Earth's mysterious Chandler Wobble and Bush Sr's 1990 video

Earth's *Chandler Wobble, aka 'large phase jumps' of 180 degrees affect the earth's axis down to the bottom of the seas.

Earth's Wobble 'jumped' in the years 2005, 1920, and 1850, and it's a mystery because nobody knows why.

Is the Pole Shift Theory, reputedly set for either 2011 or 2012, being supported by the Chandler Wobble's radical 180 degree changes?


Image: 'Neptune Ascends'; drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+; published here in honor of Neptune's mysterious tendencies. You'll discover more Cosmic Art available for viewing here.

After a whirlwind weekend of schmoozing, today has been a busy blogging day, how about you? There are two posts available in the Political (Mundane) Astrology realm:

Fueling Fires: Mars out-of-bounds in Cancer concerning the California and other wildfires now raging, and Astrology Notes and Famous Quotes on the New World Order; if you feel so drastically inclined, please wobble on over and have yourself a read.

The NWO post contains the video of Bush Sr's Sept 11, 1990 address to a Joint Session of Congress; a link to the text of his address is provided, and it has a time stamp: Bush began @ 9:09 pm edt ASC 3Tau49; his NWO promo ended @ 9:41 pm edt with the Oxen Point rising (15Tau15) which places Pluto's invisible helmet at setting position...Desc 15Sco15, Pluto 15Sco37; '15Scorpio' = the Eagle Point.

This was during a US Nodal Half-Return when associations are broken if they're not strong, and separations may occur in fated fashion; Moon '22Gem' conj US natal Mars - stirring up or marshaling the people, and reflecting upon our military forces (as Bush did); Jupiter '5Leo' conjunct tr SN; Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn are Rx and lined up like little Capricornian soldiers with Saturn at the '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER degree of 1993's NWO Uranus/Neptune Conjunction/s.

Read more details... with an image of the NWO natal chart linked therein.

Sept 11, 1990's Sun Vir/Moon Gem blend's 'Image for Integration' is "A precision engineer develops new methods of communication.' (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

George H. W. Bush's Sept 11, 1990 address is said to be the first time he mentioned the term 'new world order' in a public address, although others had before him. But he was In Office at the time, and the whole thing - the video, the text, whatever - sounds to me like 'the president' placed the NWO's agenda ahead of the interests of America resulting in skewed priorities, just as Capitol Hill and the White House indulge themselves with now against the common good, and in spite of all logic about the contrariness of their perpetually warring course.

Also at address' end: US natal Pluto @ Mc 27Cap00, just as it is at our Jan 20 US Presidential Inaugurations at noon est, in DC. Pluto's worldly favorites - Extreme Wealth, Power, and Control - are The Goal (Mc.)

Thing is, Bush Sr was inaugurated on Jan 20, 1989 under the 'separations; loss' influence of the 8 South Solar Eclipse which occurred on Sept 11, 1988 @ '19Virgo'...the degree where the Sun shone during Bush's address on the evening of Sept 11, 1990. If you read the text of his speech, you find his mention of loss and separation on the parts of our soldiers and their families.

To quote the NWO shill himself from Sept 11, 1990:

"Once again, Americans have stepped forward to share a tearful good-bye with their families before they leave for a strange and distant shore. At this very moment, they serve together with Arabs, Europeans, Asians, and Africans in defense of principle and the dream of a new world order. That's why they sweat and toil in the sand and the heat and the sun."

Is it now?

Is that why they toiled - why they still toil - for their 'dream of a new world order'? Puh! What an arch propagandist he was.


*A big shout-out of Thanks goes to my friend, astrologer Alex D'Atria, at Modern Astrology for the Chandler Wobble article link! ;p



A family weekend of book signings: Gone from These Woods


It's a big family weekend here as my niece, Donny Bailey Seagraves, enjoys her first Borders book signing, plus a hometown celebration thrown for the release of her book Gone from These Woods, a middle-grade reader for the 9 - 12 age group.

