Gone With the Wind: June 30, 1936

June 30 is the 73rd anniversary of the publishing of Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone With The Wind so I must critique myself as a very bad southerner for not noticing sooner!

(It's now 1:45 am edt, July 1 - GWTW's anniversary has ended so quickly...)

Miss Mitchell's novel won a Pulitzer Prize in 1937 with its depiction of the burning of Atlanta by Sherman's troops standing tall amongst the emotional angst and high romance of her well-drawn characters.

One of my fondest memories of my older sister is that she insisted on taking me downtown to see the film in spite of my parent's objections. That a 6-year-old should see Rhett Butler's sassy ways on the big screen is doubtful, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, its look and feel, the drama, flirtations, the beautiful fashions, and the southern manners and moxie.

Needless to say, I was completely won over by Gone With The Wind...and by those da*ned Yankees, too.

And naturally Brit actress Vivien Leigh became an instant favorite of mine though the controversy about her off-and-on again 'southern accent' still raged around me, but I didn't care and thought she was perfection in the role of Scarlett O'Hara.

In fact, I never got over my love of Scarlett's window-drapery creation of mossy green velvet with tassels and it probably undergirds (pun intended) some of my chiffon-satin-velvet drawing efforts of ladies and tasseled pillows over at Cosmic Persona Designs to this very evening.

Seeing and later reading Gone With The Wind also informed me of what I'd only heard mentioned when cotton fields still dotted my personal landscape - the slavery of human beings who looked exactly like people to me, and I never understood why they were not considered part of humanity by those who seemed more like animals for their cruelties, and were not anyone I'd like to get to know.

One example of this type of person was a landowner in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, by the name of James 'Jim' Smith who ran for governor twice in the state and lost both times. After a lifetime of hearing my father's tales of the man's cruel personality, I can only imagine how the monster's head would have enlarged from the swollen ego of a politician's victory.

Even now, not so far from where I sit and type into the night, there is a 'wide place in the road,' as my Daddy described in in later years, called Smithonia, Georgia. You can still see Smith's house, a two-story white number with a vault built around back, and one of his many barns still stands with a metal 'S' on its side. The vault was where King Midas counted his golden coins aplenty.

My Dad often told of Smith's railroad by which he transported bales of cotton and other products to port and to town, one of them being my hometown of Athens. All this was in the 1800s and into the early 1900s, of course, for that sort of plantation is long gone with the winds of time and change as was the fictional O'Hara family's way of life.

My Dad once heard the train whistles blow across the hills...

Original painting of the Rio Grande Engine 318 by Jan P. Rons

Since my father was born in 1908 on property next door to the Smith plantation which his ancestors had purchased from Jim Smith in 1821, he had memories of hearing Smith beating his slaves in the house. One can only imagine that such a hateful creature was difficult to please and I'm told that he became more cantankerous with age.

You've noticed that people seldom improve with age - if they were difficult in their younger years, they usually will only get worse as their aches increase! (I may resemble that cantankerous remark.)

Yet Smith played the stereotypical role of beneficent boss-dude, too, for each summer when the watermelons ripened he'd throw a huge picnic for everyone.

Some consolation that must have been.

But my Dad did say that it was always a good time for them all. With only birds for 'tweeting' and not much fun stuff going on around the countryside in those days, a big bunch of folks getting together for a pleasant reason would have been a huge deal. And you know how people back then appreciated good orators and expected them to speak for a goodly long time...even the politicians!!!

Where Jim Smith Now Lies Since December 1915...

The Jim Smith Mausoleum is set upon a hill within historic Oconee Hill Cemetery in downtown Athens where some of my family members were buried long ago (from my Mom's side, too) but it's full-up last I heard so you'll be settling for an official tour rather than an eternal nap if you should mosey that way.

But don't let that dissuade you, for Athens is only an hour-and-a-quarter's drive from Atlanta and quite an easy route to follow, if you've a mind and a steering wheel. We have lots of art and music as always, and you might even see a famous personage floating around the streets (not the ghost of Jim Smith, silly! The dead are unconscious and know nothing and have no part in anything under the Sun, you know - that's why it's called Eternal Rest) yet perhaps a musician or two might meet your gaze.

