A Cosmic Calendar for a brand New Year!


In trying to update all my blogs today before leaving town for the holiday weekend, I've landed here at Two Hours with a little art news for you: the first-ever Secret Moon Art Calendar 2011 is now available for your perusal!

The above image is a snippet from my drawing Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green whose full portrait dons the merry month of March 2011.

So multi-tasker that you undoubtedly are, feel free to check out all of the calendar's 12 cosmic, fairy, and botanical images by following the link above, consider scoring for yourself an art-filled wall calendar of my designs, and...have yourself a very Happy New Year!


And for a more modest financial outlay, see Pattillo starring on his own one-page 2011 calendar in my Blue Tiger Art Shop at Cafe Press - scroll down to 'Cards, Prints, Calendars' where you'll find Pattillo peering out from his own festive Greeting Card, too.


My latest blog now under construction: Cosmic Lilith Art; plus, you may wish to visit the up-and-running Woolly Mammoth Chronicles for Science, Genetics, and Cloning news and videos, along with my fretful Odes to a Woolly Mammoth. jc


How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas, the video!


Now here's a useful lesson caught on video for your holiday gift-wrapping needs.

Rrraowrr-r-r-r! (It helps if your kitty cat is willing.)

Good luck and Happy Holidays!



WikiLeaks and the Diplomacy of Secrecy (video)


If you're like most people, the ongoing, impossible-to-miss WikiLeaks-Julian Assange controversy is a source of some interest so you may wish to check out this video on the topic of the Diplomacy of Secrecy.

You may also wish to read today's Stars Over Washington post which concerns Mr. Assange's natal chart (his birth time has been discovered!) and certain related topics for this double Scorpio with Sun in the self-protective sidewinder sign of Cancer.



Of Comets Green and Art Unscene

Whew! It's been since October 20 that I posted here on Two Hours and my how the year has flown by. For instance, you might be interested in the revelation of first images of Comet Hartley (the 'green comet') today at 4:00 pm edt as presented by NASA:

COMET HARTLEY UPDATE: NASA's Deep Impact (EPOXI) probe is closing in on Comet Hartley 2 for a daring flyby on Nov. 4th. The small but active comet is full of surprises, with spinning jets, geysers of cyanide gas, and a strangely pickle-shaped core. Mission scientists expect to reveal first images from the flyby during a press conference on Thursday afternoon, around 4 pm EDT.

Tune into NASA TV to follow events live, and meanwhile read this story for a preview.

Drawing: Comet Skies from my Unscene World series.

Happy Comet Viewing!



Always get your bubbles from a 5-year-old!


October is Happy Birthday time in my family for my granddaughter turns a very big 5 tomorrow. Here you see her engaging in one of her very favorite activities in the world: blowing beautiful bountiful bubbles!


Yes, Violet has been practicing her bubble skills for years now. Perhaps you saw this blog's helpful Bubble Blowing Tutorial from when she was only 3 years old. It's quite basic yet handy for those whose skills may need a smidgeon of sharpening.

With Violet, it's always Bubble Season!

Photo snapped by Maya Henderson, photographer, fiberista, and mother of a growing-fast Violet.


Been busy w blogs, cats, and Art - howbowchu?


Whew! Today I have updated my political limerick blog Lim's Limericks with Mr. A. Cat's new ditty concerning the November 2010 elections. You may notice that Lim's Limericks is proud to have two Followers - well, it says three but one is me. And if I can figure out how to repair that mistake, it will properly reflect two extremely discerning readers.

Not that I'm no fan of Mr. A. Cat, or of my roomie Lim, the famous feline chef who prepares all my fishy din dins unless and until he's in a snit of miffdom to get his way about something. Then I can starve for all Lim cares! Are all cats despots such as Lim? Most are, I think. Libby Kitty has certainly been on a tear lately: her behavior has turned quite unexpected. As I type she's snoozin' in her newest favorite location: behind the microwave. Odd, if you ask me.

Also updated today is my Political-Mundane Astrology blog Stars Over Washington with a post linking you to a list of campaign donors to our special-interest-promoting congressional candidates compliments of the excellent Mother Jones along with info on the upcoming and difficult transit of Pluto opposing US natal Sun (Sun = the leader in Mundane charts.)

As for Two Hours today, the list of Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies has been expanded by one: the very interesting and hauntingly musical Orpheus. Simply scroll down the sidebar for the list (it's just after Astrology Faves.)

Plus, the detail/image you see above is from one of my newer drawings, Aubergine, who is actually one of the glamorous pin-up girls in a new Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011 so check our her full portrait if you wish!


