Astrology of the 1st Moon Landing

With today being the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's First Moon Landing, July 20, 1969, which occurred during the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, the planetary pair of scientific breakthroughs, discoveries, inventions, and lucky opportunities, a post is now available on the Astrology of it.

Jupiter/Uranus is the light bulb over the head of bright ideas!

The horoscope is set for the White House at the moment the Moon's position tallied with Jupiter/Uranus: 00Lib40, precisely conjunct America's natal Midheaven in the Sibly chart.

The main midpoint pictures are typed for you in English, if you'd like to check them out to taste a flavor of July 20, 1969.

And click to enlarge the chart for more details scribbled thereupon, for many factors are not mentioned in the post's text...such as the position of asteroid Apollo: 3Vir52, in the 4th house of the chart, as you'll discover.

You see, it's Monday ('Moon' day!), and my drafting table overflowing with drawings is calling my name... .. .


On a lighter note, for the 17+ers among the three of us, try a view of Crystallie Totally if you feel daring in the Art department.

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