Meet 'Darianna Downey'

Darianna Downey usually hangs out at my for-17-and-older gallery of Chiffonery Art drawings, Cosmic Persona Designs, but tonight Darianna has dropped by 2 Hrs just to say, Why Hello There!



Venus' new 'bright spot' and 2012 approaches

Image: Venus Rising from my Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.

Yes, I know that the planet Venus is implicated in the year 2012's Mayan and other prophecies, but perhaps the mysterious bright spot that appeared on Venus last week is just that...a bright spot.



Midas: his hobbies, his friends, his location

You may notice if you scroll down far enough to my 'Mythology of Astrology's Smaller Bodies' feature in the sidebar that asteroid and mythical king Midas has been added to the list.

But where is asteroid Midas today? His is not a fast-moving asteroid as asteroids go, and he remains in a sign for years, frequently in retrograde phase which seemingly from our earthly vantage point, slows down his progress through the zodiac.

Plundering and The Gilded Age of Industrialism

Checking a chart set for the White House (out of my Political Astrology habit) for the time I thought to look (11:32 am edt), gold-lover Midas is at 8Gem37 which conjuncts the Robber Baron natal chart of 1891/92 when Neptune and Pluto met three times at that degree: 8:38, 8:19, and 7:42, on August 2, 1891, Nov 5, 1891, and Apr 20, 1892, respectively.

The Robber Baron natal chart times The Gilded Age, aka the Industrial Revolution and the Generation of Materialism. Whatever you call it, plundering of natural resources is one of their main claims to fame.

Today Midas is parallel Mars 10Gem47 (similar to a strong conjunction and used in Astrology for timing purposes) and conjunct the transiting 9th cusp 7Gem03; therefore, Midas is entering the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Big Finances, Transformations, and the Occult (meaning 'hidden') - is there action (Mars) today on financial matters (Midas) in Washington?

There is a midpoint at 7Gem41, too: Mercury/Uranus, which Ebertin gives as: 'intuition; astuteness; a revolutionary spirit; inventive thinking; "too many irons in the fire"; nervous haste; brutal frankness; a contradicting disposition; a mathematician, technician, physicist, cosmobiologist; sudden cognition; the power to influence others', and more.

"Too many irons" sounds like the president to me and NPR is reporting at noon that Mr. Obama is meeting with Chinese officials...or perhaps it's a conference call, I'm not sure. China is our biggest creditor, of course, and contains quite a pile of Midases, I venture to say.

So scroll down for the skinny on the Mythology of Midas, if you wish, compliments of Wikipedia, and provided linkily by yours truly.


Related post: US invasions 1898 - 1934 concerns imperialism and keeping the American people quiet about it by way of propaganda; a quote from Charlie Wilson is included.


Blogger 'Followers' feature disappears

Update 10:45 am edt: Funny! As I'm checking around now (including this blog's sidebar) the Followers feature has reappeared on the blogs I've checked so far - wow, is that fast service? Or a mysterious case of synchronicity?

Original post of a few minutes ago begins here:

Have you noticed lately that Blogger's Followers feature in not displaying on blogs where they should be appearing?

Maybe it's only my few blogs but the feature continues to disappear from sidebars all over the place; I've refreshed them but it seems not to make a diff.

Wonder if this means no one can sign up to Follow?

Oh well, I'll stop fretting. Perhaps it's simply time for a little Art...?

Ant Hill in Evening Light, a drawing imported from Secret Moon Art, a Children's~Moon~Cosmic~Botanical~Fairy Art gallery just for you!

All Art images on all my blogs by jude cowell 2009+; preferred medium: Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils on paper.



Kennedy assassination revisited: Sun Sco-Moon AQ

Since noon today I've worked on a fresh look at the horoscope of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, if you're curious.

You may find that the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend of Nov 22, 1963 tells us something about the day's flavor and the event's participants. Included are a few notes on the Solar Eclipse prior to the murder, an Eclipse which opposed US natal Pluto, planet of: sabotage, the Underworld, spies, nuclear devices, powerful puppetmasters, the Dragon guarding the riches, and invisible helmets.

And Pluto has a 'secret hand' identity as well, which is most useful to know in Mundane work.

As usual, the article is conveniently written in English for those who speak no astrologese, so please check it out in either language and let me know your thoughts...your insights will be much appreciated by this reluctant astrologer.



Barack Obama's Solar Return: August 4, 2009

In a cross-pollinating fit of blogginess today I've published something on President Obama's Solar Return 2009 chart but if you click its link, you'll first discover details on the Sun Leo-Moon Capricorn blend from his Solar Return chart.