Many thanks to readers who have taken time to tick the reaction boxes below my posts...even without leaving Comments, your surreptitious encouragement does not go unnoticed by yours truly! jc



Portrait of a Three-Spotted Rabbitfish


Hello There! Here's a personable little Three-Spotted Rabbitfish (drawn with pencil on paper) floating in from the environs of Western Australia and cordially inviting you to visit my Dreamyfish Art collection of tropical fish portraits, marine news, fishy videos, and links to underwater worlds and topics!

So put on your best fins and glub on over when you may...



What do Greta Garbo and Yasser Arafat have in common?


Two Worlds Collide: A Place Where Hollywood and Palestine Meet!

To answer my own question, and besides the fact that both Garbo and Arafat have passed into the Great Beyond, I was amused to find that today's Sun-Moon combination is shared natally by Greta Garbo and Yasser Arafat. Who knew?

This means that some facets of their personalities were the same or very similar in relation to their Sun (male principle) and Moon (feminine principle), a combo of energies relating to relationships on the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) levels. Relationships go better when these realms are integrated within the personality - another good reason to Know Thyself by having a natal chart consultation!

The Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus blend is also shared natally by Mother Teresa and Peter Sellers, also Great Beyonders!

But today, August 30, 2010, is sufficient unto itself and is quite alive with relationships and such, so let's take a peek at its energies:

Sun Vir-Moon Tau is a double Earth combo indicating its natives possess a down-to-earth quality of practicality; its shadow side gives deep fears of chaos and a loss of control. (Is this part of why Garbo decided she vahnted to be alone? She became quite a 'nun' during her lifetime which easily reminds me of Mother Teresa and the Image below!)

Sun Vir-Moon Tau gives one an excellent reasoning ability, common sense, resourcefulness, and a capacity for hard work. However, there is a tendency to be too rational and to have a wide materialistic streak with a 'black and white' type of thinking. There may be an addiction to routine and great stubbornness which appears when hierarchical relationships are ignored by others. How imperious!

"Actions speak louder than words" is a good motto for this sensible combo.

'Images for Integration: A nun finishes up in the refectory, and then takes the keys to her Bentley and drives off to see the new art exhibition...A sculpture of still life.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Happy Practical Monday, dear reader!



Pentagon sputters @ WikiLeaks: give us our files back!

Our Death Star the Pentagon sounds more and more ineffectual and frustrated as it sputters at WikiLeaks to give back their files and delete them from the WikiLeaks site.

Even if WikiLeaks did delete them, methinks it's too late to close the barn door on that particular mule because he's already left the barn!

Oh what can an Imperial Empire do when the truth gets out and its hypocrisy is on full display? Why, demonize the other guy, of course.


Autumn beckons: are you knitting yet?

August has arrived and already my thoughts turn longingly toward Autumn, my personal fave of seasons - yet I am no longer a knitter or crochet-er! Here you see a new skein of scrumptious handspun and dyed yarn suitable for your special projects and which combines some of the best of autumnal colors, imo.

This beauty is called 'Dabbler' and was spun and dyed by my fiberista daughter, Maya. You may check it and other lovelies out in her etsy shop SpringTreeRoad if you wish.

After all, Autumn will arrive before we know it and hand-knitted mittens, hats, and scarves make excellent, practical gifts for children and adults alike!



Summer 2010: bees like blackberries or trees a-fallin'?


This photo taken by my daughter Maya so far sums up Summer 2010 in Georgia in one photo. The pic was taken in early July near Atlanta, GA and I stand by the observation I made when I published it to Gather that one of them bares a stricking resemblance to a blackberry!

Can you see it?

Well, there may be one exception to summing up summer with blackberry bees: a storm last Sunday evening brought a tree down on my house so it's been a week of contractors, roofers, insurance adjusters, electricians, the power company, and the dumpster-bringer.

Yes, roof shingles have flown in a mad flurry this week and I've met quite a slew of new folks who all have been courteous and professional.

And though I was previously unfamiliar with Old South Traditions, an Athens-based construction, renovation, and storm damage repair business, this week has left me very impressed with their work and service. Check out their site if you wish!

It is a flash site so give it a few moments to load fully for a touch of Athens, GA, my hometown!



Now appearing: Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011!


Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Having just updated my Zazzle Panel of artful stuff, I'm posting it here experimentally to see if I prefer its newer style to the previous one.

Then click for a browse in my Art Shop, if you wish, and you'll view my latest offering published this very day: a Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011 displaying 12 pencil portaits of glamorous ladies, one for each month of the year - for ages 17+, btw.

