Of Comets Green and Art Unscene

Whew! It's been since October 20 that I posted here on Two Hours and my how the year has flown by. For instance, you might be interested in the revelation of first images of Comet Hartley (the 'green comet') today at 4:00 pm edt as presented by NASA:

COMET HARTLEY UPDATE: NASA's Deep Impact (EPOXI) probe is closing in on Comet Hartley 2 for a daring flyby on Nov. 4th. The small but active comet is full of surprises, with spinning jets, geysers of cyanide gas, and a strangely pickle-shaped core. Mission scientists expect to reveal first images from the flyby during a press conference on Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm EDT.

Tune into NASA TV to follow events live, and meanwhile read this story for a preview.

Drawing: Comet Skies from my Unscene World series.

Happy Comet Viewing!