Jay Leno April 28, 1950: debuts at 10 pm Tonight!

Okay, I got curious and had a sneak peek at Jay Leno's natal chart to see what's going on in the heavens with his debut tonight at 10 pm - quite the historical, if money-saving, TV event for NBC.

Born in New Rochelle, New York, on *April 28, 1950, Mr. Leno is an Earthy Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo fellow who has recently had a Saturn Return @ 12Vir50 on Sept 11, 2008. Natal Saturn is in 7th house of Partnerships with Moon 13Vir01 and Mars 22Vir11, and perhaps contract negotiations were on the menu then (n Sun in 2nd house of Money and Earning Ability.)

You may notice that his Mars is conjunct President Obama's natal Mars, so both conjunct US natal Neptune. Mars/Neptune hook-ups are excellent for 'rock star' reflections upon the screen of the public's imagination.

At 10 pm edt tonight, the Sun 22Vir23 will be spotlighting his natal Mars, a transit that indicates a surge of vitality and ego-gratification. Mr. Obama experienced the transit today as he spoke to Wall Street, and I mentioned this in my post on his 9.9.09 Address to a Joint Session of Congress - that the president's vitality and determination would receive a boost from this transit. (See third paragraph from the end of this post.)

Well, Pluto remains on his Direct Station degree (00Cap40 - Sep 11), so Mr. Leno's natal 11th cusp is being stimulated by Pluto while opposing natal Uranus 1Can59, a 'conflicts with those in power' transit. Perhaps powerful Pluto undergirds Leno's time slot change as well. It's been years since transiting Pluto conjoined his Career cusp at Midheaven 9Sag20, which you will note has one of the Royal Stars of Persia upon it: Fixed Star, Antares (keywords: obsessed with success.)

Pluto won't enter Leno's 12th house until he reaches 22Cap30; he may expect a loss (Pluto) of friends (11th house) during the transit, however (the voice of experience speaking here.)

This evening's Neptune 24AQ21 Rx and Chiron 22AQ16 Rx are snugged upon his natal ASC 22AQ57, which is either a dissolving influence, an indicator of entertainment and the masses, or simply a creative and inspirational infusion. If his 10 pm show is a hit with staying power, there will need to be more stable planetary support from other chart factors.

Yet Jupiter Rx @ 18AQ26 is poised to aid him later on and may be providing some 'guardian angel protection' (Jupiter) already since Leno's ASC was visited by Jolly Moneybags in April 2009 and will be so again in December 2009.

And given the hard work it has taken to produce the new version of the Tonight Show for the 10 pm time slot - as Saturn, Mercury (now Rx @ 2Lib54) and the Sun have plowed through his Saturn-Moon-Mars conjunction - it will be interesting to see if the sparkle and pizzaz of tonight's debut wears off soon (as I think it did with Conan O'Brien's revamping earlier this year, or maybe that's just me), or if the show continues to be a vehicle for Jay Leno's comedic inspirations.

Baby boomer fans will be happy, of course, to be heading to snoozyland 1 1/2 hours earlier, but are they messin' with a good thing just to save NBC a bunch of money? After all, the taping of such shows occur hours before air time, don't they?

Now here are the Images for Integration of his thorough, professional, and poised Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo blend with its great timing so perfect for a comedian, actor, or musician:

In her sumptuous garden, the music teacher entertains her now accomplished past pupil...The treasurer for the Association for Social Reform invests proceeds of a jumble sale into gilt-edged securities. (Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

This combo of energies is shared natally with quite a few entertainers:

Mort Sahl, Jack Paar (the first ever Tonight Show host, right?!), Sir Laurence Olivier, Daniel Day Lewis, Candice Bergen, Peter Townsend, Shirley Maclaine, and Donovan.

So you know I must say it: Break a gilt-edged leg, Jay! I'll be watching. And how about you, lone reader? Are you a fan?

*Rodden Rating AA, from birth certificate.


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