Since I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon it has yet to arrive, but the early reviews are excellent concerning this gripping story of a young boy who must face the kind of loss that we all must face at one time or another in our lives.

Donny has been a published writer for years but Gone from These Woods is her first novel and is published by Random House, so do check it out!

Yes, we're very proud of Donny, but just to keep her head from over-swelling, here's a private view from the late 1950s of Donny with her brother Mike sittin' on the sofa - without a manuscript or editing thought in her head!

Visit Donny's blog Winterville Writer where she'll be featuring other authors, too, as well as updates about her own work.

Congratulations, June Bug!



Updating 'Blog Art': Helga Prepares 2 Dance


Just to let you know that an icon cropped from one of my drawings (a brand new rendering, in fact) is now placed in Two Hours' sidebar in lieu of Perry Presenting which was there. 'Perry' has left the building.

In her place, my wish is to update a small image in this blog's sidebar column once a month (or more often if time permits) so that One Click on the image will take you to view the full image.

Not all drawings will be from Cosmic Persona Designs, a collection intended for those art viewers 17 years of age and older due to its saucy Boudoir Blossoms and Chiffonery Art imprints; some images will be from other Art Blogs as the mood inspires, and since I have Moon~Cosmic~Fairy~ Children's~Botanical~Fish Portrait collections to pick from, I'm fairly certain that variety shall ensue.

So please scroll a little and Click to View because at the moment, Helga Prepares 2 Dance awaits you! You do dance, don't you?

Update 9.7.09: Don't Scroll to view Helga!

Unless you want to see a different image there now...here's a direct link to Helga Prepares 2 Dance if you want to check out her moves...



Thomas Paine on punishment and oppression


"An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."

Thomas Paine

You know that June 8th of this year was the 200th anniversary of Thomas Paine's death, so click the article's link where you'll be hooked up to the text of Common Sense, in case you'd like to refresh yourself

There's a smidge of Astrology, too.



Critiques of Scotland over prison release of Lockerbie bomber

Assuming that it's not a case of a wrongful conviction finally righted as I've read here and there, criticism of Scotland's recent release from prison of the only man incarcerated for the 1988 airplane sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people over Lockerbie, Scotland has their Braveheartiest hackles up to defend the Scottish justice system which is seemingly more merciful than the US justice system.

Given the harshness of overcrowding and other problems in US prisons, this I can believe, and yet...

Do you think sending the cancer patient home to Libya to die sends a cozy message to terroists everywhere, as characterized in, and promoted by, the media and FBI Director Robert Mueller? Considering the low level of trust in the US gov by the people, one must wonder if they are afraid the man will be given a soapbox on which to speak out.

Now the BBC has picked up Admiral Mike Mullen on CNN chiming in with a 'political decision' critique.

And here are some 'secret oil deal' accusations turning up after Gaddafi's son let the cat out of the trade bag to roam free as...as a caged bird released from prison and ready to sing.

And do you think, as discussed on Stars Over Washington in Comments by Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker and myself, that the practice of compassionate early release of terminally or seriously ill inmates may be cynically viewed as a cost-saving measure thinly disguised as humanitarian gesture?

Yeah. That's what I thought. It seems to be another of the chaos-creators' and shock-doctrinaires' attempts to undermine yet one more of the world's governmental systems that has worked reasonably well for generations.

Those dang'd Utopians - always on the verge of sending mankind back to the garden from whence he came so he can wander about, scratching and grubbing for meager existence! Tsk tsk.

And with Halloween on the way, we may wish to recognize one of Utopia's many guises: a one-world-government. And it won't be as fun as it sounds.


You may wish to read a few brief details on Pluto's current triggering of the Lockerbie Bombing chart's Sun and Uranus.


How's your supply of Health and Wellness?

It's been simply eons that I spent time on the Associated Content website where I've been known to write a little, but have not since Garfield was president (practically.) Not that Garfield. The other one.

