Spiderwebs and the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe


Spider web time is here!

And this capture by my yarn-spinning daughter Maya is quite charming, yes? Click to see more photos of the spider webs found on a foggy October morning.

And if you're all about getting in the mood for Halloween, you may wish to read a post on the Astrology of Edgar Allan Poe with his death chart on display. Yes, a 'death chart' a horoscope set up for the place, date, and hour/minute of a person'a death. The one I use is for 5:00 am LMT although there is a competing one for 3:00 am. But the 5:00 am chart fulfills Horary Astrology's 'malefics on angles' criterium.

And the 160th anniversary of Poe's death in 1849? Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009.

The often macabre poet, novelist, and literary critic is known as the Father of the Modern Detective Novel, so what sort of mysterious tales would we be reading without Edgar's early example, Murders at the Rue Morgue?

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