Reagan's 'Afghanistan Day' haunts a cynical world

Mainstream media now reports that Pres. Obama has lost the majority of his support from US citizens for American expansion into Afghanistan. 18 years after Reagan touted 'Afghanistan Day' George Bush and Dick Cheney preemptively invaded Iraq; most people now recognize what a wild goose chase that was, though it was promoted to us as a golden egger of great humanitarian merit which would deflect an imminent threat to North America.

Yes, on March 21, 1985, day of a New Moon @ Aries Point, Pres. Ronald Reagan proclaimed 'March 21' to be 'Afghanistan Day' and Reagan's address on the occasion makes some interesting points that Pres. Obama and his military team might do well to recall as they plan in 2009 and beyond.

But surely Proclamation 5309 was merely a thinly veiled scene in yet another Capitol Hill Political Theater production meant to aggravate the Kremlin, hide US interference in 'their' war, and feign an objective, humanitarian point of view concerning the heavy-handed Soviet occupation of a sovereign Middle Eastern nation, you chide.

As you know, Afghanistan does have terrifically lucrative resources that support many projects for those organizers not bothered by where backers' funding comes from...the Afghan drug trade.

1985...1986...Afghanistan's American-proclaimed 'joyful celebration' continues to March 21, 1987:

Here's an exchange between the *chairman of the Afghan Community in America, Pres. Reagan, and Sen. Gordon J. Humphrey (NH) on March 20, 1987 concerning Afghanistan and former Pres. Carter's critiques of Reagan's Middle East policies.

Seems Mr. Carter had leveled his 'trashing' of Reagan from a safe distance abroad, an oft-used tactic in political circles. (Blogging gnats in Georgia use it, too, for a comforting, if delusional, sense of safety from the raptor's gaze.)

Speaking of Reagan

In late June this year I posted an article which contains one of what this reluctant astrologer considers to be the primary astrological Things To Know about Pres. Reagan, especially in the financial realm, so here's a link in case you missed it - I knew it was You, Reagan (my main theme on the matter of Reagan policies and actions in the 1980s which have led America directly to 2008's Financial Collapse.

Reagan made mention of the Soviet's frustration at their 'inability to crush the spirit of the **Afghan Freedom Fighters and are increasingly turning their military might against the civilian population of the country, forcing hundreds of thousands more innocent people into exile away from their homeland. Reports of Soviet atrocities and human rights violations are increasingly gaining the attention of the world's public." (Including by way of your remarks, Mr. President.)

On March 21, 1985, transiting Neptune 3Cap33 was conjunct Reagan's natal Mars 3Cap59 (1st house), a transit when one's efforts are undermined or disregarded; deception and confusion are in the environment, and one engages in impractical or unrealistic endeavors; in fact, fraud may be lurking in the wings.

Ever the idealistic Jupiterian, Mr. Reagan, goes on to speak dramatically of "Karmal's tenuous and brutal hold on power..." (not 'Karzai', silly...'Karmal'), and he gives a list of the things which the UN General Assembly had resolved on the Afghanistan situation/Soviet quagmire - including immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops.

That the world has turned cynical on the question of sending invading forces into Afghanistan seems understandable to me and one supposes that such a well-read president as Barack Obama could not possibly be surprised by the waning support of US citizens intent upon their own dire battles here at home and not at all interested in creating more refugees in a faraway, over-victimized land.

So my wish is that Pres. Obama would read (or re-read) Mr. Reagan's time-capsuled remarks of March 21, 1985, then repeat, and (most importantly) apply them to America's military decisions in 2009, and going forward.

A Final Plea: I love and admire the people of Afghanistan, and am very sorry my government and others continue to meddle in their affairs while bombing them into oblivion and chaos.

Sending more troops to Afghanistan is a very bad idea.

Just look at the Sabian Symbol of power-manipulator Pluto's degree on March 21, 1985, which describes what US and other troops are facing there once again:

Pluto @ "5 Scorpio"..."A Massive and Rocky Shore."


* chairman Habibullah Mayar.
** As you know, it's 'Afghan Freedom Fighters' when the label is in America's interests and follows the slant of our propaganda at the time, 'insurgents' when it isn't and doesn't.


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And yes, I hope to astro-blog on Pres. Obama's Health Care/Insurance Reform Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday evening, Sept 9, 2009, time notification pending. jc

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