Well, I just returned from a brief sojourn with AC and my browser carrying a link for you. It's an article by Laura Brady concerning Health and Wellness which you may find very useful.

And one of the best things about Ms. Brady's article is that it makes absolutely no mention of health care reform or the current deform we're limping along with now.

So go along and check it out, for who can ever have enough health and wellness?

And as a wise man once said, Consider the spine.


image: a pencil portrait of Self-Heal, moseyed over from Secret Moon Art if you're in the mood for more visuals of the Botanical, Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and Children's varieties of artwork...all pencil, all the time. Followers heartily and publicly welcomed! jc



Wedding Day Astrology: Gwyneth Paltrow m. Chris Martin

Continuing my 'Wedding Day Astrology' series, I have just posted an entry on the 2003 wedding and the partnership of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay, if you'd like a not-too-naughty astrological peek into their relationship dynamics.

And how about a cool video from Coldplay's Viva la Vida tour from a few nights ago?

Herning 16.8.09 from Coldplay on Vimeo.


Update 9.7.09: having just discovered a fascinating blog with two Coldplay videos, I add its link here primarily because it asks a intriguing question: Is Coldplay Illuminated?, a reference to the theme of their latest album - the Masonic-Illuminati-engineered French Revolution, and to song lyrics which are supplied there if you don't know them already.

When I Ruled the World, hmm?

One of my favorite tunes but until now, I actually assumed he was saying, 'For some reason I can't explain, I know St. Peter will call my name.' But Mr. Martin says, '...St. Peter won't call my name.' Double hmm.

If Mr. Martin and perhaps other members of Coldplay are 'illuminated' we might think that talented people who mind their rituals and spells are raised to the pentacled heights of fame, stardom, and wealth - which could explain why other very talented performers barely get the time of day while they're being shooed out the door.

And this makes it a modern-day version of selling one's soul to lucifer in exchange for world tours full of adoring audiences, and a well-stocked limo waiting at the curb for your exalted self.



Astrologer Lynn Hayes on Health Care Reform

In 2005, when I first began blogging on Politics reflected through the lens of Astrology, one of my very first online Astrology friends was the gracious and expert astrologer, Lynn Hayes.

Well, now I'm posting this shout-out to Lynn's article of August 19, We need real healthcare reform not more insurance, a sentiment I share, and one which would seem to be a given, now wouldn't it?

At least a 'given' in a normal world with less political opportunism and a ban on the cynical use of people's easily swayed emotions, that is.

Image is an illustration of 'Jimson weed in bloom' from an Associated Content article on avoiding the Deadly Nightshades in your diet, which is a very good thing to do if you're sensitive to them.

If you have any itchy skin conditions or your tummy grumbles against you, you may wish to check out the possibility that regular nightshade consumption may be part of the problem. That's a valuable health hint from me to you, if you'll take it!



Pea Flowers in Moonlight: a pencil portrait


Pea flowers don't cease to exist just because the sun goes down, y'know...

Pea Flowers in Moonlight, by Jude Cowell 2009+, from my Secret Moon Art Blog, now updated for your satisfaction!

Plus, my Art Storefront hosted by Lulu is also available for browsing.



Woodstock 1969: Sun Leo--Moon Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

Solar Navigator has information about the Woodstock Music and Art Festival of August 15 - 18, 1969.

Living in Washington, DC at the time, a road trip in a van didn't appeal, so I opted out of the fan roster and listened to Edgar Winter and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young in a basement on Dupont Circle while awaiting my friends' returns and reports. The reports were glowing, as you might imagine.

But what of the universal As Above, So Below model?

If the muddy musical melee was 'happening' in an alfalfa field of Bethel, NY, then what planetary energies were playing harmonious tunes overhead revelers' noggins and floating 'all around us' like...love, man?

For a quickly peep at the Suns and Moons from the morning of August 15 and extending to the evening of August 18, 1969, we have these Images for Integration, a blending of the Sun/male energy and the Moon/female energy of the siren's call...transiting Circe conjuncts sexy Pluto in Virgo, both conj South Node.