If you visit be sure to drive down Milledge Avenue which has the happy circumstance of being studded still with lovely ante-bellum homes though most now belong to UGA's Greek fraternities and sororities. It's a similar situation to castles of the British Isles that have to do something inventive to keep afloat thanks to size and costs of upkeep.

The University's Greek system has preserved the homes, however, and the avenue is quite a lovely street upon which to be born (not inside a huge ante-bellum relic though! And I was not born wearing a hoop skirt nor do I sport a southern accent. Sorry, Folks.)

Here's a link with a virtual tour of my hometown, and quite surprisingly the site informs me that Kiplinger's has named Athens, Georgia the 5th best place to live for 2009!

Why, I do declare, Miss Scarlett, I believe we're coming up in the world!


Pet notions and paths of least resistance

"The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. It requires troublesome work to undertake the alternation of old beliefs. Self-conceit often regards it as a sign of weakness to admit that a belief to which we have once committed ourselves is wrong. We get so identified with an idea that it is literally a "pet" notion and we rise to its defense and stop our eyes and ears to anything different." John Dewey

I'll say! And now here's an example of my own well-worn paths of least resistance leading to a temple of old beliefs!

Path to an Ancient Temple, drawing by jude cowell 2009++


America's 233rd birthday: Solar Return 2009!

Happy 233rd Independence Day, America!

Yes, it took a few hours but now I can relax - my astrological babblings about America's July 4th birthday (which marks the start of her 'Solar Return' year 2009) are published and await your consideration, if you're game.

Some additions to the post may occur as time permits but I do wish to note here the Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius blend's details. From birthday to birthday is the 'Solar Return year' as if we get a new natal chart to work with until the next time the Sun 'returns' to the degree and minute it was in at birth - in this case, when America the Nation was begat.

Our founding is usually considered to be the July 4th, 1776 Declaration of Independence proclamation, yet its signings went on for weeks.

For that and other reasons, there exist several versions of the US natal chart, as you undoubtedly know, so a link is included in my post to a place where a real astrologer (one Ed Kohout, by name; I'm only a reluctant one) divulges a list of all the versions for you. Some versions are not so much in use these days yet have been popular in the past.

My SR 2009 post uses two versions: the 'Franklin' chart (Sun 13Can13) and the 'Sibly' chart (Sun 13Can19) = 2:21 pm vs 5:10 pm lmt respectively, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA - thus giving two differing charts upon which to base America's Solar Return 2009. Images of Solar Return and Natal charts are included, and of course, it is the Sibly chart that corresponds most closely with the attacks of 9/11's planetary placements.

But enemies are capable of being aware of these things, too, you know.

For if you're the sort of person who's obsessed with gaining power and influence over others, why would you not make use of Astrology? Its principles have been used for centuries in a negative way for just such power moves...As Above, So Below can give wily varmints legs-up on their unwitting contemporaries, some of whom may busy themselves poo-pooing Astrology when they could be learning something strategically helpful.

So! America can be a steamy Water-Fire Sun Can-Moon Sag blend for an entire year, and here are the Images for Integration the universe is giving us to work with for 12 months:

'Philosophy and friendship round a large, old kitchen table...A racehorse gives a child a ride...In your home on a yacht you cruise the seven seas.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This changeable 'romantic traveler' is gifted with musical ability and is traditional yet progressive. Intuitive, dramatic, and adventurous, yes, yet restlessness and impatience can undermine goals as can carelessness with detail.

Personal prejudices are justified with detached argument; sarcasm may be a mask for dependency and vulnerability.

Yet there's an eye for patterns and a love of harmony (so the Rosslyn Chapel 'cubes' that were ~supposedly~ deciphered into a musical score would be perfect for this customer!); a colorful, poetic imagination may sparkle, and warm enthusiasms bring out the best in others. But beware emotional volatility and quick mood swings!

The Sun Can-Moon Sag blend is shared natally by theologian and preacher John Wesley and by Mervyn Peake who authored Titus Groan (I don't know why exactly, but he did) so I'll close with quotes from each of them...

