ability.)

You may notice that his Mars is conjunct President Obama's natal Mars, so both conjunct US natal Neptune. Mars/Neptune hook-ups are excellent for 'rock star' reflections upon the screen of the public's imagination.

At 10 pm edt tonight, the Sun 22Vir23 will be spotlighting his natal Mars, a transit that indicates a surge of vitality and ego-gratification. Mr. Obama experienced the transit today as he spoke to Wall Street, and I mentioned this in my post on his 9.9.09 Address to a Joint Session of Congress - that the president's vitality and determination would receive a boost from this transit. (See third paragraph from the end of this post.)

Well, Pluto remains on his Direct Station degree (00Cap40 - Sep 11), so Mr. Leno's natal 11th cusp is being stimulated by Pluto while opposing natal Uranus 1Can59, a 'conflicts with those in power' transit. Perhaps powerful Pluto undergirds Leno's time slot change as well. It's been years since transiting Pluto conjoined his Career cusp at Midheaven 9Sag20, which you will note has one of the Royal Stars of Persia upon it: Fixed Star, Antares (keywords: obsessed with success.)

Pluto won't enter Leno's 12th house until he reaches 22Cap30; he may expect a loss (Pluto) of friends (11th house) during the transit, however (the voice of experience speaking here.)

This evening's Neptune 24AQ21 Rx and Chiron 22AQ16 Rx are snugged upon his natal ASC 22AQ57, which is either a dissolving influence, an indicator of entertainment and the masses, or simply a creative and inspirational infusion. If his 10 pm show is a hit with staying power, there will need to be more stable planetary support from other chart factors.

Yet Jupiter Rx @ 18AQ26 is poised to aid him later on and may be providing some 'guardian angel protection' (Jupiter) already since Leno's ASC was visited by Jolly Moneybags in April 2009 and will be so again in December 2009.

And given the hard work it has taken to produce the new version of the Tonight Show for the 10 pm time slot - as Saturn, Mercury (now Rx @ 2Lib54) and the Sun have plowed through his Saturn-Moon-Mars conjunction - it will be interesting to see if the sparkle and pizzaz of tonight's debut wears off soon (as I think it did with Conan O'Brien's revamping earlier this year, or maybe that's just me), or if the show continues to be a vehicle for Jay Leno's comedic inspirations.

Baby boomer fans will be happy, of course, to be heading to snoozyland 1 1/2 hours earlier, but are they messin' with a good thing just to save NBC a bunch of money? After all, the taping of such shows occur hours before air time, don't they?

Now here are the Images for Integration of his thorough, professional, and poised Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo blend with its great timing so perfect for a comedian, actor, or musician:

In her sumptuous garden, the music teacher entertains her now accomplished past pupil...The treasurer for the Association for Social Reform invests proceeds of a jumble sale into gilt-edged securities. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

This combo of energies is shared natally with quite a few entertainers:

Mort Sahl, Jack Paar (the first ever Tonight Show host, right?!), Sir Laurence Olivier, Daniel Day Lewis, Candice Bergen, Peter Townsend, Shirley Maclaine, and Donovan.

So you know I must say it: Break a gilt-edged leg, Jay! I'll be watching. And how about you, lone reader? Are you a fan?

*Rodden Rating AA, from birth certificate.



Violet now singing on YouTube

Hurrah! My daughter got around to taping and publishing a video of our favorite jokester, Violet, singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game - with hiccups!

When my kids were growing up, our family frequented Atlanta Braves games quite often, so this video is a treat for me - and you might enjoy it, too.

Popcorn, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks optional...



Knitting with a Happy Dance!

Even though I've never gone about the place thinking that I love the colors pink and yellow together, my eyes feel refreshed and exultant every time I look at this 'Happy Dance' yarn from Springtree Road's Etsy Shop.

Springtree Road is my daughter Maya's Yarn Shop, and the name refers to the street that I, and later on, my children, grew up on. It's named that because of a spring (obviously) and a creek that runs across and by it, so when my parents were living, their house had water from an artesian well nearby.

How cool is that? ;p

Especially these days when water is an issue everywhere, and will be more so as climates change and plunderers corner the market on the earth's freely provided life-giving substance.

Anyway, mosey yourself over to Maya's lovely Etsy Shop, if you wish, and view her luciously squishy skeins of handspun-and-dyed yarns, plus a few notecards and prints of her photos are available, too.

She'd be glad to meet you and perhaps y'all can do a Happy Dance together while you simultaneously knit me new mittens for winter using some of Maya's autumn-colored yarn...you're a very talented multi-tasker, or so I've heard!


Space Station and Shuttle Discovery now a double flyby!

A day late, but still fresh enough to find when to look up at the sky!

Space Weather News for Sept 8, 2009

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: On Tuesday, Sept 8 at 3:26 pm EDT, space shuttle Discovery undocked from the International Space Station (ISS). The two spaceships are now circling Earth side by side, forming a pair of bright lights in the night sky.

Check the SpaceWeather News to see if you are favored with a double flyby of your hometown before Discovery returns to Earth on Thursday.

DON'T MISS THAT FLYBY: Would you like a call when the ISS is about to fly over your area? Sign up for SpaceWeatehr PHONE.


And here's another heads-up: the Astrology of Pres. Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress 9.9.09 is now available for your consideration and contains dual chart images for 8 pm and 9 pm edt for Wednesday night in the Capitol Building.

Check out the chart's 'Fist Bump of God' pattern which points to orating Mercury, plus the rest of my notations, if you wish.