Mr. Obama's natal Sun-Moon blend is Leo-Gemini which gives to his nature a Fire-Air combo of energies, and it doesn't change. But from his 2009 birthday, August 4, to the next birthday in 2010, he has Moon in ambitious Capricorn working with natal Sun in fiery Leo, sign of leadership - a Fire-Earth combination.

Guess you could think of my cross-pollinating as a scavenger hunt of some kind because from the above-linked post you may click through to the chart's image with details posted on Stars Over Washington, my primary Political Astrology blog since October 2005.

Or not. As you wish!



On the elusive Truth and a Ron Paul video link

"I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version." Oliver North

"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful." Edward R. Murrow

"Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth." Publius Cornelius Tacitus

"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink." George Orwell (English novelist, essayist, and critic, 1903-1950)

Above quotes compliments of Information Clearing House

And if you can handle some truth, try this video of Rep. Ron Paul addressing the lies of the Fed who 'delivered' the financial collapse to America and thus to the world.


Max Baucus, Health Care Reform's public option, and Pisces

With Plutocracy on the March it's doubtful that a 'public option' will be included in the president's Health Care Reform bill.

Yet without it, what have the millions of uninsured and under-insured gained if the legislation passes? Max Baucus is tainted with conflict of interest issues so who can trust him to act on behalf of those who need the reform most of all?

Also, I've been posting this morning at Stars Over Washington and on my other tapestry blog, Jude's Threshold, a blog whose name is an astrological reference to Saturn as the Guardian of the Threshold.

For me personally this describes having restrictive Saturn in the 12th house of the Unconscious where Mr. Control applies himself to thoughts that swim up from the Collective Unconscious, and from my own unawareness, into consciousness.

Maybe that's the origin of Dreamyfish Art, an online Art Gallery which I began in 2005 to display (Neptunian) fish drawn as botanically correct (Saturn) as I can make them but within scenarios of their private dreams (Neptune) under the sea (Neptune) - as you know, Neptune rules the oceans.

This echoes having natal Sun ruled by Saturn (Capricorn) and Moon ruled by Jupiter/Neptune (Pisces.) Pisces is a very creative sign, and drawing is my preferred outlet. And I like to write sometimes, too.

Cosmic Persona Designs was created to show the racier elements of my artwork with a bow to the 'cosmic persona' of any Astrology chart, the Ascendant, which is the sign and degree that rises as a person - or thing or event - are born. The Ascendant represents the mask/s from ancient Greek tragi-comedies, and in Astrology we 'speak through the mask' of the Ascendant as did Greek actors centuries ago.

The Ascendant's sign shows how we view the world and how the world views us, and along with our Sun and Moon positions, is considered one of the three most important points in a horoscope.

And I suppose that Secret Moon Art describes itself as a gallery for Children's, Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and Botanical drawings, so it needs no further explanation!

Then there's Lim's Limericks, a typing arrangement I got myself into by way of my cat, Lim, and his excellent if elusive friend, Mr. A. Cat, whose precise whereabouts continue to remain a mystery.

Who knew cats could be so political? I didn't, did you?

Image: a fanciful illustration of the two fishes of Pisces, by jude cowell 2009+

Update 2:15 m edt: Astrology of Health Care Reform 1994 vs 2009 is now available for reading by both of you. Will history repeat? jc


Atlanta News Alert at Noon: local TV stations are reporting that a 'suspicious package' has been delivered to a MARTA station in Buckhead and the area is shut down between Peachtree Street and Lenox Square Mall (where I once worked while attending art school.)


Astrology of the 1st Moon Landing

With today being the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's First Moon Landing, July 20, 1969, which occurred during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, the planetary pair of scientific breakthroughs, discoveries, inventions, and lucky opportunities, a post is now available on the Astrology of it.

Jupiter/Uranus is the light bulb over the head of bright ideas!

The horoscope is set for the White House at the moment the Moon's position tallied with Jupiter/Uranus: 00Lib40, precisely conjunct America's natal Midheaven in the Sibly chart.

The main midpoint pictures are typed for you in English, if you'd like to check them out to taste a flavor of July 20, 1969.

And click to enlarge the chart for more details scribbled thereupon, for many factors are not mentioned in the post's text...such as the position of asteroid Apollo: 3Vir52, in the 4th house of the chart, as you'll discover.

You see, it's Monday ('Moon' day!), and my drafting table overflowing with drawings is calling my name... .. .


On a lighter note, for the 17+ers among the three of us, try a view of Crystallie Totally if you feel daring in the Art department.


Astrology of Corporations Are People: May 10, 1886

Since I'm on the verge of signing off and enjoying the rest of the weekend, this is a mere heads-up about a fresh post at Stars Over Washington concerning Corporations Are People's natal chart of May 10, 1886.

