Does McChrystal leak put Obama in a box?

Well, I'm certain you've heard of what a bad and freakish Monday this has been for the White House after President Obama's remarks about sending more US troops to Afghanistan on Meet the Press yesterday have been characterized as 'wobbling' and undersecretary of defense Michelle Flournoy has had to defend the president's idea to put "strategy over resources."

This has the mainstream media and the blogosphere all afluffle with journalistic giddiness, while the GOP smells political blood in the White House. They can't smell the thousands of gallons of blood they've callously spilled in the Middle East, but they can smell Dem blood over the swampy stench of Washington.

So with what may be a method of applying pressure to the president, Stanley McChrystal - or his staff, as this report by Josh Rogin points out - 'leaked' a memo of McChrystal's assessment predicting failure of the whole Afghan venture if more troops were not forthcoming.

Or did McChrystal mean the whole venture of controlling oil and expansion of American imperialism in the entire Middle East including Iraq? Well, I didn't read the memo although you'll find it linked in Mr. Rogin's article. (I'm blogging in a rush against possible power failure here due to lightening and storm - Atlanta is pretty much flooded out - don't go there.)

Yet perhaps one of the more troubling things around here to come from McChrystal's 'leak' (if indeed such it was), is that a wayward rhyming muse alighted heavily upon my shoulder a while ago, and since current storms have neutralized my TV satellite (Tom Delay 'dancing' while seeing stars or not), I'm just bored enough to type it for you here.

So please pardon me in advance, if you can, and set your Groan Meter as low as it goes for...'Afghanistan':

Barack Obama in a box
Afghanistan is like a pox
upon his presidency new
he'd escalate but how and who?

McChrystal memo quite a dud
to land with such a dullish thud
on White House roof and in the hall
Obamaites are right to squall

Since change and hope he touted wide
we'd choose to have the peaceful side
but will the US ever see
an end to war economy?

Though pressure's on to send more troops
our US system has the droops
there are no jobs for every man
returning from Afghanistan.

Jude Cowell 9.21.09 8:49 pm edt

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