Summer 2010: bees like blackberries or trees a-fallin'?


This photo taken by my daughter Maya so far sums up Summer 2010 in Georgia in one photo. The pic was taken in early July near Atlanta, GA and I stand by the observation I made when I published it to Gather that one of them bares a stricking resemblance to a blackberry!

Can you see it?

Well, there may be one exception to summing up summer with blackberry bees: a storm last Sunday evening brought a tree down on my house so it's been a week of contractors, roofers, insurance adjusters, electricians, the power company, and the dumpster-bringer.

Yes, roof shingles have flown in a mad flurry this week and I've met quite a slew of new folks who all have been courteous and professional.

And though I was previously unfamiliar with Old South Traditions, an Athens-based construction, renovation, and storm damage repair business, this week has left me very impressed with their work and service. Check out their site if you wish!

It is a flash site so give it a few moments to load fully for a touch of Athens, GA, my hometown!