America's 233rd birthday: Solar Return 2009!

Happy 233rd Independence Day, America!

Yes, it took a few hours but now I can relax - my astrological babblings about America's July 4th birthday (which marks the start of her 'Solar Return' year 2009) are published and await your consideration, if you're game.

Some additions to the post may occur as time permits but I do wish to note here the Sun Cancer-Moon Sagittarius blend's details. From birthday to birthday is the 'Solar Return year' as if we get a new natal chart to work with until the next time the Sun 'returns' to the degree and minute it was in at birth - in this case, when America the Nation was begat.

Our founding is usually considered to be the July 4th, 1776 Declaration of Independence proclamation, yet its signings went on for weeks.

For that and other reasons, there exist several versions of the US natal chart, as you undoubtedly know, so a link is included in my post to a place where a real astrologer (one Ed Kohout, by name; I'm only a reluctant one) divulges a list of all the versions for you. Some versions are not so much in use these days yet have been popular in the past.

My SR 2009 post uses two versions: the 'Franklin' chart (Sun 13Can13) and the 'Sibly' chart (Sun 13Can19) = 2:21 pm vs 5:10 pm lmt respectively, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA - thus giving two differing charts upon which to base America's Solar Return 2009. Images of Solar Return and Natal charts are included, and of course, it is the Sibly chart that corresponds most closely with the attacks of 9/11's planetary placements.

But enemies are capable of being aware of these things, too, you know.

For if you're the sort of person who's obsessed with gaining power and influence over others, why would you not make use of Astrology? Its principles have been used for centuries in a negative way for just such power moves...As Above, So Below can give wily varmints legs-up on their unwitting contemporaries, some of whom may busy themselves poo-pooing Astrology when they could be learning something strategically helpful.

So! America can be a steamy Water-Fire Sun Can-Moon Sag blend for an entire year, and here are the Images for Integration the universe is giving us to work with for 12 months:

'Philosophy and friendship round a large, old kitchen table...A racehorse gives a child a ride...In your home on a yacht you cruise the seven seas.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

This changeable 'romantic traveler' is gifted with musical ability and is traditional yet progressive. Intuitive, dramatic, and adventurous, yes, yet restlessness and impatience can undermine goals as can carelessness with detail.

Personal prejudices are justified with detached argument; sarcasm may be a mask for dependency and vulnerability.

Yet there's an eye for patterns and a love of harmony (so the Rosslyn Chapel 'cubes' that were ~supposedly~ deciphered into a musical score would be perfect for this customer!); a colorful, poetic imagination may sparkle, and warm enthusiasms bring out the best in others. But beware emotional volatility and quick mood swings!

The Sun Can-Moon Sag blend is shared natally by theologian and preacher John Wesley and by Mervyn Peake who authored Titus Groan (I don't know why exactly, but he did) so I'll close with quotes from each of them...

Wesley: "I look upon the whole world as my parish." And, "Beware you be not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge."

(You, dear reader, may wish to substitute 'blogs' for 'books' if applicable!)

And finally now we have a rather non-quixotic quote from Mr. Peake which may apply any old year to this nation born with Sun in Cancer - no matter the Moon's sign:

"He had no longer any need for home, for he carried his Gormenghast within him. All that he sought was jostling within himself. He had grown up."

(Titus Groan.)

But can The Fool from the Tarot deck ever completely grow up? Perhaps not, but since we're about to enter our 234th year, it's beyond time that America the Nation did.


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