And one planet was out-of-bounds, lusty Mars 10Sag13 - 12Sag05 (which conjuncts US natal ASC in our Sibly chart.) Jupiter and Uranus in early Libra, sign of Partnerships, Love, Beauty, and the Arts, are in process of finishing their triple Great Conjunction/s of 1968 - 1969. In fact, their last 'hook-up' at 00Lib40 (conj US natal Mc, Sibly) occurred just prior to Woodstock on July 20, 1969, so blissful realizations and high enthusiasms echoed across the fields between the cow patties!

8:00 am edt, August 15 -- August 18, 1969, 9:00 pm edt, Bethel, NY:

Sun ranges from 22Leo28 to 25Leo53; Moon begins @ 18Vir07 and ends @ 3Sco21 (conjunct Cupido whose keywords include: The Arts, The Family, The Tribe, Corporations; The Syndicate.)

So here is a 'Luminary Timeline' of sorts, my attempt to describe the Festival (40 years later) using Sun-Moon blends for clues which The Rest of Us Who Did Not Attend (or perhaps you weren't born yet!) might want to consider - kind of a progress report on the celebration after the balloons have all floated away, the babies have been born, and the van's flat tire remains long-changed:

Sun Leo-Moon Virgo: After the ball, Cinderella polishes the floor until its shiny surface perfectly reflects her happy, contented face.

Sun Leo-Moon Libra: Jeeves the butler welcomes Bertie home with a jolly party of artists, important personages, and eccentric friends...A monarch discusses poetry with a visiting diplomat...The Actors' Guild stages a political rally.

Sun Leo-Moon Scorpio: The conception of a divine child takes place during a total eclipse of the Sun...A fateful, passionate love affair between the queen and a mysterious wandering peasant. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

And another quick look: Woodstock Festival's Pre-Natal Eclipse is of the 7 North Series ('27Pis' on 3.18.69), with a flavor that includes: deep passions long-hidden that surprise with their intensity; sudden sexual passions and procreative drives; very sensual. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Last occurrence of a Solar Eclipse in the 7N Series: '19Ari' on April 8, 2005; next: '30Ari' on April 20, 2023.

Well, that's my take on Woodstock 40 years later. Meanwhile, our Peace, Love, and Understanding movement bogs down in the mud of Politics one more time.

Should we turn up the volume to 11, oh people of Woodstock Nation?


Your Bubbles-In-Waiting Tutorial

Pausing to blow the world's bubbles is like stopping to smell nature's roses. Yet in today's busy world, it often takes a three-year-old to spare the time and concentration needed to get the job done right!

The world is full of a myriad of bubbles-in-waiting, needing only air directly focused

Dedication is its own reward. But bubbles sure are nice

A bubble in captivity at sudsy mitt's command...Bravo!


~:~photos by Maya. ~:~


US Mars Return in Gemini: Wednesday 8.12.09

About every two years, Mars returns to the precise degree, minute, and second of his natal position, whether in the birth chart of an individual, an event, or a nation.

We'd be nothing but limp noodles in a corner without the action, energy, desire nature, and the impulse to be of planet Mars, says Astrology. Bad analogy that, since someone would have to fashion the noodles in the first place, but you get my point.

The US has had approximately one-hundred-sixteen Mars Returns to date, give or take (233 years old divided by 2-year-cycle = 116.)

Well, this Wednesday, August 12, 2009, is just such an occurrence when America experiences her Mars Return 2009 so check it out, if you may.

A Mars Return indicates the universe's cosmic clock timing a new cycle of activity starting up - when the two-year cycle begins depends on when it first began in the radix (natal) chart. Thus, any return chart issues from, or is based upon, a natal chart. In my post, I'm using America's Gemini Rising chart, aka the 'Franklin' chart, with Uranus ascending.

Having our natal Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini, an Air sign, indicates much mental energy, which I think describes America to a T. And Mars placed in the sign of multiplicity/duplicity gives Americans a tendency toward working two or more jobs which is mighty handy these days under the economic circumstances - if you can find or keep them.

