Two Hours' Most Viewed Post of All Time: Thom Yorke!

Since Radiohead continues to retain its Number One position as my Favorite Band, I am pleased to report that as of today, May 18, 2013, my post concerning Thom Yorke's Sun-Moon personality blend (which includes a video of his tune The Clock) is the most-viewed post ever on Two Hours You'll Never Get Back--and it won't take nearly two hours for you to check it out!

The post is nearing 2,000 views which is pretty good for a seldom updated blog.

Now if only I knew Mr. Yorke's correct birth hour, I'd be even more pleased...


1/20/13: that liberal boogieman!

oh that 'liberal boogieman'

plans to govern as he can

much like Reagan he'll reform

GOP decries the storm

liberalism won the day

young Paul Ryan now can say

he was there amidst the boos

for his party sure did lose.