Wesley: "I look upon the whole world as my parish." And, "Beware you be not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge."

(You, dear reader, may wish to substitute 'blogs' for 'books' if applicable!)

And finally now we have a rather non-quixotic quote from Mr. Peake which may apply any old year to this nation born with Sun in Cancer - no matter the Moon's sign:

"He had no longer any need for home, for he carried his Gormenghast within him. All that he sought was jostling within himself. He had grown up."

(Titus Groan.)

But can The Fool from the Tarot deck ever completely grow up? Perhaps not, but since we're about to enter our 234th year, it's beyond time that America the Nation did.


2010 elections near: is it ousting time again?

An article by Ed Ciaccio is so nice, I'm shouting out to it twice concerning the much-needed ousting of congressional incumbents in 2010 who have just voted to continue (air) funding an ill-advised, illegally entered, and over-priced war in the Middle East.

"Air funded" because who knows which mint will print the near-worthless dollars to fund more war while millions of Americans go jobless, unsheltered, and hungry.

You'll find more of my (Child of the Revolution) opinions on the situation at Stars Over Washington...but perhaps the easily ruffled should avoid SO'W at all costs.

So okay, the above-linked article's advice is not 'nice,' just abundantly necessary to follow if we-the-people are ever to have back our tattered, shredded America. Yet even in her current condition as Washington's play thing, cat's paw, and piggy bank, she's better than anywhere else...so far, dear reader. So far.

Yes, the 2010 elections will arrive before we know it with chances to oust! Are you in?


'A Cat from Bernanke' as Bernanke testifies 6.25.09


Uh oh! Guess it had to happen sometime.

Mr. A. Cat has sent in a new limerick for me to type and post for you called A Cat from Bernanke, and if you click you may read it and re-view a photo of my Libby Kitty spying on you from the grassery!

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified on Capitol Hill today, y'know, about the Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch fluff-up, so spycat extraordinaire Mr. A. got busy with the pithy rhymery. His contact in town is Lim, one of my feline roommates, and through Lim, I am assigned typing duties for Mr. A.'s literary efforts.

That's how it rolls around Lim's Limericks, and frankly I grow weary of my enslavement to a cat. Rrraorww-rr-r-r!

But please remember: though I may occasionally rhyme a word or two (when the muse lands too heavily upon my shoulder to be brushed off with a mere flick), I'm officially only the typist under contractual agreement to Lim's Limericks - and I don't do windows or quality control!



Smart Cat video: watch and learn!

Now I love cats but I really really love smart cats, don't you?

Check out "U tink iz eazy? Try it wifout THUMBZ!!!"


Is there a 'right ear advantage'?

New Scientist reports on a study that says that if you want something, ask in the person's right ear not the left!

Is that where I went wrong? ;p



Wandering Educators pick of travelers everywhere!

One of the more interesting and informative sites around is Wandering Educators, a worldwide community of educators sharing travel articles, photographs, advice, and recipes, along with arts and artisan features and interviews.

The amazing photographer Dr. Jessie Voigts is your facilitator, so drop by when you can, and join and share your expertise and experiences, if you please!


Her Morning Elegance the coolest video!

My daughter Maya is right - Her Morning Elegance may be the coolest video ever seen!


Flyby sends new photos from the Moon 6.23.09

From the Moon with love?

Space Weather News for June 22, 2009

LUNAR FLYBY: Tomorrow morning, NASA's LCROSS (Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite) spacecraft will fly by the Moon and send pictures back to Earth from only 9000 km above the lunar surface. The purpose of the maneuver is to put LCROSS in an elongated Earth orbit and position it for impact at the lunar south pole later this year.

Live video streaming of the flyby begins at approximately 5:20 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 23, 2009. Visit SpaceWeather.com for links and updates.

NEW SUNSPOTS: Since 2007, it has been unusual to see even a single spot on the sun. Today there are two. A pair of new-cycle sunspots is emerging in the sun's southern hemisphere. This is a good opportunity for readers with solar telescopes to witness sunspot genesis in action.


