Pumpkins: October 2009


Photo: mantlepiece pumpkin by Maya whose favorite pie is Pumpkin Pie.

Once upon a time in high school I had a good friend name of Terry Burger who grew up to become a newspaper reporter in Pennsylvania and an excellent writer who beguiles us this October with tales of Pumpkins, Ahoy!

In America, everyone loves a good pumpkin regaling and perhaps even better, amazing pumpkin photos which are included in Terry's article. And I have it on good authority that no pumpkins were harmed in the penning of his article which is more than I can say for that orange fright-mask pumpkin you carved to greet - or dissuade - visitors who dare to approach your front porch!

Even so, heavy on the nutmeg please, for I'm including Paula Deen's Pumpkin Pie recipe to give you a hint of an idea of what you should be doing instead of reading blogs, a past time that won't waft delicious flavors through the air from your kitchen no matter how delicately you bake it...



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