Two-Car Garage = Mars in Gemini!

Both Mercury and Mars relate to transport, automobiles, and other modes of transportation. If there are still two cars parked in your garage, congratulations.

Aggressiveness is also part of the Mars-in-Gemini picture, and I suppose we-the-people can admit to resembling that remark, along with our love of debate, and a talent for resourcefulness.

Yes, we're a restless bunch of dudes and dudettes, aren't we?

Plus, Gemini is the sign of Eternal Youth glorying in his love affair with his own reflection. Uh oh! Bellybutton gazing is being performed as I type, and every time I study an Astrology chart relating to...America!



Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Jan 15, 2010

Perpetual War for Perpetual War

By Jeff Huber

The American warmongery, a confluence of Big War, Big Energy, Big Jesus, Big Israel, Big Brainwash, and Big Brother, is trying to entangle us in a state of constant armed conflict that will carry on into the next American century. There's no need for anyone to challenge our hegemony; all they have to do is sit back and watch us collapse under the weight of our own stupidity.


Now that's why I've been saying these last several years. America is the biggest bully on anybody's block. And if we don't have an enemy, we'll create one or two.

Puts me in mind of one of my favorite (no longer together) musical groups, Crowded House, when they sang, Chocolate Cake which was about American greed, overeating, and about our 'sinking like a stone.'

And stones are from the realm of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, so perhaps you'd consider reading my just-published article-with-chart-image concerning the Solar Eclipse of Jan 15, 2010 at '26 Capricorn' - it conjuncts US natal Pluto, planet of power and wealth.

What you won't see there are the midpoint pictures I neglected to type into the post, so I'll type them for you now. They're part of a prominent YOD pattern ('Finger of God') in the chart, and as such relate to crises, major adjustments, and potentially to health issues...all involve the Solar Eclipse and Venus, which is conjunct the Eclipse.

Sun/Uranus = Mc: major events in support of big plans; hopeful triumph for the ego; an excitable or restless person with far-reaching plans; reformers, inventors, technicians; sudden events or emotional upheavals.

Moon/Uranus = Mc: great excitement and energy; ambitious aims; readiness for action; taking a hand or interfering suddenly; determination; potential gains; sudden change of plans.

Venus/Uranus = Mc: an affair breaking open to view; getting involved with someone quickly; artistic success; engagement.

Health All Over the Place - and in the Chart:

With asteroid Hygeia (health) Rx at Midheaven, the previously mentioned YOD pattern having a health connotation, and wounded healer Chiron at Ic, we may think of Health Care Reform, yet the 12 North Eclipse itself may relate more to a prominent person's health failing in some way - at least on one level.

And with Capricorn being the sign of law, business, and government, the 12N Series will be keeping the White House busy and the citizens well-disposed toward the administration, for the most part. (Sour-grapers notwithstanding, that is.)

Actually, you may wish to read the Sun Cap-Moon Cap blend info, too, and find out the names of a few famous persons with this ambitious combo in their natal charts.

Well, there are many more details to be found by clicking either or both link/s above, so I hope you do. The posts are written in reasonably good English, so you mustn't over-fret if you don't speak astrologese.

After all, I don't spend these hours studying horoscopes and blogging about them because I have nothin' else to do, ya know. But that's just how practical Capricorns roll - we have a need to be useful!


For those who love cats

If you love a good cat along with a special cat feature, you won't want to miss my friend Layla Morgan-Wilde's Caturday round-up of photos and video LOLs of the feline persuasion.

Teach Your Humans Well

The beautimous Merlin and Coco have been teaching their human (being) Layla for a while now and she understands cats so well it sometimes alarms me! (I think Merlin has put a spell on her with his dreamy and hypnotic eyes.)

Now here's a serene Gracie Kitty sending a fond Meow! to Merlin, Coco, and their...other friend...or should I say, "rival"?

