Updating 'Blog Art': Helga Prepares 2 Dance


Just to let you know that an icon cropped from one of my drawings (a brand new rendering, in fact) is now placed in Two Hours' sidebar in lieu of Perry Presenting which was there. 'Perry' has left the building.

In her place, my wish is to update a small image in this blog's sidebar column once a month (or more often if time permits) so that One Click on the image will take you to view the full image.

Not all drawings will be from Cosmic Persona Designs, a collection intended for those art viewers 17 years of age and older due to its saucy Boudoir Blossoms and Chiffonery Art imprints; some images will be from other Art Blogs as the mood inspires, and since I have Moon~Cosmic~Fairy~ Children's~Botanical~Fish Portrait collections to pick from, I'm fairly certain that variety shall ensue.

So please scroll a little and Click to View because at the moment, Helga Prepares 2 Dance awaits you! You do dance, don't you?

Update 9.7.09: Don't Scroll to view Helga!

Unless you want to see a different image there now...here's a direct link to Helga Prepares 2 Dance if you want to check out her moves...


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