(If you don't immediately see Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011, simply click on the Folder or sidebar link that says, Art Calendars. Plus, Lilith and friends will begin cycling through the images in the above zPanel at some point in time.)

The archetype of Lilith in Astrology and Mythology can display many faces but my all-time fave has to be her glam persona. And you know that Lilith's cosmic calendar makes a great gift, too.

Plus, January 1, 2011 will be upon us before we know it, so you may wish to be artfully pre-prepared on Day One.

But for now, your glamorous Lilith ladies await!



Shadow of a four-year-old photographer!


This photo of a large Hydrangea bush was taken by a four-year-old photographer and I think her shadow personalizes it, don't you? ;p

Well, turns out, there is a website that's all about Hydrangeas and includes growing info and tips on using them for weddings, too.

My own love of the showy blue, pink, and purple flowers began in childhood with the two bushes my Dad grew in a side garden (near the banana tree! A banana tree in steamy Georgia? Of course!) They work well as dried flowers, too (the blooms, not the bananas.)

Yes, my Dad's Hydrangeas were quite the traffic-stoppers each year, not to mention great conversation pieces amongst the neighbors, so do check them out for your own garden if you've never grown them - the payback for your efforts brings floral heaven to any yard...

Four-year-old photographer not necessarily included!



Which Necktie for a Brown Suit? Roam the Jungle!

Have you ever cast about for an unusual necktie to wear with, of all things, a brown suit?

Both brown and indigo hued suits are now the updated look for gentlemen of all ages but unless you prefer wearing an 'establishment tie' every place you roam, may I suggest a Necktie adorned with one of my drawings called Predator at Dusk which to me makes a pretty good artsy necktie with a Wild Animal theme.

While there may also wish to check out a new category: Jude's Artsy Neckties for more artsy necktie ideas.

Click Predator at Dusk for a complimentary view - no strings attached, promise...just a fashionable tiger in a leafy jungle awaiting your approach.

Come roam the jungle!


And while I'm at it, here's my current Zazzle Panel of stuff (it will update in a minute) with a variety of Jude Cowell Art designs splashed onto this item and that...some things for your wall, a few for your desk, and for your tootsies some fancy coverings of the Keds persuasion!

make custom gifts at Zazzle



Is May Day but a Protest Day?

May Day is also known as International Workers Day and because of global economic meltdown caused by sorry governing and the banking class' greed for power, protests are occurring around the globe for May 1, 2010.

Russia has been seeing some point-blank placards for May Day 2010 such as, Putin is Stalin! among other issues, in part for what they term Putin's 'blind' economic policies.

Why, Vladimir is simply following the protocols of the New World Order which is precisely why today I am siding with workers the globe over and wishing them safety and relief from totalitarian governments the officials of which have allowed themselves to be tempted, suckered, or blackmailed into the one-world-government agenda of the likes of Weishaupt, Palmerston, Mazzini, Pike, and the current-day crop of satan and lucifer worshipers who want total control of you and me - and fomenting chaos is their typical method: break down society in order to build it back as you high-handedly envision.

This May Day, things are very heated and furious in Greece especially over their government's "austerity cuts" (which is what US politicians would call their long-hoped-for "entitlements cuts" here if they thought they could be more honest in public without having Washington stormed like the Bastille.)

Why, even a US Congressman was arrested today at an immigration rally in front of the White House!

Yet be it all as it may, there is a severe thunderstorm about to break here in northeast Georgia yet I cannot resist posting a recent photo taken (as usual) by my photographing daughter, Maya...so if you are located where you have the option, please enjoy a daisy bouquet for May Day 2010, everyone!


Brazen Self-Promotion, at your service! Art included...


make custom gifts at Zazzle

Hmm...my Jude Cowell Art Products are not yet showing up in this, my Zazzle Art Shop's SlideShow Panel, posted just for you! Plus, there's no tellin' which of my products will be on display by the time you mosey here to pause along the trail and steal a peep...hope you view something from my Art Shop since this particualr Zazzle Panel's code is meant to magically display my stuff!

Mental note: this may take a while so check back later to see What's Showing...


Note: If you're mature and sophisticated, you might just enjoy a browse of some new 'fanciful figure studies' in the gallery @ Cosmic Persona Designs where you'll discover Boudoir Blossoms character portraits and other drawings in the Cosmo-Erotic, Chiffonery Art, and Cosmic archetypal and mythical realms, for the illustrations 'happen' whenever I think of drawing something sedate for those of an adult persuasion.