("Why, Hello There")



New! Jude Cowell Art Slideshow debuts on Bebo

You may wish to check out my newly created Art Slideshow on Bebo, a social networking site I've never investigated until this evening and know very little about - but I hope to learn.

So will the above link whisk you away to view my slideshow...or leave you stranded on a lonely cyber highway? Hope your cell phone is fully charged because you'll be a long way off without directions if it doesn't send ya!

But not to fret for Bebo is here if you should need it, so why not join if you haven't? On Bebo you can organize all your stuff like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, etc.

And if you're a member already, please let me know because I'm still learning to navigate the site and haven't found you yet!

Here is a list of the 6 images I've included in the Slideshow:

1. A Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message
2. Abandoned Garden with Peonies
3. Darianna Downey
4. North's Carpet
5. At the Club
6. Panacea's Pink Fringe

It's a starry kind of show, as you'll see!


Sunday 8.9.09 Update: here're my Bebo activities so far! Still not sure about this... ;p


Julia Child: natal chart + death chart


Lower left: Julia Child, nee Julia Carolyn McWilliams, born August 15, 1912, Pasadena, CA, 11:30 pm PST from Birth Certificate; Rodden Rating: AA; highlighted in pink; Hour of Venus.

Upper right: died in sleep (kidney failure); August 13, 2004; at home in Santa Barbara, CA, 2:50 am PDT; highlighted in green; Hour of Saturn.

(As you see, my scribbled 'Bon Appetit' is incorrectly spelled as 'Appetite'...my bad, in a hurry typo gremlins always come out to bedevil.)

With the new film Julie and Julia premiering wide tomorrow, Friday, August 7, there's much to say about both charts but it will have to wait until Friday or Saturday. Perhaps if you click to enlarge the image you may read some basic details notated. (It's late and the Sandman is calling my name.)

As a teen-aged fan of the French language, Julia Child as The French Chef was right up my Champs Elysees, and I cooked up a few of her recipes as well...my best effort turned out to be her Chocolate Mousse, if you're wondering.

So I'll be sure to return to the scene and type in a few chart details and observations as soon as the real world permits me time, ma petite chou chou.

to be cont'd...

Update Saturday 8.8.09:

PBS is now showing episodes of Julia Child's PBS show as part of their pledge drive. She's about to cook a big fish now!

Natal chart: an unaspected Mars 18Vir53 in 5th house, conjunct the cusp and connected with 4th house of Domestic Scene; 4th house contains Sun 23Leo, Mercury 3Vir53 Rx, and Venus 4Vir25. The Mercury/Venus conj in Virgo indicates her ability to communicate pleasantly (Merc/Ven) on food and nurturing issues (Virgo); plus, Mercury is important as her natal chart-ruler. (Saturn so near ASC is chart-ruler, too.)

Sun in 4th house indicates her ability to 'shine' regarding Domestic Issues, and Moon 11Lib06 is placed in 5th house of Creative Ventures, a good Lunar position for one appearing on television creating recipes of deliciousness. Making her audience laugh (5th house) was good for the show, too, as she dropped chickens and broccoli on the floor and used them anyway. (My Mom loved that!)

You see the Jupiter/Saturn opposition right upn the ASC/DESC axis. Jup/Sat oppositions often indicate one whose life is divided into two halves, one Saturnian (her earlier life - ASC) and one Jupiterian, with n Jupiter happily placed in the guru's natural sign of Sagittarius. This describes her husband's (DESC) travels, too (Sag; Jupiter.)

With her relocation to France (Sag), her life began anew - first half, working hard with college and writing aspirations, second half much more Jupiterian as her cheffing talent came to the fore. Her first TV experience came around age 50, the approximate age at her Chiron Return, with Chiron 9Pis31 Rx, in 10th house of Career, which really picked up then. Pisces is sign sign of fish and...eels, and other squirmy marine animals such as snails which the French are so fond of.

(She's waxing poetic on TV now about the joys of eel - "if you catch it yourself, you have to skin it yourself." Right! But no thanks. No.)