Robert Reich on saving Obama's health care plan

On TPM, economist Robert Reich has blogged a memo to President Obama detailing the Things He Must Do to save his drooping intiative for health care reform including acting like LBJ - Lyndon Baines Johnson, the only president who ever bested the medical and pharmaceutical lobbies.

Yes, once upon a time, LBJ knew how to twist Capitol Hill arms and knock skulls!

And as a former DC resident, I suspect that a smidge of blackmail was applied wherever needed. In most cases, powerful politicians consider themselves sexy beasts and the bevy of lady bees that have always flocked to Washington seemingly prove it to their massive egos constantly (until caught on film in unflattering poses. And nowadays it's cell phone records, too...change your vote?)

Washington has always run on power, money, sex, and blackmail. Did then. Does now.

Update 6.21.09: Actually there is a current example of such goings on with Republican Rep. John Ensign and his opened-to-public-view love affair which is threatening to stain the likes of Tom Coburn and perhaps others who knew but didn't tell.

And the husband of the lady-in-question....well, read it for yourself if you haven't and you want to. It's a sad testimony to some of what goes on around there, but that's DC for ya...and no, I don't thank them for making my point. I only hope there aren't children involved, esp young ones.

Back to health care reform...

Don't you think that many lawmakers on Capitol Hill may hold shares in the very corporations that are fighting against insuring the uninsured? What a racket!

Yet if 51 votes will pass the president's health care reform bill, why bother with lobby-whipped nay-sayers of any stripe?

If you really want it passed, that is.

Update Monday 6.22.09: HealthCareForAmericaNow! seems determined to have health care reform...now! What can we do to help?

JibJab's 'He's Barack Obama!' video

JibJab's He's Barack Obama! video send-up is now posted on Stars Over Washington, and as my daughter tweeted: love him or hate him, be honest - they nailed him!


Musical landmark in Athens GA burns down 6.19.09

The Georgia Theater in downtown Athens, Georgia, my hometown, has been gutted by flames this morning.

Many a musical group and artist have played wonderful shows there through the years including Dave Matthews Band, Crowded House (when there was one), and many others my brain can't think to mention just now.

Of course, REM is associated with the Theater as well, and our musical landmark with its old-timey marquee will be sadly missed by all.


View from Cave Observatory

On my Facebook wall you'll discover View from Cave Observatory which is one of the larger of my drawings from the 1995/96 period - the days of Timeless Path which you see at the top of the sidebar to your left. Timeless Path is one of two drawings accepted into a city exhibition during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. Fun!

Be that as it was, check out a celestial scene by clicking the link above - and you don't have to climb the many stairs leading to Cave Observatory because I've put you, dear viewer, in place for the best peek already!

Astrology note: Pluto is the (dwarf) planet of caves, but you knew that!

All art images are copyrighted by artist; Use by express permission only. jc

Mask of the Cosmos~Art & Astrology's mask

Mask of the Cosmos is my small art attempt at a drawing meant to represent the Ascendant which is the rising sign and degree, or the WHAT? Point of any horoscope.

Everything that is has a beginning, and so the Ascendant may describe the beginning of an event, a nation, a day, or an individual and tells us how the world is seen and how the world sees the entity the chart describes. It is a major point in Astrology which, along with Sun and Moon, are primary factors to consider.

And the Ascendant degree's Sabian Symbol fills out the picture as well.

As you know, with Astrology a horoscope may be drawn for any place or time on earth. A good example of the impersonal use of this concept is a sunrise chart (aka a solar chart) which tells the flavor or quality that will unfold through the rest of the day in that locality.

On my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, I have often used this method for 'taking the temperature' of certain days on Capitol Hill or for the White House, and find this technique especially useful in mundane work when one doesn't know the exact timing of an event's occurrence but wishes to see how things will 'get on' for a particular day.

The chart-ruler (planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant) may then be checked for applying aspects, if any, and clues garnered. No applying aspects most often means, 'no action' (although aspects to other charts' planets or points may have something to say about things, if applicable.)

