Astrologer Julie Demboski on the Dylan/Baez relationship


As you may know, one of my top-fave astrologers is Julie Demboski, now working on her new book which concerns the asteroid Juno, one of the wife archetypes of the zodiac (Hera being the Greek version.)

As Julie points out, astrological Juno isn't only about marriage, it's about sussing out one's power potential in a relationship. Well, this meshes partially with something I read years ago (and can't remember where, or who wrote it) - that Juno in Mundane (Political) Astrology is about abusing power - and represents either the abused, or the abuser.

Well, I was just snooping around one of Julie's blogs and discovered her article on the relationship between Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, a very useful synastric peek under the hood of one of pop music's all-time famous couples, even though they didn't last as an item.

Don't want to check out Julie's article on Dylan/Baez just now?

Well, don't think twice. It's all right.

But you know you really want to, right? ;p


Anonymous said...

Hi Jude! Thanks for this--I'm woefully behind in visiting my favorite blogs, and so soon after its inception '2 Hours' has become one of them! And while I'm here, many congrats to your niece on her new book--I'll be looking for it (I'm no stranger to the YA section!)
Thanks again, JC! JD

Jude Cowell said...

Julie, thanks! Wondering how your book on Juno is going? Keeping up with ones own blog is difficult enough, isn't it, so I can't imagine doing that And writing a book, too.

You're obviously a well-organized writer!

And I love your latest article on Jupiter - hope you can find time to blog as often as possible since your insights are invaluable to everyone.