In a 1989 Fresh Air interview replayed yesterday, she stated that she began cooking in her 30s upon arriving in France with her husband, and that French cooking came into vogue about then in part because of the Kennedys in the White House....it became 'chic.' (Read or listen to the interview by clicking the link.)

So as mentioned above, you see the Grand Cross between Mercury/Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, and Ascendant, a planetary pattern which gives dynamic urges for self-expression, especially when an Angle of the natal chart is involved.

We might also include Saturn in this pattern as the opposing force to n Jupiter. Her concept of self-image had to evolve. And Saturn/ASC shows itself as the authority! In America, her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking is still the cadillac for French cuisine whose techniques are the bases of all cooking, as she informed us.

With a Grand Cross (aka, Square), the energies of the planets are filtered through the angle, in this case, n ASC, the lady herself. Here we see what it took to manifest her image so publicly in the world for The French Chef, because her communacative Gemini ASC is the persona that she demonstrated for the cameras.

A Jup/Sat opposition may also indicate weight gain, and as the lady said, "You can never have too much butter!" as Saturn's restriction and Jupiter's expansion vye for control at any given moment. One less pat, please! Yet her gusto for life is seen here, along with her enthusiastic Leonine Sun who loves to shine in the spotlight.

With Moon conjunct South Node the person must draw on their own resources, and well-planned disciplined work is a talent - needed for organizing her book and for the TV show. This gives a determined strength of character which is used to overcome obstacles encountered with Moon/SN. Solid accomlishments result from one's ability to use this conjunction wisely.

And "South Node" is the 'SN of the Moon', with Moon associated with public contacts.

Death chart: marked upon the chart is 'Angular Jupiter' and 'Moon conjunct Saturn' which I read as: Moon (physical body; a woman) stopped or ended (Saturn.) That Jupiter is often near an angle at the time of death is well-known.

A YOD ('Finger of God') pattern involving Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) is marked in green indicating a health crisis; a Mystic Rectangle of celestial beneficence surrounds her, and a Hard Rectangle of poor health is also notated as a prominent lady is released to her eternal rest.

There's also a T-Square formed at life's end...

Jupiter/Mc = Pluto (planet of death and transformation): publicity; potential for extraordinary achievement and recognition.

How well this picture sums up the life of a great and much-beloved lady, Julia Child.

On TV now she's going on about a broiler, "In the full glory of its chickendom" so pardon me while I mosey to watch Julia in her full glory!


'Sick For Profits' video link: Health Care Reform

If you're an American concerned about Health Care Reform and the politically-based and profit-driven lies that are being spread about it, you may wish to view the video, Sick For Profits by Brave New Films.

The video is about 6 minutes long.



What can you say about an eBay blog?

On June 16, 2009 I created a blog on eBay, but Y'all, my eBay blog is forlorn and needs some love!

Can you spare a drop? Perhaps leave a sassy comment? Or how about a plain comment or one simply dripping with (mock) sarcasm?

And I'm not really selling anything there either, so is it a mild form of craziness to own an eBay blog? Acute or chronic? Is it treatable, ya think?

Well, just thought I'd ask because I don't know who else to turn to if You won't listen...


Heads-Up: if you appreciate lovely 3-year-olds underneath Tinkerbell umbrellas, check out my sidebar for a sweet photo!

'New' Old Music from Herr Mozart premieres!

By now you've heard that two pieces of long-unheard music composed by Amadeus Mozart have been discovered and were premiered in Austria yesterday! The compositions were written in his very early days so perhaps I should type 'never-heard music' but anyway, this is very exciting news for this particular Mozart music lover, and it confirms for the doubting Mozart's rank as the prime prodigy of his day (or perhaps of any day, imo.)

You'll find that Wikipedia's entry, Mozart and Freemasonry, gives details of Herr Mozart's membership in an Illuminati-inspired branch of Freemasonry in Vienna, Austria, where Maestro Mozart was first admitted as an apprentice on Dec 14, 1784.

