WSJ reports on rare back-to-back undersea quakes

The Wall Street Journal reports that back-to-back quakes are rare and gives many details on today's sad events issuing from the underwater quakes in the Pacific and Indian Oceans Tuesday (their time, Wednesday ours.)

And here is The Guardian's update on rescue efforts as the death toll rises.

Astrologically, we might reasonably blame the ongoing Saturn (in Virgo - an earth sign, Saturn = planet of tectonic plates, and of loss) opposition to Uranus (Pisces, sign of the seas, Uranus = planet of sudden calamities.)

Also Mars continues his trek through Cancer, sign of crabs and oceans; Mars likes to trigger and instigate, and represents the action principle in a horoscope. The Moon rules the ocean's tides, as we know.

Sadly, Sumatra is on the same fault line as the upheaval that resulted in the nightmarish 2004 tsunami yet I hope and pray that current aftershocks end as soon as possible for the good people of Samoa, American Samoa, and Sumatra.

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