The Statue of Liberty Oct 28, 1886

Having just spent most of this afternoon researching and writing about The Statue of Liberty, The New Colossus which was dedicated on Oct 28, 1886, you may wish to check out the post since tomorrow is America's Independence Day 2009.

Yes, America herself was and is The New Colossus and the New Atlantis of the New World, all concepts which deserve to be born in mind today when we hear politicians touting their new-world or one-world economic themes. They may sound lofty with a common good flavor, yet they speak on a much more practical level than most people give them credit for, and by the time the masses are fully awake to the power elite's true aims, America may be no longer recognizable.

Reminds you of the final scenes in Planet of the Apes with Liberty's crown and torch sticking out of the sands of time, doesn't it?

No? Well, perhaps it should.


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