2010 elections near: is it ousting time again?

An article by Ed Ciaccio is so nice, I'm shouting out to it twice concerning the much-needed ousting of congressional incumbents in 2010 who have just voted to continue (air) funding an ill-advised, illegally entered, and over-priced war in the Middle East.

"Air funded" because who knows which mint will print the near-worthless dollars to fund more war while millions of Americans go jobless, unsheltered, and hungry.

You'll find more of my (Child of the Revolution) opinions on the situation at Stars Over Washington...but perhaps the easily ruffled should avoid SO'W at all costs.

So okay, the above-linked article's advice is not 'nice,' just abundantly necessary to follow if we-the-people are ever to have back our tattered, shredded America. Yet even in her current condition as Washington's play thing, cat's paw, and piggy bank, she's better than anywhere else...so far, dear reader. So far.

Yes, the 2010 elections will arrive before we know it with chances to oust! Are you in?

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