Blogger 'Followers' feature disappears

Update 10:45 am edt: Funny! As I'm checking around now (including this blog's sidebar) the Followers feature has reappeared on the blogs I've checked so far - wow, is that fast service? Or a mysterious case of synchronicity?

Original post of a few minutes ago begins here:

Have you noticed lately that Blogger's Followers feature in not displaying on blogs where they should be appearing?

Maybe it's only my few blogs but the feature continues to disappear from sidebars all over the place; I've refreshed them but it seems not to make a diff.

Wonder if this means no one can sign up to Follow?

Oh well, I'll stop fretting. Perhaps it's simply time for a little Art...?

Ant Hill in Evening Light, a drawing imported from Secret Moon Art, a Children's~Moon~Cosmic~Botanical~Fairy Art gallery just for you!

All Art images on all my blogs by jude cowell 2009+; preferred medium: Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils on paper.


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