Seeing planets as 'actors' helps, too - Sun is 'the leader', Moon is 'the public' or 'the people', Mars represents males between the ages of 25 and appr 35, Mercury = young people; of course, Mars is also military personnel, police officers, firefighters, etc, and Mercury is anyone associated with communications such as reporters, speech-writers and speakers, etc.

Yet the planets retain all their other astrological correspondances simultaneously (Mercury for trade, commerce, agreements, Mars for quarrels and fires, etc) for Astrology describes a complex world occurring on many levels all at once - inner, outer, and in between the cracks.

With the sunrise/solar chart set for a particular location we may view what the universe in any area of the globe is impersonally offering at that time. As Above, So Below, and 'the end is in the beginning' as Astrology teaches.

And thus on a personal level, a baby is born into earth's flux at a particular place and time in his/her uniqueness as a genetic flowering of generations...unless, of course, another woman was on top of or underneath our mothers having a baby at precisely the same moment! But even twin births can't do that for one child must precede the other.

And so each one of us is a unique individual with a natal or birth chart all our own, and the rising Ascendant in our charts tells us much about the masks we wear as we accept the mission for which we are born, and immediately after birth begin to learn how to 'speak through the mask' of the Ascendant.

In addition, planetary aspects in natal charts help to 'fix' us in space while the qualities of the chart's aspects give a frame of reference that aids in understanding our unique potential - especially if we study our charts or have them explained to us.

The Ascendant shows our meaningful contact with the environment so that we may express ourselves fully in our lives (if we choose to accept our missions!) through the doorway of our Ascendant...the 'door' we entered by!


A few more days until Summer Solstice 2009!

Summer Solstice 2009 is almost upon us and for some reason, this one seems to be sneaking up on me too quickly especially with the 90+ degree weather we're already having in Georgia. This is obviously to prepare us for the extreme heat of July and - my least favorite month - the dreaded August.

Can tall glasses of iced tea with slices of lemon be on the menu? Oh yeah.

So click above for astrological info along with a few brief notes on the New Moon in Cancer the day after Solstice. This New Moon brings fresh beginnings relating to Cancerian themes such as mama, home, domestic scene, real estate, products used in the home, and security issues...even the crab-filled oceans may be involved.

Plus, FactMonster has some Solstice info if you're wanting more technical details about this annual solar event and its first cousin, the Winter Solstice.

So stay cool if you can get cool!



FactualTV site debuts

Just got a heads-up email about a new website which promises to be very informative and useful for research or for entertainment.

It's called FactualTV where 'Fascinating Television Topics' are available for viewing, with 70 to 80% of them free and share-able.

FactualTV has a Keyword Library along with a Category List of topics such as: Arts & Artists, Biographies, Biology & Health, Comedy, Wildlife, Environmental, Space, Sports, Interviews, Military and War...well, I can't give you the entire list here, you'll have to check it out for yourself.

These TV videos display with free flash streaming which works on all computers, plus, they've been legally licensed. Some Premium videos are available for purchase only via download but even then you'll have a free trailer for sampling first. Eventually all titles will be available on DVD.

Personally I can't wait to visit the site with my cup of Constant Comment Tea and stay quite awhile! But first I have a new Astrology book to review...more on that later!


Tehran Live daily photos: site link

Posting this link here as well as on Stars Over Washington: Tehran Live a site with daily photos from Tehran.

Follow the SO'W link to yesterday's post on Iran's natal chart with some pertinent transits now in play.


Stiglitz on America's Socialism for the Rich

America's Socialism For the Rich

By Joseph Stiglitz

The US has a huge corporate safety net, allowing the banks to gamble with impunity, but offers little to struggling individuals. #

Yes, the US Congress' legislations took care of that upsy-daisy decades ago.

And it's all-l-l working out as the power elite planned.

You know I tend to appreciate Mr. Stiglitz's articles and opinions but it does seem as if he should know about the NWO agenda (to crash the world economy and take over all governments) long before now, doesn't it? How could he not?


Here's some info on the Global Justice Movement.

Portrait of a Yellow-eyed surgeonfish in Art Slideshow

Ever met a Yellow-eyed surgeonfish?