His "on loan from God" musical talent made him popular in all the lodges! When you think, Illuminati, think, The Enlightenment.

Also there's another Wiki entry on a famous and solemn composition for the Brotherhood in memory of two Masonic aristocratic friends of Mozart, Maurerische Trauermusik, if you'd care to nab a peek.

And if you're a Mozart fan, check out the excellent Mozart Project just to keep up with the maestro.

Funny, but I just noticed that my title for this post represents the ongoing opposition between Saturn (old; the past) and Uranus (new; the future) under which all on Earth now labor, so this tuneful 'time capsule' has been appropriately opened and revealed, I'd say, as one of the kinder expression of the antithetical duo, Saturn and Uranus as the past enters the future!


Image: pencil portrait, Herr Mozart, by jude cowell 2009+


'Mystic Rectangle' Lunar Eclipse in AQ: Aug 5, 2009


Yes, the chart for the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 5, 2009 contains a planetary pattern called a 'Mystic Rectangle' which assures us that this particular Eclipse has more going on than meets the eye!

Mysticism and practicality may work together in early August, so if spiritual matters are calling your name - and perhaps like me you're an '11:11er' - you may wish to check out the details for August 5's Eclipse.

Now you know that a Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon while a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon; regular lunations such as New and Full Moons - as well as their counterparts, the Eclipses - indicate that something begun at the New Moon (in this case, the Solar Ecl of July 21, 2009, @ 29Can27) will culminate with the Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse about two weeks later...August 5, 2009 (or Aug 6, depending on your time zone.)

The fact that the lunations of July 21 and August 5 are Eclipses adds fuel and umph to their fires, and indicate that their influences will last longer than regular lunations. A more public realm of manifestation is also possible with Eclipses.

Let's look at the Aug 5 Lunar Eclipse's Sun Leo-Moon AQ blend of energies, shall we?

This is a Fire-Air combo, quite the 'live wire' and 'eternal youth,' so full of exciting ideas and plans. Others are persuaded and impressed by them as they easily communicate new ideas to all around them. Fire-Air isn't known for emotional intelligence, however; plus, there's a tendency to scatter energies until dissipation becomes a problem.

Sun Leo-Moon AQ: aristocratic; friendly and truthful; theatrical and proud, here is a broad-minded and extreme individualist kind of fellow. A noble bearing is marked along with deep convictions, spiritual strength, and a talent for courageous leadership. But this can be the 'law unto oneself' blend, too.

As with all Sun-Moon combos, the masculine Sun (consciousness) and feminine Moon (unconsciousness) aspects of the psyche should be integrated and synthesized for best development and use. More details may be found in the:

'Images for Integration: The king of a large, prosperous empire invites everyone to his wedding...The chairman of the board raises his glass to his able colleagues.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Shall I mention last week's 'Beer Summit' at the White House at this point?

Sun Leo-Moon AQ is shared natally by Beatrix Potter, Jacqueline Susann, Melanie Griffith, Kate Bush, Jon Benet Ramsey, Menachim Begin, and John Galsworthy, who brilliantly observed:

"Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem."

Hah! A perfect description of our Capitol Hill politicians and their ideological sponsors when they try to 'fix' things for others and 'improve' thorny problems that are most often created for others by...politicians.

Especially the ones who rush to make war by dropping bombs they'll never themselves have to dodge.


Here is a website devoted to 11:11 info, if you're interested in learning more. I don't know all the content that's on the website, but what I've read is interesting in relation to 2011 and the much-touted Mayan Calendar of 2012.

Image: drawing, High Priestess, jude cowell 2009+



Kittens Prefer Smoothies video

Well, maybe there's only one kitten that prefers smoothies. No studies have been done that I know of, but check out this video of my daughter's kitten Roxie enjoying a delicious smoothie made with fruits and spinach!

You'll see Roxie in the blog's banner, too, all stretched out with a special admirer on her case - an admirer who thinks she's a cat...