For Children's Art my portfolio includes: Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and even Botanical Art (both flowery and fishy) and much of it resides primarily in two spots on the Web:

Secret Moon Art and

Dreamyfish Art...so perhaps I'll see you there or there, hmm?



Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night


Look closely and don't blink! This drawing is very blue, isn't it? Titled Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night, it was perpetrated on behalf of a certain Sabian Symbol for '7 Cancer' = "Two Fairies on a Moonlit Night"...


positive expression: a transforming sensitivity or a healing imagination;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: a senseless retreat to make-believe.

Well, often using make-believe in childhood is healing, isn't it? It can help kids 'deal' with things and it's great for inspiring more pleasant dream images just before children fall asleep. But don't be envious, for I doubt that fairies are overly prejudiced against grown-ups using make-believe from time to time...

Source: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.


April 2, 2010: YOD patterns for desperate situations

Whew! I just got my socks knocked off by reading Julie Demboski's God's To-Do List column now posted for April 2, 2010.

You see, chart-studying and blogging time in the last 2 weeks has been brief around here, yet I had wanted to delve more deeply into the current (yet waning) transiting YOD pattern (Finger of God: 2 or more planets sextile at the base and inconjunct or pointing to an apex planets/s; in this case the apex planet is Saturn, now re-crossing US natal MC in the Sibly chart - MC 00Lib53; Saturn is the planet of government, law, and business...this 'personalizes' the YOD for the US and makes it angular - able to manifest in the outer world, 10th cusp.)

As you know, YODs indicate a special task or purpose, a crisis, and/or a critical situation where square pegs must fit into round holes. They may have a 'genius' flavor to them as well for they facilitate the 'thinking outside the box' that can make the unwieldy peg fit.

Astrologer Erin Sullivan was the first person to alert me to the meaning and importance of YODs when she told of her realization that they symbolize the silver book marker of the Torah - a 'finger' showing where the next reading should be taken up. Thus the pattern's sacred and karmic flavor.

Often a harbinger of unfinished 'family myths' (for descendants to 'take up' in their lifetimes and complete, another good reason to know about one's natal chart!), and possibly pointing to health threats in a chart, we might expect mundane charts to show a desperate situation or two where YODs exist. Perhaps its 'special task or purpose' is more emphasized in national charts - and we definitely have a plethora of desperate situations to wrestle with.

Now you may be tempted to think, how bad can this YOD be when the base is a lovely sextile between Mercury and Neptune? Well, besides the general descriptions of Mercury/Neptune as 'deceit in communications' or 'messages/thoughts that inspire', etc, we may look to Michael Munkasey for political and business implications of Mercury/Neptune...

Leaders who can communicate their visions of growth and progress; a legislature that controls the excesses and dreams of its leaders; an enterprise that debates about its future; weak or artificial plans that must be rethought or redesigned; a leader who mesmerizes people with delusions of progress or growth (yowch! the president resembles that remark but so do other politicians - jc); an inability to bring reality into planning and productivity.

And what does Noel Tyl say about the midpoint picture formed by the apex-Saturn YOD which is now, thankfully, passing?

Mercury/Neptune = Saturn: a gloomy reaction to real or imagined circumstances; looking at the downside of things which may or may not be valid.

Now when you read Julie's column for April 2 you'll notice her mention of today's Moon reaching 00Sag. And when Luna enters Sagittarius, she will form for a while today the base of a YOD with Saturn and pointing to an apex Mercury 00Tau+ - two interlaced YODs to thicken the plot!

The combo of Moon/Saturn = an exercise of power by the common people; institutions that oversee and coordinate commerce, agriculture, or business conditions; statistics on production efficiency; an inability of an enterprise to grasp the intentions or needs of the people; lack of output or production from manufacturing and agricultural sectors of the economy; practical vs theoretical economics.

(As always with mdpt pics, any, all, or none may apply.)

And the picture:

Moon/Saturn = Mercury: promotion of ideas on how to offer better financial or material protections; education that teaches practical business approaches or routines; prudence; maturity; a sense of duty. (Ebertin; Tyl; Munkasey.)

Well, I just finished keeping half an ear on what President Obama was saying in North Carolina (C-SPAN Live) and the above pictures and YODs came to mind. But as far as your personal life goes, please check out Julie's article for her clear insights and suggestions because with Julie, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Image: Mask of the Cosmos, a visonary drawing by Jude Cowell.



The Story of Hatchling Cat

The Story of Hatchling Cat is very new and I suspect you've not heard it yet. Photos of the author included.



