Robert Reich ready for a New Recovery

So is economist Robert Reich now openly touting a new economic recovery? Or is he shilling for a 'new world economic order' since the old one has been broken by precisely the select few who stand to gain the most from the establishment of an entirely new system?

The new system will be rigged on behalf of the power elite as was the old, not to fret. Guess they figured their centuries-old (English-banking) Ponzi scheme had gone as far as it would take them and their obscene profits, so it's time to trade in the old Brit jalopy and pass their incurred private debts into the hazy realm of socialism by way of The People's backs.

Screw the People! they croak from their ivory towers, ivy-encrusted medieval castles, and international banking penthouses. (Most of the power elite are bald as babies, I suspect, yet all their gold bars can't buy natural hair back onto their sweaty pates. Har.)

Well, It All Makes Ya Wonder...

Will synchronicity never cease?! How the NWO scripts of various promoters intertwine as if - as if they'd been planned for decades, or for centuries even!

And as I've said before, the proof will be in how these things work out, the results that issue forth from the actions of these 'experts' and their bosses, and how the consequences of their actions affect The People on a practical level.

For as another Source has well-advised: by their fruits ye shall know them.
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