Space Station and Shuttle Discovery now a double flyby!

A day late, but still fresh enough to find when to look up at the sky!

Space Weather News for Sept 8, 2009

DOUBLE FLYBY ALERT: On Tuesday, Sept 8 at 3:26 pm EDT, space shuttle Discovery undocked from the International Space Station (ISS). The two spaceships are now circling Earth side by side, forming a pair of bright lights in the night sky.

Check the SpaceWeather News to see if you are favored with a double flyby of your hometown before Discovery returns to Earth on Thursday.

DON'T MISS THAT FLYBY: Would you like a call when the ISS is about to fly over your area? Sign up for SpaceWeatehr PHONE.


And here's another heads-up: the Astrology of Pres. Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress 9.9.09 is now available for your consideration and contains dual chart images for 8 pm and 9 pm edt for Wednesday night in the Capitol Building.

Check out the chart's 'Fist Bump of God' pattern which points to orating Mercury, plus the rest of my notations, if you wish.


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