What do Greta Garbo and Yasser Arafat have in common?


Two Worlds Collide: A Place Where Hollywood and Palestine Meet!

To answer my own question, and besides the fact that both Garbo and Arafat have passed into the Great Beyond, I was amused to find that today's Sun-Moon combination is shared natally by Greta Garbo and Yasser Arafat. Who knew?

This means that some facets of their personalities were the same or very similar in relation to their Sun (male principle) and Moon (feminine principle), a combo of energies relating to relationships on the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) levels. Relationships go better when these realms are integrated within the personality - another good reason to Know Thyself by having a natal chart consultation!

The Sun Virgo-Moon Taurus blend is also shared natally by Mother Teresa and Peter Sellers, also Great Beyonders!

But today, August 30, 2010, is sufficient unto itself and is quite alive with relationships and such, so let's take a peek at its energies:

Sun Vir-Moon Tau is a double Earth combo indicating its natives possess a down-to-earth quality of practicality; its shadow side gives deep fears of chaos and a loss of control. (Is this part of why Garbo decided she vahnted to be alone? She became quite a 'nun' during her lifetime which easily reminds me of Mother Teresa and the Image below!)

Sun Vir-Moon Tau gives one an excellent reasoning ability, common sense, resourcefulness, and a capacity for hard work. However, there is a tendency to be too rational and to have a wide materialistic streak with a 'black and white' type of thinking. There may be an addiction to routine and great stubbornness which appears when hierarchical relationships are ignored by others. How imperious!

"Actions speak louder than words" is a good motto for this sensible combo.

'Images for Integration: A nun finishes up in the refectory, and then takes the keys to her Bentley and drives off to see the new art exhibition...A sculpture of still life.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Happy Practical Monday, dear reader!



Pentagon sputters @ WikiLeaks: give us our files back!

Our Death Star the Pentagon sounds more and more ineffectual and frustrated as it sputters at WikiLeaks to give back their files and delete them from the WikiLeaks site.

Even if WikiLeaks did delete them, methinks it's too late to close the barn door on that particular mule because he's already left the barn!

Oh what can an Imperial Empire do when the truth gets out and its hypocrisy is on full display? Why, demonize the other guy, of course.


Autumn beckons: are you knitting yet?

August has arrived and already my thoughts turn longingly toward Autumn, my personal fave of seasons - yet I am no longer a knitter or crochet-er! Here you see a new skein of scrumptious handspun and dyed yarn suitable for your special projects and which combines some of the best of autumnal colors, imo.

This beauty is called 'Dabbler' and was spun and dyed by my fiberista daughter, Maya. You may check it and other lovelies out in her etsy shop SpringTreeRoad if you wish.

After all, Autumn will arrive before we know it and hand-knitted mittens, hats, and scarves make excellent, practical gifts for children and adults alike!