Well, there's one wishing you'd check him out in a new Dreamyfish Art Slideshow of botanical fish portraits on display for your personal viewing now!

The whole point about Dreamyfish Art is Saturnian realism (botanical renderings) placed within their favorite imaginary locations - the 'dreamy' part.

Because fish dream, too. And because astrologically I have a Capricorn Sun with a Pisces Moon, that's why!

Sun Cap-Moon Pisces is a 'pragmatic dreamer' personality blend with these 'Images for Integration'...now if I can only integrate them!

'A child builds a sandcastle of reinforced concrete...Bilbo in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings...Bathers in a Landscape by Cezanne...Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes...A wine collector uncorks a rare vintage to celebrate a success.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Okay, let's see: the huge mud pie I built next to my parent's driveway during childhood finally dissolved in a rainstorm when I was 15 years old...read The Hobbit and began the rest of the Trilogy as soon as they were released in America - 1969?...for a friend years ago I drew my version of Bathers in a Landscape but knew nothing of these Images - plus, Paul Cezanne is on my Top Three Favorite Artists list; Elvis' song intrigued me when I was little but its magic didn't stay with me long - I preferred Brit Rock as soon as I heard it...don't drink, so my collection is full of whines instead...


And here are my Astrology notes published earlier today on Iran's natal chart with current transits of note if you're of a mind for Iranian politics and cloudy election outcomes.


When will Al Franken become Senator?

Terry Lamb has published an excellent astrological analysis of the senatorial chances for Al Franken which Terry believes will work out in his favor, so we must keep a mercurial eye on June 14 regarding Mr. Franken's Senate bid.

Thanks, Terry, great work!


Gemini Sun conjunct Sisyphus: June 9/10, 2009

With asteroid Sisyphus now being highlighted by the Sun 19Gem+, a Wiki link to the myth of Sisyphus has been added in the sidebar to my growing list of Mythology of Astrology's smaller bodies...scroll down just a smidge to view the links list.

Wonder if America's 'Sun' - President Obama - is feeling Sisyphusian about now what with Gitmo detainees having nowehere to go, health care reform being voraciously fought (as we knew it would be), his Supreme Court pick, Sonia Sotomayer, under the GOP's 'racist' magnifying glass, amd more obstacles to make him look ineffectual...?

And don't forget that today, June 10, is the day Japan's Kaguya craft is to impact the Moon - kerboom!...see SpaceWeather.com for details and photos (after the event - the Southern Hemisphere should gave a good view for photographers!)

Astrologically today the Moon is in hard-to-budge Capricorn so Luna may not appreciate the impact!

image: Comet Skies, from my Secret Moon Art gallery of drawings.

All images copyright 2009 and beyond.


6,000-year-old tombs found near Stonehenge

Neo-lithic tombs, plus mounds with top-layer soil that may have pollen of the era intact, have been aerially located in Hampshire, England, 15 miles from Stonehenge.

If any of my English ancestors are involved from way-back-when, perhaps I can figure out why I've always been so allergic to certain flower, tree, and grass pollens, eh?

Ahh-choo and fond congratulations to the hard-working archaelogical community!


June 8, 2009: 200th anniversary of Thomas Paine's death

Thomas Paine's natal chart had an interesting double transit in May 2006: his natal Sun was conjoined by transiting Chiron as the Sun simultaneously highlighted his natal Chiron!

In fact, it's so exact by degree and quite rare to have reciprocating transits like that when I noticed it in 2006 I thought that perhaps the 'conflicting/unverified' time of birth in *Paine's Rodden Rating (DD = dirty data) had his correct birth time after all.

Now it's true that Mr. Paine and the rest of the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Illuminati who set up this nation were unaware of Chiron, the Wounded Healer and Christ archetype in an Astrology chart since Chiron was discovered in November 1977...201 years after the Declaration of Independence.

But follow the link above which takes you my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington where Tom Paine is liable to be mentioned at any moment...you'll find an extra link or two along with quotes from the man full of Common Sense.

America could use large doses of common sense and common good these days, imo.

