'A Cat from Bernanke' as Bernanke testifies 6.25.09


Uh oh! Guess it had to happen sometime.

Mr. A. Cat has sent in a new limerick for me to type and post for you called A Cat from Bernanke, and if you click you may read it and re-view a photo of my Libby Kitty spying on you from the grassery!

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testified on Capitol Hill today, y'know, about the Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch fluff-up, so spycat extraordinaire Mr. A. got busy with the pithy rhymery. His contact in town is Lim, one of my feline roommates, and through Lim, I am assigned typing duties for Mr. A.'s literary efforts.

That's how it rolls around Lim's Limericks, and frankly I grow weary of my enslavement to a cat. Rrraorww-rr-r-r!

But please remember: though I may occasionally rhyme a word or two (when the muse lands too heavily upon my shoulder to be brushed off with a mere flick), I'm officially only the typist under contractual agreement to Lim's Limericks - and I don't do windows or quality control!


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