Venus' new 'bright spot' and 2012 approaches

Image: Venus Rising from my Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.

Yes, I know that the planet Venus is implicated in the year 2012's Mayan and other prophecies, but perhaps the mysterious bright spot that appeared on Venus last week is just that...a bright spot.


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Unknown said...

Hi, Jude!

I wanted to ask whether you've come across the writings of Carl-Johan Calleman, the well-regarded Mayan Calendar scholar? In sum, he argues that Mayan scholars have used an inaccurate start time for the Calendar, logically bringing them to an inaccurate end time of Dec. 21, 2012.


According to his interpretation of the Calendar, the accurate end time is October 28, 2011, over 1 year earlier. If he's right, I suspect that even those who are presently aware of and accept "2012" will not be quite as prepared for whatever is to come. Makes you wonder...

Keep on keepin' on!