Then Truthdig reminds us that today is the 200th anniversary of Thomas Paine's death with a photo of Paine's monument in New Rochelle, New York, and a few words from the BBC on internationally best-selling author Thomas Paine, the only Brit mentioned in President Obama's 2009 Inaugural Address.

Plus, Truthdig adds a link to Common Sense in case you'd like to brush up on a literary masterpiece.

You know that both Toms - Paine and Jefferson - died in debt and penury, right? Which shows that a dearth of money at the end of life is no marker for how well one has served the world during one's lifetime. I'm just sayin'.


*Thomas Paine: Jan 29, 1737 (NS), 11:30 am LMT, Thetford, England; Sun 9AQ43, Moon 23Cap36; died in his sleep following a stroke, June 8, 1809 in New Rochelle, New York. RIP.


Summer Solstice 2009 and New Moon 1Can30

Just a heads-up that I've placed a link to a just-published post on the Summer Solstice 2009 chart-with-details in the sidebar just under the quote from George Washington. (Freemason George wouldn't mind especially since he used Astrology himself. He elected - used astrological principles - to decide the precise time for Cornwallis' Surrender, you know.)

Warning: my interpretation emphasis is, as usual, on Politics, that 'organized system of hatreds.'

This year, the Sun reaches 00Cancer00 on June 21 (1:45 am edt), and on June 22, there's a New Moon 1Can30, a degree which harkens back to the attacks of 9/11/01. But this circumstance is not covered in my Solstice post for there's plenty coming up this summer for this reluctant astrologer to grump about without mentioning 9/11, watershed moment in the current financial revolution as it may be.

Well, the summer season will be upon us before we know it, so please check out my Summer Solstice 2009's chart-and-details with a mere click, and leave a comment or question at Stars Over Washington or on this blog, if you desire!


D-Day 1944 marked by a US Uranus Return!

With 65th-anniversary ceremonies in France today and President Obama in attendance, I took a peek at a few Astrology charts and found that D-Day June 6, 1944 fell into a year of America's Uranus Return (May 30, 1944.)

Our nation's Uranus Return of 1944 occurred on a day when the Sun was conjunct our nation's Uranus, planet of freedom, independence, and revolution, a transit which indicates a question of being or not being part of a group - stubborn pride or a lack of loyalty can interfere with group participation, yet we know that on June 6, 1944, America, as part of the Allied Forces, was not only part of the group, but a leader. How so?

Because Sun-to-Uranus is also a time when one's unique qualities and individualism are highlighted, special attention may be given, and one may be invited to become group leader!

Hindsight being 20/20, we know that America did step up to the plate during WWII, and today's observance in France has re-marked our participation and achievements as we liberated our liberator, France, on the beaches of Normandy...as timed by the 84-year cycle of radical Uranus!


You'll find a few more of my Astrology notes are here...


Diogenes and the Full Moon of June 7, 2009

Already the Full Moon on June 7, 2009 at '18Sag' has been blurbed upon if you'd like to read it. A link is included in the post to May 24's New Moon details, for our current lunar cycle has June 7's Full Moon ending in some way, on some level/s, action begun at the last New Moon in May.

In the language of Astrologese, Moon intimations are on the daily or mundane level of life, yet may, if applicable, relate as well to publicity or to contacts with the public...if such is your life.

Plus, the astrological Moon gives a chart-reader details on the physical body, on intuition and the unconscious, and has a spiritual link, so the Moon's sign, house, aspects and other conditions are considered to be very important in any horoscope along with the Secondary Progressed Moon's evolutionary travels through the houses (departments of life.)

*Sec Moon is a bit like a fairy with her wand stunning things into motion and/or reflecting something previously unknown as she makes her rounds of the chart while 'touching' all the planets and points therein.

The real world's New/Quarter/Full Moons and their fancy cousins, the Lunar Eclipses, are characterized in Astrology as 'Lunations' so if you know your chart details, check out where the current Lunations fall within your chart. My own natal chart has May 24's New Moon 3Gem28 in 9th house, and June 7's Full Moon in 4th house conjunct natal Venus 18Sag30.