How Dangerous Is High Cholesterol?


Well, it seems these years of warnings that the medical and pharmaceutical industries used to boogieman us over high levels of cholesterol - and busily marketed expensive drugs to counteract them - were something of a waste. Now it can be told that such levels are markers of underlying imbalances which treating high cholesterol hasn't addressed at all, newer studies find.

Dr. Lipman's article How Bad Is Cholesterol? reveals a broader picture and makes a lot of sense to me so I hope you'll check it out either before or after you bite into that cream-filled doughnut because you might find yourself feeling a little less guilty, if a smidge weightier!

Delicious Banana Bread might be the wiser choice, yes?

Banana Bread baked and photographed by Maya Henderson.



Yellow trillium, wake robins: in moonlight

Here in the moonlight if not the spotlight, my botanical drawing of Yellow trillium, aka wake-robins, soaking up moonbeams along with falling raindrops!

Here are a few bio details on the charming little April to May blooms of the Yellow trillium with a lovely cheesecake photo included.

Plus, snag yourself a peek at my pencil rendition of the other color trillium bloom in, Purple trillium which is actually a deep maroon. My illustration tends toward the purple side but its fairy visitor doesn't seem to mind in the least.

And on an Astrology-and-Art note, this is the week that the International Astrology Day Blogathon 2010 goes Live on March 19 -- yet you may pre-view my Cosmic Art Show this very minute. There you'll find invitations to a new Cosmic Flower Art Slideshow and a 'psychedelic' Kaleidoscope Art Show, too.



All Art copyrighted 2010+ by the artist

For use please convo: judecowell at gmail dot com



Vitamin D deficiency worldwide

Did you know that there'a a worldwide epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency going on?

More and more studies have shown the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining health including fighting off cancer, diabetes, and other health horrors. Let Mike Adams tell you all about it and pass me my bottle of Vitamin D. Seriously - I started taking high potency softgells about 3 months ago and it's become a habit of the bestest kind!



Coming Soon: International Astrology Day 2010

Coming soon to an astrologer or Astrology website or blog near you: International Astrology Day or, as it is sometimes called, World Astrology Day!

Celebrated each year at the time of the Aries Ingress - Spring Equinox - International Astrology Day coincides with the start of the Iranian calendar yet here in the west, Astrology is based more on the Sun with eastern Astrology being based on a lunar calendar...thus the Crescent Moon symbol on flags of the Middle East.

For Spring Equinox 2010 - and knowing what a fix the world is in - a group of astrologers/authors are planning a veritable smorgasbord of articles to aid us in dealing practically on a personal level with the Cardinal T-Square pattern of planetary energies in effect from Spring 2010 into 2014. From this situation alone we may expect to find more financial and political frettings to appear on the global menu than before so please stay tuned for more details on how to glom into the 1st Annual International Astrology Day Blogathon 2010 which will publish to the world on Friday, March 19!

Alternately, you may wish to snoop around Donna Cunningham's excellent blog Skywriter for the latest Blogathon info and details.



For Spring EQ 2010: 'Rainy Day Art Cube' by Jude Cowell

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow

Thought you might enjoy a newly created 'Rainy Day Art Cube' of mine!

Am still in Astrology Day Blogathon 2010 mode since the carnival of informative articles authored by a variety of astrologers doesn't go Live until Friday March 19, 2010 and there are more preparations under way as I type!

Now that last was a Chiron-inspired statement, wasn't it? Be Here NOW, says He.

Why, I think the ongoing and inspirational Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is about to have even more beneficial effects upon a harried collective...it is to be hoped! jc


Trying Times and Flower Essences


Am I the only one who did not know that there exists a wonderful online resource that's perfect for these trying times?

Vibration Magazine has a blog with helpful suggestions on which of the flower essences are good for which conditions and with the oncoming Cardinal T-Square and Cardinal Cross energies bombarding the planet as of Spring 2010 into 2014, each one of us can use all the soothing calm we can find!

And while you're decompressing, do mosey over for a view of my new Cosmic Flowers Art Slideshow, if you wish.


image: detail from Wild Roses by Jude Cowell; for full view click the link; oil and watercolour pencils on paper. Always.


Snow! in Photo and Art

With the Northeast due for yet another snowstorm, I'm in Georgia with snowflakes on my mind...

Snowy photo courtesy of Maya Henderson, drawing Snowy Path by yours truly...

Then there's my totally untested theory that whatever sort of weather a baby is born into (or is greeted by when brought home from the hospital) is the kind they're fascinated by. In Maya's and my cases, it was snow...hers in Washington DC, mine in Athens, GA.

