Kennedy assassination revisited: Sun Sco-Moon AQ

Since noon today I've worked on a fresh look at the horoscope of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, if you're curious.

You may find that the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend of Nov 22, 1963 tells us something about the day's flavor and the event's participants. Included are a few notes on the Solar Eclipse prior to the murder, an Eclipse which opposed US natal Pluto, planet of: sabotage, the Underworld, spies, nuclear devices, powerful puppetmasters, the Dragon guarding the riches, and invisible helmets.

And Pluto has a 'secret hand' identity as well, which is most useful to know in Mundane work.

As usual, the article is conveniently written in English for those who speak no astrologese, so please check it out in either language and let me know your thoughts...your insights will be much appreciated by this reluctant astrologer.


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