How about you?

Full Moon June 7, 2009 '18Sag'...

And now here is the Symbol from Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac which are not 'Sabian Symbols' at all, but are empirical gatherings of astrologers' observations of each degree's manifestations in event, personal, or national charts. Some degrees have 'word pictures' and some do not.

'18 Sagittarius' has this:

"In full daylight, Diogenes, clad in rags, goes around with a lighted lantern. In the background is the cask in which he lives."

Will 'full daylight' = 'Full Moon'? Lack of honesty is certainly a main course on the world's table of late. Will something new be revealed on or about June 7?

The 'cask' is also referred to traditionally as a 'tub' of the temple of Cybele, so check out old Diogenes, one of the fathers of Cynicism, for on some celestial level he wanders city streets still in dogged search of an honest man.

But of necessity, he gave up on Washington DC decades ago.


*'Sec Moon' = Secondary Progressed Moon; since I use Minor and Tertiary Progressions, I shorten them in my notes to: Minors, and Terts, and Secs, the 27:13;1 ratio of our earthly experiences that describe the Mental/Emotional/Physical planes of existence as used by astrologer Robert Blashcke.

Rainy Tree of the Fairies: a drawing for a rainy day

Today is a rainy day in Georgia. And no, it does not feel like it's raining all over the world.

Even so, here's a drawing for you in rainy day mode, Rainy Tree of the Fairies from my Secret Moon Art collection.

Are you droopy from taking care of business?

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You know, sometimes I check with my higher mind bwo the Tarot deck and these days I get the same card telling me to Seek Something More Worthy of Your (my) Efforts, which means my blogging days may be numbered especially in the Art Realm, so if you've a mind, do nab my images while ya still can!

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Osiris in Myth and Astrology

Mythologically, Osiris, god of the underworld, is the merciful judge of the dead in the Afterlife and through his myth we think of Jesus Christ's role as our intercessor in the heavenly Sanctuary, and of the Eternal Life His ministry offers.

Even the ears of the ancient pharoahs perked up at that sparkling opportunity! So I'm adding 'Osiris' to the sidebar link list for Astrology's Minor Bodies.

Osiris the asteroid now travels in the range of 26 - 27 Aquarius, an area of the zodiac where the trio of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune currently ministers to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (in the 'Sibly' chart of 5:10 pm LMT on July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA.) So it would seem that much ministering is going on, and as those of faith are aware, the world can use all the ministering it can get.

In Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady speaks of the Egyptians considering the rising Sun to be the infant Horus in the arms of his mother, Isis. Osiris was the beloved brother/husband of Isis, as you know, and at sunset the Sun was seen to be Osiris.

In ancient Egypt, Osiris' constellation of Orion (an archetype of God) rose on the morning of Spring Equinox when the year's agricultural pursuits began with the flooding of the Nile, a life-giving necessity for the people.

Perhaps it's because my natal chart has Orion at Midheaven (or perhaps there's more to it than that) but one of my favorite examples of old pyramid texts is included in Ms. Brady's book. Here it is and I hope you like it as well:

I fly from you, oh men,
I am not for the earth.
I am for the sky.
I have soared to the sky as a heaven.
I have kissed the sky as a falcon.
I am the essence of a god,
the son of a god.
Behold the faithful and loving Osiris
has come that I may glorify Orion.
My soul is a star of gold
and with him
I will traverse the sky forever.

On Amazon: Brady's Book of Fixed Stars - if you click the reviews link you may find that my review of the book is still there from 2001! jc

Poll: How did Conan O'Brien do on The Tonight Show?

If you were up with us night owls last evening you may have been witness to wacky comedian Conan O'Brien taking over the helm of The Tonight Show, and I'd love it if you'd vote in today's Poll: How did Conan do?



Bill Clinton and the econo-crisis

There's an article in Slate where Bill Clinton takes responsibility, more or less for the econo-crisis.

Apparently Robert Rubin is still MIA on the blame question. Maybe he did all he did on purpose...and/or on orders.

To some, sovereignty is so...plebeian, so...passe, so...un-Utopian, you know.