Not conclusive but I'm sticking it to it like snow clinging to a cold treetop!



Thom Yorke: Sun Libra-Moon Aries + a music video 'The Clock'

Posted in April 2016 here's a performance of The Clock:

video link

Thom Yorke, guitarist and lead vocalist of my all-time favorite band, Radiohead, was born on Oct 7, 1968 in Wellingborough Northamptonshire, England. No birth time is publicly available, as far as I know, so I've done the usual - looked at the 24-hour period of his birth date to find the range of the Moon's degrees so that I can check out Sun-Moon blend details which follow...

Sun 13-15 Libra and Moon 19 - 26 Aries, an Air-Fire blend that's all about relationships.

Air-Fire combos are the 'live wire' blend of energies, full of exciting ideas and innovations, and we definitely see this in Mr Yorke's music. Cleverness, joie de vivre, and charisma accompany this blend, no matter the signs. In relationships intellectual rapport is required along with lots of freedom to follow one's individual interests. Being on the cutting edge of social change is seen in his activism for social causes. (Click link to his Wiki bio for details of these.)

When Sun is in Libra, Moon in Aries, there is willfulness, independent yet dependent qualities in the personality which develops through relationships; without serious relationships emotions can remain rather childish.

This is a romantic yet restless combo that can be convivial and convincing, controversial, cheeky, and entertaining. 'It' needs to be actively engaged with life and likes to be working toward something which may often have an eccentric twist to it. There is a sense of enthusiasm and challenge brought to group projects which we may assume has served Mr. Yorke well in his musical expressions.

Managing people and getting exactly what is wanted is a talent with Libra/Aries; relationships are central so Yorke may depend on his partner (Rachel Owen) more than he cares to admit. Thrill is important as well, and he may seek excitement elsewhere if the spark leaves a relationship. However, Mr. Yorke is, I've read, very devoted to his children, Noah (born 2001) and Agnes, born in 2004, the year of a repetition of Yorke's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, the 6 South.

*6 South has a 'being forceful and taking power' flavor, plus, 'manic energy with great strength in relationships.' It can bring along sudden events such as falling in love (hello, Agnes!) and indicates 'exertion of huge efforts in group activities'...such as Radiohead and his other musical and activist endeavors.

The downside of Sun Lib/Moon Aries may be: awkward stubbornness when his limit has been reached; a tendency to sabotage harmony which is sorely needed due to a deeply competitive spirit; difficulty reconciling his independent streak with his dependence on others.

His quick mind, diplomatic skills, and ability to persuade are very useful within a desire for justice and commitment to defending the underdog. At 41 going on 42, I'm quite certain that by now he has grown up tremendously and discovered that he can still be true to himself in a relationship of equals.

Sun Libra/Moon Aries is shared natally by an interesting list of people: Enrico Fermi, Cliff Richard, Dick Gregory, John Coltrane, Luciano Pavarotti, and the Duchess of...York!

Now, with snowflakes falling fast in Georgia (our turn for a white-out which hopefully won't lead to a black-out), I shall close this post with Sun Libra/Moon Aries 'Image for Integration':

"A little girl and a little boy barter whilst playing on a see-saw. She wants his toy gun; he wants her cream cake. They decide to share."


*Solar Eclipse details: Brady's Predictive Astrology; Sun/Moon info: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.


Yarn on YouTube - the video


Cool! Here's my yarn spinning daughter Maya starring in her first yarn video - let her tell ya all about it! But I guess the skeins of yarn are the actual stars...which makes Maya the producer.


Have Super Fun with Superstickies!


Superstickies are fun, yes? Create yourself one - it's easy if I can do it!

A shout-out of Thanks goes to Donna Cunningham at SkyWriter for alerting me to this new blogging toy...er...I mean, tool.


Got Cardinal T-Square worries? Well, from Mar 19 to 21, 2010 the First Annual Astrology Blogathon arrives with many with practical solutions. Check with Donna's SkyWriter blog for more details.


On Sarah Palin, Tea Parties, President Obama, and Waging Another War


SouthernAvenger presents an analysis of Sarah Palin, her involvement with the Tea Party movement, and her false-logic critiques of President Obama who 'isn't enough like Bush'? (Didn't we just suffer through 8 years of lousy Bushiness? And he robbed the people's Treasury blind as he left Washington!)

