US Mars Return in Gemini: Wednesday 8.12.09

About every two years, Mars returns to the precise degree, minute, and second of his natal position, whether in the birth chart of an individual, an event, or a nation.

We'd be nothing but limp noodles in a corner without the action, energy, desire nature, and the impulse to be of planet Mars, says Astrology. Bad analogy that, since someone would have to fashion the noodles in the first place, but you get my point.

The US has had approximately one-hundred-sixteen Mars Returns to date, give or take (233 years old divided by 2-year-cycle = 116.)

Well, this Wednesday, August 12, 2009, is just such an occurrence when America experiences her Mars Return 2009 so check it out, if you may.

A Mars Return indicates the universe's cosmic clock timing a new cycle of activity starting up - when the two-year cycle begins depends on when it first began in the radix (natal) chart. Thus, any return chart issues from, or is based upon, a natal chart. In my post, I'm using America's Gemini Rising chart, aka the 'Franklin' chart, with Uranus ascending.

Having our natal Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini, an Air sign, indicates much mental energy, which I think describes America to a T. And Mars placed in the sign of multiplicity/duplicity gives Americans a tendency toward working two or more jobs which is mighty handy these days under the economic circumstances - if you can find or keep them.

Two-Car Garage = Mars in Gemini!

Both Mercury and Mars relate to transport, automobiles, and other modes of transportation. If there are still two cars parked in your garage, congratulations.

Aggressiveness is also part of the Mars-in-Gemini picture, and I suppose we-the-people can admit to resembling that remark, along with our love of debate, and a talent for resourcefulness.

Yes, we're a restless bunch of dudes and dudettes, aren't we?

Plus, Gemini is the sign of Eternal Youth glorying in his love affair with his own reflection. Uh oh! Bellybutton gazing is being performed as I type, and every time I study an Astrology chart relating to...America!


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