Critiques of Scotland over prison release of Lockerbie bomber

Assuming that it's not a case of a wrongful conviction finally righted as I've read here and there, criticism of Scotland's recent release from prison of the only man incarcerated for the 1988 airplane sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 that killed 270 people over Lockerbie, Scotland has their Braveheartiest hackles up to defend the Scottish justice system which is seemingly more merciful than the US justice system.

Given the harshness of overcrowding and other problems in US prisons, this I can believe, and yet...

Do you think sending the cancer patient home to Libya to die sends a cozy message to terroists everywhere, as characterized in, and promoted by, the media and FBI Director Robert Mueller? Considering the low level of trust in the US gov by the people, one must wonder if they are afraid the man will be given a soapbox on which to speak out.

Now the BBC has picked up Admiral Mike Mullen on CNN chiming in with a 'political decision' critique.

And here are some 'secret oil deal' accusations turning up after Gaddafi's son let the cat out of the trade bag to roam free as...as a caged bird released from prison and ready to sing.

And do you think, as discussed on Stars Over Washington in Comments by Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker and myself, that the practice of compassionate early release of terminally or seriously ill inmates may be cynically viewed as a cost-saving measure thinly disguised as humanitarian gesture?

Yeah. That's what I thought. It seems to be another of the chaos-creators' and shock-doctrinaires' attempts to undermine yet one more of the world's governmental systems that has worked reasonably well for generations.

Those dang'd Utopians - always on the verge of sending mankind back to the garden from whence he came so he can wander about, scratching and grubbing for meager existence! Tsk tsk.

And with Halloween on the way, we may wish to recognize one of Utopia's many guises: a one-world-government. And it won't be as fun as it sounds.


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