FactualTV site debuts

Just got a heads-up email about a new website which promises to be very informative and useful for research or for entertainment.

It's called FactualTV where 'Fascinating Television Topics' are available for viewing, with 70 to 80% of them free and share-able.

FactualTV has a Keyword Library along with a Category List of topics such as: Arts & Artists, Biographies, Biology & Health, Comedy, Wildlife, Environmental, Space, Sports, Interviews, Military and War...well, I can't give you the entire list here, you'll have to check it out for yourself.

These TV videos display with free flash streaming which works on all computers, plus, they've been legally licensed. Some Premium videos are available for purchase only via download but even then you'll have a free trailer for sampling first. Eventually all titles will be available on DVD.

Personally I can't wait to visit the site with my cup of Constant Comment Tea and stay quite awhile! But first I have a new Astrology book to review...more on that later!

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