Diogenes and the Full Moon of June 7, 2009

Already the Full Moon on June 7, 2009 at '18Sag' has been blurbed upon if you'd like to read it. A link is included in the post to May 24's New Moon details, for our current lunar cycle has June 7's Full Moon ending in some way, on some level/s, action begun at the last New Moon in May.

In the language of Astrologese, Moon intimations are on the daily or mundane level of life, yet may, if applicable, relate as well to publicity or to contacts with the public...if such is your life.

Plus, the astrological Moon gives a chart-reader details on the physical body, on intuition and the unconscious, and has a spiritual link, so the Moon's sign, house, aspects and other conditions are considered to be very important in any horoscope along with the Secondary Progressed Moon's evolutionary travels through the houses (departments of life.)

*Sec Moon is a bit like a fairy with her wand stunning things into motion and/or reflecting something previously unknown as she makes her rounds of the chart while 'touching' all the planets and points therein.

The real world's New/Quarter/Full Moons and their fancy cousins, the Lunar Eclipses, are characterized in Astrology as 'Lunations' so if you know your chart details, check out where the current Lunations fall within your chart. My own natal chart has May 24's New Moon 3Gem28 in 9th house, and June 7's Full Moon in 4th house conjunct natal Venus 18Sag30.

How about you?

Full Moon June 7, 2009 '18Sag'...

And now here is the Symbol from Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac which are not 'Sabian Symbols' at all, but are empirical gatherings of astrologers' observations of each degree's manifestations in event, personal, or national charts. Some degrees have 'word pictures' and some do not.

'18 Sagittarius' has this:

"In full daylight, Diogenes, clad in rags, goes around with a lighted lantern. In the background is the cask in which he lives."

Will 'full daylight' = 'Full Moon'? Lack of honesty is certainly a main course on the world's table of late. Will something new be revealed on or about June 7?

The 'cask' is also referred to traditionally as a 'tub' of the temple of Cybele, so check out old Diogenes, one of the fathers of Cynicism, for on some celestial level he wanders city streets still in dogged search of an honest man.

But of necessity, he gave up on Washington DC decades ago.


*'Sec Moon' = Secondary Progressed Moon; since I use Minor and Tertiary Progressions, I shorten them in my notes to: Minors, and Terts, and Secs, the 27:13;1 ratio of our earthly experiences that describe the Mental/Emotional/Physical planes of existence as used by astrologer Robert Blashcke.

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