Astrologer Julie Demboski on the Dylan/Baez relationship


As you may know, one of my top-fave astrologers is Julie Demboski, now working on her new book which concerns the asteroid Juno, one of the wife archetypes of the zodiac (Hera being the Greek version.)

As Julie points out, astrological Juno isn't only about marriage, it's about sussing out one's power potential in a relationship. Well, this meshes partially with something I read years ago (and can't remember where, or who wrote it) - that Juno in Mundane (Political) Astrology is about abusing power - and represents either the abused, or the abuser.

Well, I was just snooping around one of Julie's blogs and discovered her article on the relationship between Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, a very useful synastric peek under the hood of one of pop music's all-time famous couples, even though they didn't last as an item.

Don't want to check out Julie's article on Dylan/Baez just now?

Well, don't think twice. It's all right.

But you know you really want to, right? ;p

Reagan's 'Afghanistan Day' haunts a cynical world

Mainstream media now reports that Pres. Obama has lost the majority of his support from US citizens for American expansion into Afghanistan. 18 years after Reagan touted 'Afghanistan Day' George Bush and Dick Cheney preemptively invaded Iraq; most people now recognize what a wild goose chase that was, though it was promoted to us as a golden egger of great humanitarian merit which would deflect an imminent threat to North America.

Yes, on March 21, 1985, day of a New Moon @ Aries Point, Pres. Ronald Reagan proclaimed 'March 21' to be 'Afghanistan Day' and Reagan's address on the occasion makes some interesting points that Pres. Obama and his military team might do well to recall as they plan in 2009 and beyond.

But surely Proclamation 5309 was merely a thinly veiled scene in yet another Capitol Hill Political Theater production meant to aggravate the Kremlin, hide US interference in 'their' war, and feign an objective, humanitarian point of view concerning the heavy-handed Soviet occupation of a sovereign Middle Eastern nation, you chide.

As you know, Afghanistan does have terrifically lucrative resources that support many projects for those organizers not bothered by where backers' funding comes from...the Afghan drug trade.

1985...1986...Afghanistan's American-proclaimed 'joyful celebration' continues to March 21, 1987:

Here's an exchange between the *chairman of the Afghan Community in America, Pres. Reagan, and Sen. Gordon J. Humphrey (NH) on March 20, 1987 concerning Afghanistan and former Pres. Carter's critiques of Reagan's Middle East policies.

Seems Mr. Carter had leveled his 'trashing' of Reagan from a safe distance abroad, an oft-used tactic in political circles. (Blogging gnats in Georgia use it, too, for a comforting, if delusional, sense of safety from the raptor's gaze.)

Speaking of Reagan

In late June this year I posted an article which contains one of what this reluctant astrologer considers to be the primary astrological Things To Know about Pres. Reagan, especially in the financial realm, so here's a link in case you missed it - I knew it was You, Reagan (my main theme on the matter of Reagan policies and actions in the 1980s which have led America directly to 2008's Financial Collapse.

Reagan made mention of the Soviet's frustration at their 'inability to crush the spirit of the **Afghan Freedom Fighters and are increasingly turning their military might against the civilian population of the country, forcing hundreds of thousands more innocent people into exile away from their homeland. Reports of Soviet atrocities and human rights violations are increasingly gaining the attention of the world's public." (Including by way of your remarks, Mr. President.)

On March 21, 1985, transiting Neptune 3Cap33 was conjunct Reagan's natal Mars 3Cap59 (1st house), a transit when one's efforts are undermined or disregarded; deception and confusion are in the environment, and one engages in impractical or unrealistic endeavors; in fact, fraud may be lurking in the wings.

Ever the idealistic Jupiterian, Mr. Reagan, goes on to speak dramatically of "Karmal's tenuous and brutal hold on power..." (not 'Karzai', silly...'Karmal'), and he gives a list of the things which the UN General Assembly had resolved on the Afghanistan situation/Soviet quagmire - including immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops.

That the world has turned cynical on the question of sending invading forces into Afghanistan seems understandable to me and one supposes that such a well-read president as Barack Obama could not possibly be surprised by the waning support of US citizens intent upon their own dire battles here at home and not at all interested in creating more refugees in a faraway, over-victimized land.

So my wish is that Pres. Obama would read (or re-read) Mr. Reagan's time-capsuled remarks of March 21, 1985, then repeat, and (most importantly) apply them to America's military decisions in 2009, and going forward.

A Final Plea: I love and admire the people of Afghanistan, and am very sorry my government and others continue to meddle in their affairs while bombing them into oblivion and chaos.

Sending more troops to Afghanistan is a very bad idea.

Just look at the Sabian Symbol of power-manipulator Pluto's degree on March 21, 1985, which describes what US and other troops are facing there once again:

Pluto @ "5 Scorpio"..."A Massive and Rocky Shore."


* chairman Habibullah Mayar.
** As you know, it's 'Afghan Freedom Fighters' when the label is in America's interests and follows the slant of our propaganda at the time, 'insurgents' when it isn't and doesn't.


A Bloggy Note: Hurray! Since I posted a poll plea, about a dozen more readers have answered SO'W's Political Poll ('Obama + NWO') located at the end of Stars Over Washington's front page - thanks abunch, Y'all! I'll report on the results soon, but there's still time to weigh in, if you haven't yet partaken.

And yes, I hope to astro-blog on Pres. Obama's Health Care/Insurance Reform Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday evening, Sept 9, 2009, time notification pending. jc