Barack Obama's Solar Return: August 4, 2009

In a cross-pollinating fit of blogginess today I've published something on President Obama's Solar Return 2009 chart but if you click its link, you'll first discover details on the Sun Leo-Moon Capricorn blend from his Solar Return chart.

Mr. Obama's natal Sun-Moon blend is Leo-Gemini which gives to his nature a Fire-Air combo of energies, and it doesn't change. But from his 2009 birthday, August 4, to the next birthday in 2010, he has Moon in ambitious Capricorn working with natal Sun in fiery Leo, sign of leadership - a Fire-Earth combination.

Guess you could think of my cross-pollinating as a scavenger hunt of some kind because from the above-linked post you may click through to the chart's image with details posted on Stars Over Washington, my primary Political Astrology blog since October 2005.

Or not. As you wish!


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