SkyWriter features Secret Moon Art - woot!

What an honor for this hidden-away unknown artist of the pencil persuasion to have her Cosmic and Moon Art featured on world class astrologer Donna Cunningham's SkyWriter blog and I want to cordially invite you to view our collaboration When Art and Astrology Combine!

And please follow the link provided within the article if you wish to view a special Art Show for Donna's excellent SkyWriter readers, for as I've brazenly asserted before, everyone should take an occasional, leisurely Art Break to soothe the savage beast within and rest the weary eyes...how better than with Visionary Art images?

Jude, your artist for the moment

ps: today I've been tweaking my Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle, if you'd care for a browse before the holidays are upon us.

And have you ever seen men's ties with Dreamyfish Art images upon them? Of course not, for I've just designed and created them, along with black T-shirts, wall art posters, Greeting Cards, and 'fishy' Mousepads for your office, so do mosey over when you may and check back often for new offerings.

Oh, and have fun customizing my designs how you like if you please!


Update 10.3.09 10:27 pm edt: oh wow! I just discovered a new guest post written by Donna on Uranus and Your Career - check out Donna's insights on Uranus, the creative spark of genius!

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