If you're interested in knowing what certain big bankers think of their own (lack of) culpability in the financial crisis, read this interview between Der Spiegel and the president of Deutsche Bank who 'justifies' by saying that there would be no banking system without risks!

Why, his masterful end-run around taking any personal responsibility for the state's rescue of the world's lucrative banking industry is alone worth a read. And Deutsche Bank had offices in the World Trade Center...interesting, especially if you see the 2008 financial collapse shakedown and heistings of the public treasury as part of a timeline issuing from the attacks of 9/11/01.

Now where did you say the gold bars stored in the WTC now sit?

Plus, did you know that moneybags Jupiter will Station Direct on October 13 @ 17AQ10; 12:34:18 am edt in Washington, DC, so check out my post with its strong (Stationing) Jupiter, planet of abundance that on various levels signifies in Mundane Astrology: the general, guru, sage, judge, comedian, ideologue, and sometimes...the Republican Party.

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