FDA Has Ignored Tylenol Dangers For Over 40 Years - video

Don't know about you but personally I have avoided Tylenol, acetamenaphen (sp?), and other weird concoctions these 40 years (including fake sugars):


Pap and Max Keiser: Banking Terrorists Declare War On Global Economy - video

This morning I tweeted a #London hashtag (hint hint) while the NYSE plummeted (over 1,000 points a few minutes after opening at 9:30 am edt, then up then down...). Now I find a Ring of Fire interview about how everything bad that happens happens in London--the City of London, that is. See what you think (including my regular SO'W visitors from the City of London!):

Bradstreet Family Breaks Silence for First Time on Beloved Dr. Jeff Bradstreet - audio

Here is an interview with the family of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet who was found on June 19, 2015 in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. The professional reputation of Dr. Bradstreet has been undeservedly vilified by the mainstream media in a transparent attempt to discredit his work with autistic children. Please listen and share this video!


The 17th Harmonic Charts of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison

The Music of the Spheres

Here is a presentation featuring David Cochrane's excellent work with Harmonics in Astrology as a lens for understanding the personalities of three of rock music's legendary musicians on a deeper level than their natal horoscopes show. Strong 17th harmonic patterns are also operative 'underneath' the natal charts of actors and counselors.

Music: also a harmonic discipline of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance!

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