You know, if I were president and my opponents and their operatives (who had their own White House dreams as motivation) began a 'Bomb Iran' drumbeat, that's exactly what I wouldn't do. How often does anyone get to be a contrarian while simultaneously taking a higher road to what reasonable, civilized people would call the sanity of upholding moral standards such as the sanctity of life?

Why, you'd almost guess that sending more US troops abroad to die was a method of population control (plus, their loss results in no more kids from those particular soldiers.) Massive unemployment in the US is probably swelling military ranks, too, just as the power elite planned. They plan ahead, you know.

Since 2005 I have blogged on Politics using the lens of Astrology, admittedly with a populist, common-good slant. Well, if I can't champion we-the-people, who can I back? Is Astrology a tool meant to be used, or is it too precious?

Yet neocon warhawks, aka chickenhawks since most of our modern practitioners of Jingoism showed their true colors and became draft-dodgers when they had their chances to fight - still hold sway over US foreign policy and our domestic agenda in spite of 'peace' candidates becoming President. Has Mr. Obama's election made any real difference to the course America embarked on decades ago of playing global police? Nope.

The jingoists have the men (you, me, but mostly youngsters like your Aunt Mabel's idealistic Johnny who just graduated high school), they have the money (US taxpayers' billions, plus inflationary funny money printed by the Fed), and they have some kind of totalitarian world-domination plan they want to implement - all at the people's expense, and for their own selfish enrichment. In their bubble world, 'collateral damage' is little more than an acceptable risk for others to bear.

Then there's star-quality Sarah Palin, her fancy-pageant-walking days over, but sporting big dreams of power and wealth underneath that bouffant of highlighted hair. But is she pugnacious enough for the neocons she serves? And can she be trained to bark their orders to the masses?

A Palin run in 2012 sounds crazy enough to send chills but really, it only takes a figurehead president whose main job requirement, as W admitted so richly during his presidency, is "catapultin' the propaganda." So, yes. Sad to say, Palin could handle the job of bullhorner-in-chief, the one who decides how the power elites tell her to decide, then announces it to the unwashed masses on TV.

Well, if a Palin presidency comes to pass, it will be a stellar chance to show what a maverick she really is: can she stand up to her global 'masters of the universe' who put her in the White House to do their bidding?

Would she buck the continuance of what Rep. John Murtha called our nation's "flawed policy wrapped in illusion"?

Of course not. How could she? Unless it's part of the NWO script meant to deceive, how could anyone bite the hand of those who provided them such a position of high status? Oh, how they mock we-the-people and our naive desire for improvement every time they toutingly hold up to the world our centuries-long peaceful passing of the presidential baton!



Pink Blossoms in Winter!

This is such a lovely snapshot of pink blossoms in winter that I had to snag it for Two Hours!

View the full photo presentation by my daughter Maya at her SpringTreeRoad blog and let her tell you all about it!


Capricorn One Vintage and the bower bird nest

Expert astrologer Julie Demboski has given me a heads-up on a wonderful artist who blogs at Capricorn One Vintage if you want to check out her beautiful creations.

How I love vintage jewelry!

And for 6 years in the 1990s I created and sold a line of what I called 'Candle Bowers' made with wire, beads, stones, mirrors, and vintage jewelry all of which ensnared a candle in glass holder with its flame mirrored for special effect.

The idea came to me from bower birds and the way they build their nests, some of them into egg-shaped creations, and so I did the same with wire. Silver wire made the best leaf shapes though sadly I had to stop working with wire altogether when a dermatologist explained to dumblehead me that I was taking metals into my system whenever moisture was present. And in Georgia in summer, it always was. Crum.

Yes, I still miss creating wire sculptures so I thought you might wish to view one of them here for 'old time's sake' which is quite appropriate for vintage jewelry lovers, yes? You can see a mirror reflecting the candle snugged inside the top of the piece:

And here's one of my inspirations which I watched on PBS back in the day - a BBC video of David Attenborough spying on a romantically minded Australian bower bird as he prepares a nest for his lady love to be! The bird prepared, not Mr. Attenborough.

Hubba hubba! That nest looks pretty appealing!



Jupiter enters Pisces Jan 17, 2010 @ 8:17 pm est

This evening, Jan 17, 2010, as Jupiter enters Pisces (8:17 pm est) my Pisces Moon has inspired a post with a few details of this compassionate transit of Hierophant Jupiter, along with a Fish (Pisces) Art (Jupiter) portrait for you to view!



Can environment cause poetry to bloom?


This evening my environment was host to news of a scientific breakthrough as I watched CBS' 60 Minutes' feature about the possibility of resurrecting extinct species and bringing them back to life.

