Astrology of Corporations Are People: May 10, 1886

Since I'm on the verge of signing off and enjoying the rest of the weekend, this is a mere heads-up about a fresh post at Stars Over Washington concerning Corporations Are People's natal chart of May 10, 1886.

American corporate law was given a big thrust forward on that day by a court reporter's off-hand comments which were published later with the Supreme Court's decision on taxing railroad property within the borders of Santa Clara County, California.

But see what you think - my post has one link in particular to Thom Hartmann's Op-Ed News article which discloses the shenanigans of legal-eagle politicians lurking in the back pockets of 1800s railroad titans.

No big surprise, agreed, but consider how we-the-people have suffered economically under their duplicitous plutocratic notions these many decades - and with a Saturnian-Neptunian pretend-law which goes totally against what America's Founders intended for our nation.

Of course, 'secret'/'invisible' (Neptune) government (Saturn) is the name of American corporations' game, the more I study it, and it's quite unsavory. Yet it isn't their actions as much as the motives behind them that tell the full tale.

So by that criteria, the tricksters and brigands of 1886 had motives with suspiciously bad intent and oppressive results for American workers and consumers, as we now understand all too well...now that the thoroughbreds have bolted and left only mules in our economic barn.

And this, along with world banking oligarchs who throttle our financial institutions, is what must be corrected for America to be America again, for our government's by-for-of does not and should not apply to any persons but we-the-people - so obviously the ones the Constitution was written to protect.


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