White House/Arts 'scandal' revealed by FoxNews

Since the actual report in question is publicly available there's not much of a lid to blow off, but Media Matters does it anyway on the current story behind Fox News' pot-stirring of a possible White House/artists/NEA scandal concerning the May 12 meeting with 60 artists and Obama administration officials next door to the White House, and a controversial conference call on August 11 which seems to have led to the subsequent resignation of NEA communications director Yosi Sargant.

Fox News rather scantily charges that the White House is 'politicizing the NEA' and wanting to use artists - rappers, writers, and others, which I assume include visual artists as well - to "push the president's domestic agenda." Later in its online expose, Fox relates info that counters its own claims.

Apparently a US president "pushing his domestic agenda" is unheard of over at the Fox News website! How ironic since with Bush-Cheney they never complained, they promoted. But according to Fox News, artists are not allowed to participate even when they agree with the president - the Fox News Rules of Artistic Decorum.

But for US artists, shouldn't it depend in large part on what the president's domestic agenda is?

Well, as a bit of an artist myself, I can say that if this agenda includes promoting life over violence and death, and decent principles of living over debased lifestyles, I'm all for it...push away, for the creative atmosphere in this country has been a world leader in lowering moral fiber and discourse for too long.

The destruction of society itself, I've read, has been an Illuminati goal for a couple of centuries now, and quotes to that effect are to be found online with little searching effort, if you wish. This goes back to its Bavarian founder, Adam Weishaupt, and his stated goals to undermine every level of civilization - and even earlier to Satan himself, if one prefers to look and consider what lies underneath the modern brou-ha-ha.

Actually, this Fox News kerfluffle attempts to 'politicize' the entire Arts issue especially since it was the artists themselves who asked for the W-H meeting! Guess they already agreed with the president's domestic agenda (to the extent that they know it in full under the maskings of the NWO - or perhaps the particular artists who attended the May meeting and participated in the August conference call agree with a NWO agenda. Shall we 'all join hands' and merge for global totalitarianism??)

Art in Modern Society

It took an artist friend of mine two years+ to convince me to set up Cosmic Persona Designs as an online gallery of Chiffonery Art and Boudoir Blossoms drawings and portraits that may be considered by a few people to be a little on the saucy side. The images are meant for a 17+ age group, so an Adult Content warning must be clicked through to reach the gallery, yet I still have qualms about its availability to a younger crowd...and it's only mild, though somewhat erotic, Art images!

Of course, this is where parents must monitor their kids online, for I certainly can't do it for every net surfer, and adults need content, too.

And when it comes to Hollywood's and other films and TV shows, I've always felt that it isn't so much their degraded content - violence, horror, sex, whatever - that presents problems in society, for you and I might choose to watch such things and never suffer an afterthought, much less an obsession issue with the dark side.

It's our impressionable youth, plus, the mentally challenged or emotionally stunted individuals - such as those who are thinking of committing psychopathic acts already - who in watching such content over and over and over again - are inspired by creative demon-drenched ideas (and possibly feeling themselves to be 'programmed') to commit what might have remained mere fantasies had not Hollywood given its hand or claw of inspiration.

And thus, society and its innocents pay the violent price while filmmakers, actors, and other industry workers and CEOs profit from the degradation of society. Yet if every audience member were healthy, watching such things wouldn't be nearly such a dicey proposition for the common good.

Hmm. Maybe I should apply to participate in a more uplifting presidential initiative on and yes, through, the Arts.

After all, don't we want better options for our children through their 'entertainment' choices rather than the sort of Arts that continue to only bring them 'down'?


Here's a mild example of a CPD image, a brand new drawing-in-progress of Philyra whose character portrait shan't end up too scanty for your tender eyes, promise!

Update Oct 8, 2009: you may wish to see a full frame of Philyra Farnsworthy on display at my Zazzle Art Store, but Philyra hasn't arrived there yet...she's running late.

Do meet her on Friday evening, for then you won't miss Philyra Farnsworthy's entrance into Zazzle and her portraiture debut there! Or, perhaps she'll pop over to Jude Cowell Art Shop at Cafe Press.

Well, I guess I'm not sure where precisely Philyra will turn up first. I do know that she'll turn up as an Art Poster, Greeting Card, or perhaps a Mousepad for your desk if you use one. A desk. Or a mousepad.

But maybe you two have met before...danced together on the terrace under the dappled moonlight while an orchestra played, Stardust...

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