A Yarn of Pallas, the Daughter

This photo of my daughter's new skein of yarn, Pallas 2, was so scrumptious looking that I had to post it for you! Don't you love its hand-dyed autumnal colors? Makes me feel chilly just looking at it and I'm still wondering where my new mittens are coming from.

Pallas, the Daughter archetype in Astrology and Myth, is known for her patterning ability, and spinning is certainly one of her many talents of artisanship. How lovely it is for this astrologer to have a spinning daughter!



Donna Cunningham on finding accurate birth times

Making sure a birth time is accurate is not always easy but master astrologer Donna Cunningham has the best advice about the issue that you'll find anywhere, so check out Donna's insights on her SkyWriter blog about this very basic astrological matter upon which all hinges!

For as you know, a person's, entity's, or event's birth time, or time of beginning, is part of the birth data astrologers consider before setting up or calculating a horoscope. Anything or anyone that has a beginning has a birth or natal chart, aka a radical or radix chart.

The hour and minute (and sometimes the second) are what produces the sign and degree rising on the horizon at that moment of beginning and thus the planets can be positioned in their proper places in the chart. Of course, date and place are the other requirements for setting up a chart and yes, some information can be gleaned without knowing an accurate time of entrance into the flux of time and space.

But that's like a photograph slightly out of focus...you need a correct time to view a precise picture of the planetary dynamics and their relationships (aspects) to one another. Years ago my own horoscope was out of focus since no birth time was recorded on my BC so I did an end-run by having my mother sign papers the hospital provided so I could get her hospital records of having me, and there it was - listed not once, but three times.

So the 12 'houses' in a chart are departments of life and knowing which house/s your Sun and Moon are in, as well as the other planets and points, is a surefire way to snag yourself a valuable horoscope that can be useful when looking at transits (where planets are now or whenever), Solar (or other planetary) Returns, and for progressing the chart to tell you an evolutionary tale of your life.


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Save the Rainforests or else!


Edge of Petrified Forest, a drawing in honor of denuded forests everywhere - this forest looks rather lonely and sad, doesn't it?

Well, there is something we all could use and that's keeping global rainforests alive and well so the earth can breathe! And lush rainforests have many other benefits for humankind and the animal kingdom as well.

Check out the UK's Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, as he speaks about it in a video that exhorts us to Save the Rainforests.

Then there's the Pachamama Alliance, an organization that does great work all over the place and alerts people to the issues of a what a world without rainforests would be and how serious we must become in our efforts to save them.

As a child I loved nothing better than drawing.

But that was after a day of my other love, running through the forests - 'woods' we called them in Georgia - along old Indian trails, jumping over wayward rattlesnakes coiled on the path, and generally being a wild child on what I dubbed 'safaris' leading my neighborhood friends who had no better sense than to follow me! I ran the fastest, you see, and was quite fearless, though you wouldn't guess it now.

Drawing trees and plants around my parents' yard was a biggie, too, for both my parents were good gardeners which was very inspiring to a child who loved to draw.

Perhaps somewhere in an old sketchbook there may lurk a drawing of a Sweet Gum tree which was a favorite effort of mine for years. And of course, we loved to have Sweet Gum ball battles where we'd throw the spiky little orbs as hard as we could at each other. Ouch! What good aim you have!

Fastforward to today and I still love to draw trees and the occasional forest, and the idea of a world without rainforests is not a future I can or want to face.

Now how about you? Hugged, drawn, or better yet - saved - a tree lately?


Pumpkins: October 2009


Photo: mantlepiece pumpkin by Maya whose favorite pie is Pumpkin Pie.

Once upon a time in high school I had a good friend name of Terry Burger who grew up to become a newspaper reporter in Pennsylvania and an excellent writer who beguiles us this October with tales of Pumpkins, Ahoy!

In America, everyone loves a good pumpkin regaling and perhaps even better, amazing pumpkin photos which are included in Terry's article. And I have it on good authority that no pumpkins were harmed in the penning of his article which is more than I can say for that orange fright-mask pumpkin you carved to greet - or dissuade - visitors who dare to approach your front porch!

Even so, heavy on the nutmeg please, for I'm including Paula Deen's Pumpkin Pie recipe to give you a hint of an idea of what you should be doing instead of reading blogs, a past time that won't waft delicious flavors through the air from your kitchen no matter how delicately you bake it...




Living in Washington DC

My daughter Maya, born in Washington DC as was my son, has written a 'memory lane post' with photos of when my family lived in DC on D St. NE. She found a photo of the house we lived in which has been painted different colors now, a treat for me to see.

