'Cat Archaeologist' imported from TwitPic for reasons unknown

'Cat Archaeologist' collage in paper by Jude Cowell 2009+ on Twitpic

Now here's a small blogging experiment: I'm importing then re-publishing Cat Archaeologist from TwitPic just to see how things go.

(Update Monday: so far, not going - TwitPic link isn't live and I've yet to figure out why...more sleuthing later may repair the madness, till then go to Twitter to find TwitPic if you wish.)

Original post continues here...

Yes, TwitPic: a feature of Twitter but for uploading images.

Actually, I think that only one other example of my drawing efforts is now on display at TwitPic for the site's requirements cropped it rather savagely to squish the little pixels into a square peephole similar to the one you see here.

Voila! Rectangle displays as a square shape.

The other drawing Fonda and Friends was sold at auction in 2008 anyway so you missed the skiff on that one, matey...it sailed off with out ya!


But if you're 17+ in years you may mosey by Cosmic Persona Designs for a brief tour of a lonely little Chiffonery Art Gallery where you'll find a list of alphabetized labels by theme and title so you may wander as you may.

Do feel free to click upon one or two of them for better viewing, if you so desire...


If you need suggestions, here are three: Elsa Backstage, Sarah's Green Party, or perhaps Trixie in Repose.

Now all my images are only Art Designs in Drawing form: no photographs need apply, none taken, and no one the wiser. jc


Some Disclosure May Be Necessary: you don't actually have to read this post at all since its title tells you there's nothing to discover herein by way of explanation for this deplorable situation of importage of my own artwork to this blog.

So why are you reading this?

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