American corporate law was given a big thrust forward on that day by a court reporter's off-hand comments which were published later with the Supreme Court's decision on taxing railroad property within the borders of Santa Clara County, California.

But see what you think - my post has one link in particular to Thom Hartmann's Op-Ed News article which discloses the shenanigans of legal-eagle politicians lurking in the back pockets of 1800s railroad titans.

No big surprise, agreed, but consider how we-the-people have suffered economically under their duplicitous plutocratic notions these many decades - and with a Saturnian-Neptunian pretend-law which goes totally against what America's Founders intended for our nation.

Of course, 'secret'/'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn) is the name of American corporations' game, the more I study it, and it's quite unsavory. Yet it isn't their actions as much as the motives behind them that tell the full tale.

So by that criteria, the tricksters and brigands of 1886 had motives with suspiciously bad intent and oppressive results for American workers and consumers, as we now understand all too well...now that the thoroughbreds have bolted and left only mules in our economic barn.

And this, along with world banking oligarchs who throttle our financial institutions, is what must be corrected for America to be America again, for our government's by-for-of does not and should not apply to any persons but we-the-people - so obviously the ones the Constitution was written to protect.



The marriage of Twitter and Bing

Chill and quaff your best sparkling wine: Twitter and Bing have teamed up for real time action, and personally I'm calling it a marriage until the divorce papers are filed!

New Etsy Shop offers handspun and dyed yarns

My daughter Maya's Etsy Shop Spring Tree Road opened this very day!

Handspun and dyed yarns along with her excellent photography will be on display so check it out...her shop opened with three offerings earlier today but it's down to one now with more items coming tomorrow.

Congratulations, Maya, you've come a long way since this portrait of you at 4 months old! Who knew?

All the Muches, Mom


Blogger Play is a cool barrel of monkeys!

You may notice a new feature added in the sidebar - Blogger Play which displays random images published to Blogger by whosoever posts them. This must amount to an endless supply!

You can point your browser to an image and view the blog's address - then click on the image for a magic carpet ride to visit the blog - now how cool is that?



Evian Roller Babies video

Yes, I tried briefly to resist passing along this Evian Water Babies video but as you see, I failed miserably!

Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing begins 7.13.09

For a few notes including the astrological kind, here's a freshly published post on Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearing which began this morning at 10:00 am edt on Capitol Hill.

You'll find that CSPAN's video feed link is available by clicking through.

Real Time Shenanigans!

Of note is what sounded to me like an angry outburst from a male at 10:45 am with Moon 00Ari03..."1 Aries" = "A Woman Has Arisen Out of the Ocean, a Seal Is Embracing Her."

I assert that this is such a woman who has surfaced from the other candidates into public awareness, and that the 'seal' is the Great Seal of the United States.



Robert Reich ready for a New Recovery

So is economist Robert Reich now openly touting a new economic recovery? Or is he shilling for a 'new world economic order' since the old one has been broken by precisely the select few who stand to gain the most from the establishment of an entirely new system?

The new system will be rigged on behalf of the power elite as was the old, not to fret. Guess they figured their centuries-old (English-banking) Ponzi scheme had gone as far as it would take them and their obscene profits, so it's time to trade in the old Brit jalopy and pass their incurred private debts into the hazy realm of socialism by way of The People's backs.

Screw the People! they croak from their ivory towers, ivy-encrusted medieval castles, and international banking penthouses. (Most of the power elite are bald as babies, I suspect, yet all their gold bars can't buy natural hair back onto their sweaty pates. Har.)

Well, It All Makes Ya Wonder...

Will synchronicity never cease?! How the NWO scripts of various promoters intertwine as if - as if they'd been planned for decades, or for centuries even!

And as I've said before, the proof will be in how these things work out, the results that issue forth from the actions of these 'experts' and their bosses, and how the consequences of their actions affect The People on a practical level.

For as another Source has well-advised: by their fruits ye shall know them.
~:~ ~:~


G8 Summit in Italy and L'Aquila, the Eagle

If you missed it, some info has been published concerning the G8 Summit being held in L'Aquila, Italy which begins tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8, 2009. All the muckedy-mucks will be in attendance amongst the earthquaked ruins of L'Aquila.

But somehow I think a swank hotel will be at their disposal, don't you? With perhaps a little spa action to relax their weary bones? Poor little Atlases, carrying the weight of the world upon their frail, mortal shoulders!

You'll find that the post includes a few details on the constellation Aquila, the Eagle, and its Alpha star, Altair, the risk-taker who's determined to achieve.