If you wish, check out the comments after her post where I add some details that only a grown-up could know for Maya was a mere 4 years old in the picture! Maybe her post has something to do with daughter Violet turning 4 in a few days.

Thanks, Maya, all the muches for the memories!

Violet, hurrayyy! photo by Maya


Reading other people's diaries: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

You have permission, so have you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid yet?

It's on the New York Times bestseller list so I thought maybe you had.



Brett Dennen on 'Heaven' interview w/ music - Billboard video

Couldn't resist adding this interview which is interspersed over a video of Brett Dennen singing 'Heaven' live with guitar and keyboard - even though it was only yesterday that I published the tune itself (through a photo slideshow video from YouTube) on SO'W.

So with this particular posting of the song, I am now surrounded by 'Heaven' and I appreciate it very very much.

And if the Good News, can't 'go viral' (as they say in today's parlance), then I am compelled to ask you: what ever should?


A Wild Animal necktie makes you say, Rrraowrrrrr!

Zeeks! Confession: I am getting a bit more into necktie designing mode and have just converted one of my wild animal designs Predator at Dusk into a mens or ladies fashion necktie, if you're feeling a bit on the artsy-slinky side while dressing for something special, or if your old suits need perking.

Predator at Dusk is the first non-Dreamyfish Art image in my Zazzle Art Store so drop by to browse when you may...you'll see I've gone from fish to tiger! And I may try the tigery Predator design as a Mousepad image, too.

'He' won't be too scary, I think, even though it will be a Cat vs Mouse situation...



Have you seen my Polka dot boxfish?

My new portrait of a Polka dot boxfish is around here some place...have you seen the spotted little guy?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: buy yarn, Save the Ta-tas!

If you purchase this scrumptious handspun yarn, my daughter Maya, who spun and dyed it a gorgeous pink, will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Now that's a win-win situation!


Spiderwebs and the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe


Spider web time is here!

And this capture by my yarn-spinning daughter Maya is quite charming, yes? Click to see more photos of the spider webs found on a foggy October morning.

And if you're all about getting in the mood for Halloween, you may wish to read a post on the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe with his death chart on display. Yes, a 'death chart' a horoscope set up for the place, date, and hour/minute of a person'a death. The one I use is for 5:00 am LMT although there is a competing one for 3:00 am. But the 5:00 am chart fulfills Horary Astrology's 'malefics on angles' criterium.

And the 160th anniversary of Poe's death in 1849? Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009.

The often macabre poet, novelist, and literary critic is known as the Father of the Modern Detective Novel, so what sort of mysterious tales would we be reading without Edgar's early example, Murders at the Rue Morgue?
If you're interested in knowing what certain big bankers think of their own (lack of) culpability in the financial crisis, read this interview between Der Spiegel and the president of Deutsche Bank who 'justifies' by saying that there would be no banking system without risks!

Why, his masterful end-run around taking any personal responsibility for the state's rescue of the world's lucrative banking industry is alone worth a read. And Deutsche Bank had offices in the World Trade Center...interesting, especially if you see the 2008 financial collapse shakedown and heistings of the public treasury as part of a timeline issuing from the attacks of 9/11/01.

Now where did you say the gold bars stored in the WTC now sit?

Plus, did you know that moneybags Jupiter will Station Direct on October 13 @ 17AQ10; 12:34:18 am edt in Washington, DC, so check out my post with its strong (Stationing) Jupiter, planet of abundance that on various levels signifies in Mundane Astrology: the general, guru, sage, judge, comedian, ideologue, and sometimes...the Republican Party.


SkyWriter features Secret Moon Art - woot!

What an honor for this hidden-away unknown artist of the pencil persuasion to have her Cosmic and Moon Art featured on world class astrologer Donna Cunningham's SkyWriter blog and I want to cordially invite you to view our collaboration When Art and Astrology Combine!

And please follow the link provided within the article if you wish to view a special Art Show for Donna's excellent SkyWriter readers, for as I've brazenly asserted before, everyone should take an occasional, leisurely Art Break to soothe the savage beast within and rest the weary eyes...how better than with Visionary Art images?

Jude, your artist for the moment

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And have you ever seen men's ties with Dreamyfish Art images upon them? Of course not, for I've just designed and created them, along with black T-shirts, wall art posters, Greeting Cards, and 'fishy' Mousepads for your office, so do mosey over when you may and check back often for new offerings.

Oh, and have fun customizing my designs how you like if you please!


Update 10.3.09 10:27 pm edt: oh wow! I just discovered a new guest post written by Donna on Uranus and Your Career - check out Donna's insights on Uranus, the creative spark of genius!