Midas: his hobbies, his friends, his location

You may notice if you scroll down far enough to my 'Mythology of Astrology's Smaller Bodies' feature in the sidebar that asteroid and mythical king Midas has been added to the list.

But where is asteroid Midas today? His is not a fast-moving asteroid as asteroids go, and he remains in a sign for years, frequently in retrograde phase which seemingly from our earthly vantage point, slows down his progress through the zodiac.

Plundering and The Gilded Age of Industrialism

Checking a chart set for the White House (out of my Political Astrology habit) for the time I thought to look (11:32 am edt), gold-lover Midas is at 8Gem37 which conjuncts the Robber Baron natal chart of 1891/92 when Neptune and Pluto met three times at that degree: 8:38, 8:19, and 7:42, on August 2, 1891, Nov 5, 1891, and Apr 20, 1892, respectively.

The Robber Baron natal chart times The Gilded Age, aka the Industrial Revolution and the Generation of Materialism. Whatever you call it, plundering of natural resources is one of their main claims to fame.

Today Midas is parallel Mars 10Gem47 (similar to a strong conjunction and used in Astrology for timing purposes) and conjunct the transiting 9th cusp 7Gem03; therefore, Midas is entering the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Shared Resources, Big Finances, Transformations, and the Occult (meaning 'hidden') - is there action (Mars) today on financial matters (Midas) in Washington?

There is a midpoint at 7Gem41, too: Mercury/Uranus, which Ebertin gives as: 'intuition; astuteness; a revolutionary spirit; inventive thinking; "too many irons in the fire"; nervous haste; brutal frankness; a contradicting disposition; a mathematician, technician, physicist, cosmobiologist; sudden cognition; the power to influence others', and more.

"Too many irons" sounds like the president to me and NPR is reporting at noon that Mr. Obama is meeting with Chinese officials...or perhaps it's a conference call, I'm not sure. China is our biggest creditor, of course, and contains quite a pile of Midases, I venture to say.

So scroll down for the skinny on the Mythology of Midas, if you wish, compliments of Wikipedia, and provided linkily by yours truly.


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