That golden G8 Summit membership: only risk-takers need apply.


'Cat Archaeologist' imported from TwitPic for reasons unknown

'Cat Archaeologist' collage in paper by Jude Cowell 2009+ on Twitpic

Now here's a small blogging experiment: I'm importing then re-publishing Cat Archaeologist from TwitPic just to see how things go.

(Update Monday: so far, not going - TwitPic link isn't live and I've yet to figure out why...more sleuthing later may repair the madness, till then go to Twitter to find TwitPic if you wish.)

Original post continues here...

Yes, TwitPic: a feature of Twitter but for uploading images.

Actually, I think that only one other example of my drawing efforts is now on display at TwitPic for the site's requirements cropped it rather savagely to squish the little pixels into a square peephole similar to the one you see here.

Voila! Rectangle displays as a square shape.

The other drawing Fonda and Friends was sold at auction in 2008 anyway so you missed the skiff on that one, matey...it sailed off with out ya!


But if you're 17+ in years you may mosey by Cosmic Persona Designs for a brief tour of a lonely little Chiffonery Art Gallery where you'll find a list of alphabetized labels by theme and title so you may wander as you may.

Do feel free to click upon one or two of them for better viewing, if you so desire...


If you need suggestions, here are three: Elsa Backstage, Sarah's Green Party, or perhaps Trixie in Repose.

Now all my images are only Art Designs in Drawing form: no photographs need apply, none taken, and no one the wiser. jc


Some Disclosure May Be Necessary: you don't actually have to read this post at all since its title tells you there's nothing to discover herein by way of explanation for this deplorable situation of importage of my own artwork to this blog.

So why are you reading this?


Longhorn cowfish in peril

New Scientist is reporting that Longhorn cowfish are in serious trouble, and all the Dreamyfish I know are keeping their fins on the pulse of this situation which concerns the disappearance of meadows of the sea.

Now how poetic is that - 'meadows of the sea'?

This worsening ecological condition is affecting other species as well so please check out the NS article, if you will, and try to give a dam*, for if we run out of salmon for our dinners it will be way too late.

We must Save Our Oceans!

The Statue of Liberty Oct 28, 1886

Having just spent most of this afternoon researching and writing about The Statue of Liberty, The New Colossus which was dedicated on Oct 28, 1886, you may wish to check out the post since tomorrow is America's Independence Day 2009.

Yes, America herself was and is The New Colossus and the New Atlantis of the New World, all concepts which deserve to be born in mind today when we hear politicians touting their new-world or one-world economic themes. They may sound lofty with a common good flavor, yet they speak on a much more practical level than most people give them credit for, and by the time the masses are fully awake to the power elite's true aims, America may be no longer recognizable.

Reminds you of the final scenes in Planet of the Apes with Liberty's crown and torch sticking out of the sands of time, doesn't it?

No? Well, perhaps it should.


Food additives + the Deadly Nightshades

Jimson Weed and Moss, drawing by jude cowell 2009++

Here is a good website with a well-organized list of food additives, who manufactures them, and which foods they're lurking in.

Yes, the most common two, sugar and salt, are included, as well as one of my main nemeses: high fructose corn syrup.

And are you sensitive to foods in the Deadly Nightshade family?

After a childhood of eating my Dad's delicious homegrown tomatoes (he was an excellent gardener, a Sun Taurus with Mercury in Taurus, too - and yes, a carpenter and stone mason!) I began to have skin rashes breaking out on my face, age 18. A dermatologist saw me and instantly said, "stop eating tomatoes and any foods to which they are added - and give up ketchup and spaghetti sauce."

This was my introduction to careful label reading in grocery stores where I discovered just how many processed foods in America have tomato products and flavorings added, even ones that don't taste tomatoey.

After two years of following his advice I was rash-free and now assume that the irritants had built up in my system, irritated my tummy lining, and become toxic to my inherited sensitivity. As you know, our skin is the body's last defense where toxins go when our systems can no longer deal with the build-up.

And as it turned out, my Dad had no sensitivity to tomatoes, but my Mother did.

Here's an article from Associated Content with more details about avoiding the Deadly Nightshade family in your diet.

To read, you must view a cameo from the night-blooming Jimson Weed drawing above in spite of all your finaglings.


Deadly Nightshades: tomatoes, white potatoes, various peppers, paprika, eggplants, and tobacco. Oh! and belladonna which is used in some medications including natural/alternative ones. I think that's the complete list of the irritating culprits, but please leave a comment here if you know of more!


Two new links have been added in the sidebar under Food and Diet: scroll down for iherb products and for the Baar Company link, a site from which I have recently ordered and have been very satisfied with the products and with the quick service.