Osiris in Myth and Astrology

Mythologically, Osiris, god of the underworld, is the merciful judge of the dead in the Afterlife and through his myth we think of Jesus Christ's role as our intercessor in the heavenly Sanctuary, and of the Eternal Life His ministry offers.

Even the ears of the ancient pharoahs perked up at that sparkling opportunity! So I'm adding 'Osiris' to the sidebar link list for Astrology's Minor Bodies.

Osiris the asteroid now travels in the range of 26 - 27 Aquarius, an area of the zodiac where the trio of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune currently ministers to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (in the 'Sibly' chart of 5:10 pm LMT on July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA.) So it would seem that much ministering is going on, and as those of faith are aware, the world can use all the ministering it can get.

In Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady speaks of the Egyptians considering the rising Sun to be the infant Horus in the arms of his mother, Isis. Osiris was the beloved brother/husband of Isis, as you know, and at sunset the Sun was seen to be Osiris.

In ancient Egypt, Osiris' constellation of Orion (an archetype of God) rose on the morning of Spring Equinox when the year's agricultural pursuits began with the flooding of the Nile, a life-giving necessity for the people.

Perhaps it's because my natal chart has Orion at Midheaven (or perhaps there's more to it than that) but one of my favorite examples of old pyramid texts is included in Ms. Brady's book. Here it is and I hope you like it as well:

I fly from you, oh men,
I am not for the earth.
I am for the sky.
I have soared to the sky as a heaven.
I have kissed the sky as a falcon.
I am the essence of a god,
the son of a god.
Behold the faithful and loving Osiris
has come that I may glorify Orion.
My soul is a star of gold
and with him
I will traverse the sky forever.

On Amazon: Brady's Book of Fixed Stars - if you click the reviews link you may find that my review of the book is still there from 2001! jc


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