What they'd eat and how much was not revealed, but a brief poem was inspired by hearing this Frankenstein-esque news. Astrologically, 'scientific breakthroughs' relate to Jupiter/Uranus and the two 'light bulb' planets will meet in Great Conjunction three times in 2010 into 2011:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Ari18 (Aries Point, a degree in the zodiac of world event manifestation);

2. Sept 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43;

3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02

Hopefully, the knowledge-expanding hook-up of Jupiter and Uranus will bring the world something beneficial from the scientific community, for mankind could use a fortunate turn about now, right? And none of that 'space wars' crap either.

Click the link to read, if you wish, for it won't take you but a moment in Time which is something that will be totally skewed if Science succeeds in their cloning quest!

Q: if you could live next door to a real live Dinosaur Zoo, would you?


Astrology of Ozzie & Sharon Osbourne's partnership


If you're interested, a report on the Wedding Day Astrology of Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne is now published on my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold.

Plus, if you or someone you know were born with Sun in Cancer/Moon in Sagittarius, the personality details will apply to you as well, so check out this passionate couple whose next wedding anniversary in July 2010 will mark 28 years of intimate nesting happiness!



Return of the 'Revolving Art Cube' by Jude Cowell!

This 'Revolving Art Cube' as I named it was put together some time ago from a few of my Cosmic Persona Designs images but I just wanted to make it handy again for my own re-viewing!

The Cosmic Persona Designs collection is for age 17+ only please~~an Adult Content Warning must be clicked through to reach the gallery of drawings (no photos, only artwork; no digital, only pencil drawings), so ask yourself if you're feeling all that lucky...

If the Art Cube looks topsy turvy use your browser to coax it about, speed it up, or slow it down.


Jude Cowell Art @ Zazzle
Cafe Press Art Gallery

View more of my variously styled Art Slideshows and feel free to embed your favorite of my shows, if you wish -
with attribution...alternatively, adding a simple link to this post would be totally appreciated!

Art On,




A Guide to Goddess Archetypes


Having just discovered a cool website I want to pass its link along to you in an archetypal sort of way. It's called Goddess Guide and has all flavors of goddess cultures and origins for your perusal.

Image shown: a drawing I rendered in 2004, Ceres and Pallas, using my accustomed oil and watercolour pencils (Prismacolor and Rexel Derwent) on paper. Ceres is, as you know, The Mother archetype, and Pallas is The Daughter.

In ancient Egypt (or in modern Egypt fo all I know) the great Temple of Ceres on Aventine Hill was the location for the celebration each Feb 11 for the culmination of SIRIUS, the Dog Star, at the stroke of midnight.

In ancient Arabia, SIRIUS was the wife and sister of Canopus, an intriguing star in the constellation Argo, so right away we know it relates to Jason and the Argonauts' Quest for the Golden Fleece.

(These days, gold is involved in another kind of fleecing - the rich fleecing and scamming the poor.)

Canopus, the Star of Egypt, is in Alpha Carina, and is the second brightest star in the sky. Its keywords are: the navigator; pathfinder (as given in Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.) Canopus is the brightest star in Argo and was known to the Egyptians long before the Greeks created the Argo myth.

Canopus is linked to wisdom, conservatism, and possibly to domestic problems; NASA uses it to navigate spacecraft. It was considered the South Pole star by many cultures and is implicated in end of the world themes because of its designation as 'the weight at the end of the world's plum line' which is used to define the poles. It is the Point of Stillness in the south.

And yet...perhaps you're finding more and more writings these days concerning the shifting of Earth's magnetic poles, a phenomenon said to have begun. If you aren't, what are you doing instead? Never mind, none of my business. Besides, if pole shifting is truly ongoing Now, there's nothing we can do about it, is there? (Except prayer, imho.)

Native American tribes also knew of Canopus and noticed that the star was moving toward the North Pole star (now Polaris), a time when they taught that the world will end when the South Pole star (the 'Death Star") catches up with Polaris and captures it.

(The parallel myth here is the story of Apollo and Phaethon. Canopus is where Cronos - Saturn - landed when he was cast from his chariot into the River Eridanus during the battle between the Olympians and the Titans.)

Thus Heavy-Weighing Canopus is considered the Lord of the Underworld, the great receiver of all souls, so naturally we associate this with Pluto/Hades, the Ferryman of Souls across the River Styx.

In its navigator role, Canopus represents an insatiable need to explore while we may for the time draweth nigh when all opportunity for such expansion expires for the human race and we may Cross the Great Water and All will be ultimately revealed to be At One with the Universal Mind.